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Firstly, thanks in advance for your assistance.

Please could you provide the incident reports and subsequent investigation reports for all residential fires since 2009 where the investigation recorded missing or defective fire barriers/ cavity barriers.

Thank you.

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Following the clarification of this request please find attached a spreadsheet containing the data from our Incident Recording System, based on the following parameters:

Incidents from 2009 to present, involving residential buildings, with a positive response to IRS Question 5.7, subdivided into lists where the positive response was also given for;

Fire spread through gaps or voids in construction
No compartmentation in buildingDate
Street location, town and ward.

Please note that this data has been provided where this was recorded and I’d like to reiterate comments below that for this data ‘Using the IRS system guidance material, a search for the terms ‘fire barriers’ and ‘cavity barriers’ gives a result for the latter only. It falls under the section for ‘compartmentation’ and relates cavity barriers to the FSO (Fire Safety Order), which is part of the legislation covered by the RRO (Regulatory Reform Order).’ ‘… there are a limited number of residential buildings to which the FSO/RRO applies; in general those with ‘common areas’, such as would be found in blocks of flats or HMO’s (houses in multiple occupation), and not to single private dwellings.’ and ‘..IRS system could give a result for compartmentation breach by searching for all those instances where a positive response has been indicated for Q5.7, filtered to include residential properties covered by the FSO/RRO.’.



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