Job roles

Firefighter (Control)

The control room is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by four watches of four Firefighter Control staff (a minimum of 3 staff are on duty at all times).

The main role of the Firefighters (Control) is to answer the emergency calls and decide what appliances need to be sent to each incident. Although the mobilising officer is in charge of this decision, each Firefighter (Control) needs to have a good knowledge of what to send, as the mobilising officer may be otherwise engaged during busy spells.

Other duties are carried out during periods when the Service is not responding to incidents. There are currently no vacancies for Firefighters (Control).

On Call Firefighter

On Call (Retained Duty System) Firefighters are individuals who do ordinary jobs and offer evening, daytime and/or weekend cover. They are ready to go out to a call the moment a message comes through to their pager. They could be at home, working for themselves or for a company.

They work effectively as part of a team using the latest equipment methods and techniques to undertake a wide range of duties including attending property fires, grass and farmland fires, road traffic collisions, chemical spills, animal rescues, floods and storm damage.

On Call Firefighters are also actively involved in the prevention of fire, particularly in the home. They undertake home fire safety risk assessments offering free advice to occupiers on how to eliminate, or where this is not possible, reduce the risk of fire. This may involve the fitting of smoke alarms.

We are currently recruiting On Call Firefighters at various locations across the County. For more information please visit this page.

Wholetime Firefighter

The primary role of a firefighter is to protect people, the environment and property by responding to emergency incidents. These days, the role of a firefighter is about more than fighting fires. Just as important is the fire safety work, helping prevent fires and accidents from happening.

Firefighters advise people on fire prevention, escape routes and hazards at home, in the community and in business. They visit schools, teach and work with children to raise awareness of dangers like fireworks and matches. And they work with businesses promoting safety initiatives and inspecting buildings to make sure they meet fire safety regulations.


Within this directorate there are 3 departments which carry out prevention work in conjunction with Wholetime Firefighters. These departments are:

Support staff

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service also employs a range of other staff who carry out various jobs to support the aims and the work of the Service.

These roles are wide and varied and include vehicle maintenance, resources management, training, administration and management support, operational planning, ICT, human resources, planning and performance.

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