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Please could you provide details on the following information:-

Networks & Storage 

Who is your current WAN and LAN supplier?
Do you have a secure Wi-Fi installed to all sites – if not where to.
If answer to 2 is YES who is the current supplier
Do you use Network storage and if so in what form.
Are you interested in SaaS, Cloud Storage or PaaS and IaaS
Are all the above supported, by whom and when are they to be renewed.
Are you looking to renew or replace any of the above in Financial Year 2018/2019
If answer to 7 is yes by what means will you procure.


What is your current policy in respect of CCTV protecting your physical estate locations.
Do you already have an interactive solution that detects intrusion, people, direction of travel, items deposited or left within a designated space etc
If so which premises do you include – eg. ALL or specific premises only such as HQ, Cells, Divisional Offices etc.
If answer to 2 is YES who is your current supplier
Do you share the solution with other agencies?  If so which?
Do you store the video in line with current data standards in your own data centre, network storage or Cloud storage?
Are you looking to procure a CCTV Physical Security system within the next two financial years – i.e. 18/19 or 19/20
Who is the responsible person within your organisation for Physical Security and CCTV systems?

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Please refer to the attached for the response.

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Monday, 8 January, 2018


Tuesday, 6 February, 2018