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We are currently working on a project looking at the potential transition to hydrogen in the gas distribution network as an alternative to natural gas.

The project has been split into several work packages, with our work being carried out on Work Package 5 (WP5). WP5 is set to determine the viability of 100% hydrogen being fed as a fuel gas to gas appliances in the commercial sector (dominated by heating and catering appliances).

To establish the scope of the task at hand, we are in the process of characterising the current market – including making an estimate of the installed base of commercial gas appliances in the UK. As means of assisting in this stage of the project, we are looking to gather data from UK Fire & Rescue Services on the gas appliances installed across their facilities.

Below is detailed the information we are requesting – while it may not be available in such depth, any data that can be provided will be of great assistance.

We are seeking a list or database of installed gas appliances, categorised into groups such as:


·         Boilers - condensing/non-condensing, wet central heating systems        

·         Water Heaters - instantaneous, continuous, storage water heaters         

·         Dry (Warm Air) Convection Systems – direct/indirect air heaters          

·         Radiant Heaters – luminous (plaque) and non-luminous (tube)               


·         Ovens – deck ovens, pizza ovens, rack ovens   

·         Steamers & Combi Ovens – combi-steam ovens, atmospheric steamers           

·         Hobs & Grills – hobs, grills, griddles, barbecues, salamander grills, rotisserie grills         

·         Water & Oil Heaters – fryers, pasta/noodle boilers, bratt pans   

For each appliance, it would be useful to know the output rating, in either kW or BTU/hr, and the installed date.

We are also looking to know the facility/facility type in which each appliance is found – if possible, the specific facility name and/or address.

We wish to obtain as recent data as is possible – ideally from 2018 or 2019. However, any data from proceeding years which could present market trends would also be favourable.

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Thank you for your Freedom of Information request.


The following gas fired boilers are installed at Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) stations:

3 (2 Remeha Quinta pro 65 and 1 Worcester Greenstar highflow 550cdi) – at one station

1 (Clyde Buderus 305-140/8) - at one station

1 (Powrmatic CP G300UF/1), 1 (Strebel S-HR35), 2 (both Vulcana Temcana Kestrel), 1 (DRU Vorwarming Art 3), 1 (Vulcana Temcana Kestrel 350s) - at one station

2 (Clyde 479628 GO 8 E), 1 (479620 GO 8 E), 1 (Potterton Prima 100F), 1 (LG400), 1 (Clyde 479626 GO6E) - at one station

We do not hold the output information.  Our contract provider Premesis Service Group at Shropshire Council may have the additional information you require:

Radiant Heaters - This information is not held at SFRS. Our contract provider Premesis Service Group at Shropshire Council may have the additional information you require:

Please note that we do not have any commercial kitchens at any of our fire stations.  

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