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So to help with our case study, we're trying to build a picture in each County of the locations and number of incidents Fire & Rescue Service are involved with where cars/ motorists needed recoverd over a period of say the last 5-10 years, either in flood blackspots or river fords(if this data is available). We realise this is only part of the data as not all incidents would have involved Fire & Rescue Services. We are also trying to quantify the savings per annum.(Insurance claims, Public services)

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Thank you for your Freedom of Information request. Please find attached a spreadsheet containing the number and location of incidents where cars/motorists have been recovered from water over the last 5 years by Shropshire Fire and Rescue. Please note that the categories in our Incident Recording System used to extract this data are as follows:
- Flooding (with the sub categories 'Other' and 'Evacuation');
- Rescue or evacuation from Water (with the sub categories Other; Person assisted through or across public highway covered by water; Person in or on top of vehicle that is surrounded by moving or rising water greater than (2) foot deep).

Please also note that there were no incidents recorded for 2015.

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