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I am writing about the use of smaller firefighting vehicles. I understand that Shropshire fire & rescue operate smaller vehicle which are Toyota Hilux.
I would like to know if these vehicles are still in service and if not the reason why and have they been replaced. Also I would like to know who the vehicle conversion manufacturer was, what equipment they carry, how many firefighters crew the vehicles, what type of incidents they attend, the size of the area each vehicle covers and if they suffered any problems which took them out of service, what were the problems.

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Thank you for your Freedom of Information request.

Shropshire Fire and Rescue service currently operate Incident Support Units based on the Toyota Hi-Lux HL2 which are still in service. The units are equipped with a Penny Lift system which loads incident specific pods, these include Light Portable Pump pod, RTC Pod, environmental pod and a Fire Fogging unit pod which drawers water from a 200 litre underslung water tank. The vehicle conversions were completed by Pick Up Systems and APB Mobiles. The units have been very reliable and apart from preventative maintenance have only been out of service briefly for minor works, a copy of defects for ISU’s is attached. The number of riders per vehicle is in the second spreadsheet (Req731 ISU Fleet and Incidents) along with the type of incidents these vehicles attended in the last 2 years. Please note that the ISU’s located at Shrewsbury and Workshop do not attend incidents. Each ISU vehicle has specialised equipment so they each have the potential to be mobilised anywhere within the county.

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