Fleet Vehicles



Request detail: 

I am writing to request the following under the Freedom of Information Act I would like a detailed list of all individual vehicles currently owned or leased to this information should cover both operational and non-operational roles.

I am not seeking any financial or purchase price information and do not necessarily require detailed information such as call signs or registration numbers, the following information would be most appreciated:

1.            Vehicle type (appliance, CSU, Support vehicle etc.)

2.            Vehicle Class (HGV, LCV/VAN, Minibus, Car, Motorcycle etc.)

3.            Vehicle Make

4.            Vehicle Model

5.            Operational or non-operational (e.g. general purpose staff cars)

6.            Equipped with Emergency Services equipment (Lights and/or livery)

7.            Leased or outright purchased

Response detail: 

Thank you for your enquiry with regard to vehicles currently owned by or leased to Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service for both operational and non-operational roles.
Please find attached a spreadsheet of all vehicles both leased and owned.
The leased cars all have lights but no livery.
The owned operational vehicles all have lights and livery.
The owned non-operational vehicles all have livery but no lights.

Information Released: 



Friday, 29 April, 2016


Tuesday, 24 May, 2016