BA equipment details



Request detail: 

Please answer the following questions regarding your present (BA) Breathing Apparatus equipment.

1          How many BA sets does your service have?

2          What type / model of BA set does your service have?

3          Why was this particular BA set selected at time of evaluation?

4          What was the purchase date of your present BA?

5          How many BA users do you have?  

6          What is your medium to long term detailed strategy for the provision of BA & BA related technology in the future?

7          What is the formal name and address of your fire service HQ.

Response detail: 

1) 184. 2) Interspiro QS Spiroguide. 3) The provider chosen best met the Service’s needs as specified in the tender document attached. 4) November 2012 5) 517 6) Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service has purchased a BA set that can be upgraded in line with improving technology. 7) Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service, Brigade Headquarters, St Michael’s Street, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY1 2HJ

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Sunday, 8 December, 2013


Wednesday, 8 January, 2014