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Having recently completed a L4 Obesity & Diabetes certification, and having a keen interest in the health & fitness of operational staff within UK Fire & Rescue Services, I’m putting together a report to cover the topic, in particular using the BMI and fitness test status/results.

With this in mind, can you please email me the BMI scores of all of your operational staff, together with their fitness test scores (including the particular fitness test performed (Chester Treadmill Test/Step Test/Bleep Test/Drill Yard/Functional Test etc), and the numbers who pass, require a retest & fail).

So that I am comparing UK Fire Services for the same time period, can you please provide the data as of June 2015.

I am aware that such information can be deemed as sensitive. Therefore, I do not require any names, stations, watch’s, rank etc; just figures would be fine. However, it would be helpful, and prove more accurate a report, if the ages of said operational staff were also available in relation to their BMI and fitness test status/score.

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Thank you for your Freedom of Information request.

The BMI scores from 2015 of all of our operational staff tested that year are shown on the attached spreadsheet. Their fitness tests were all done on the Step Test. ‘Fit’ on the spreadsheet means they were fit and ‘FWA’ means ‘Fit with Advice’, DNA means they Did not attend, and Unfit means that they were classed as unfit and required a retest under medical supervision.

We do not hold the ages of the operational staff tested in relation to their BMI and fitness.

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