Animal Rescues - Pigeons & Wild Birds



Request detail: 

How many pigeons have you have rescued in the last five years? This number may also include other wild birds such as ravens, pigeons and magpies. 

Where have the birds been rescued from?

How much has been spent in total on the rescue of pigeons or other wild birds?

Response detail: 

Please find attached a spreadsheet containing all rescues involving birds in the last 5 years. Where recorded the number of birds is detailed within the incident description. Please note that personal information has been removed from this spreadsheet.

With regard to total spend for rescuing pigeons or other wild birds an indicative cost can be worked out for each rescue which is based upon the equivalent special services charges tariff for 2017/18 (please follow the link) and is calculated by determining the number and type of vehicles that attended and the length of time they were in attendance.

Information Released: 



Monday, 27 November, 2017


Wednesday, 13 December, 2017