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Please could you provide answers to the following questions;

1.       Could you please confirm the typical data Communications technology installed on-board Fire Appliances. I am particularly interested in the Pumps and Command Units.

2.       What is (are) the purpose(s) of the communications technology, for example; GPS tracking of appliance, Telematics, On-Board Diagnostics, Status update (pump on way, pump at incident etc), communicating with other appliances/back to base, event-based streaming of video etc?

3.       Do you currently make use of CCTV and/or dash cameras on fire appliances?

4.       Do you currently use body cameras or sensors (such as heat sensors) to help protect firefighters from harm / get better visuals on the incident? If not, do you plan to utilise this technology in the future?

5.       Do the units make use of the TETRA network or standard mobile communications?

6. Any particular fire department specifications/standards that your on-board appliances need to comply with? 

7.       If the TETRA network is being used, is the hardware compatible with standard mobile communications technology? If not, can the unit(s) be updated or do they need to be replaced to facilitate the change to mobile communications.

8.       Could you please confirm the model of the communications units being used and the supplier(s) of those units?

9.       Could you confirm the contract terms these units have been bought on – was this a one-off CAPEX charge or a mixture of CAPEX and OPEX?

10.       Please could you confirm the cost of the units, both CAPEX and OPEX?

11.   Could you please confirm who installs and maintains the units?

12.   Could you confirm when the current contract term(s) come to an end?

13.   Could you please confirm who within the fire department is responsible for procuring the units?

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Please see the attached document showing the response.

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Tuesday, 13 September, 2016


Tuesday, 11 October, 2016