High Rise Buildings



Request detail: 

I am currently carrying out a piece of work looking into Fire & Rescue Services emergency response to High-rise incidents. I am writing to ask if It would be possible to be sent copies of your policies and procedures regarding High-rise incidents and any statistics you posses regarding this area?

The purpose of this is to compare Fire & Services response to High-rise incidents and see how they vary from service to service and if any improvements could be made to increase efficiency when dealing with such incidents. 

Response detail: 

Thank you for your Freedom of Information request.

Please find attached Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Specific Incident Procedure (SIP) for high rise firefighting incidents. Please also find attached data from high rise incidents extracted from our Incident Reporting System for the last 5 years.  

Please also refer to the FOI disclosure log on our website as there are some published regarding high rises which may be of interest to you – https://www.shropshirefire.gov.uk/managing-service/access-to-information...

Information Released: 



Tuesday, 30 October, 2018


Monday, 26 November, 2018