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Re: Snow distribution on 8, 9 & 10 December 2017.
On Friday 8 December 2017 I, along with many others, witnessed a Fire Engine being stuck on Castle Street Shrewsbury due to untreated roads. Later in the day Wyle Cop was closed by police due to untreated and impassable roads.

With the Pride Hill pedestrian area also being untreated and impassable this effectively cut the centre of Shrewsbury off from the Emergency Services.

Over the three day period:


1.  ...was any emergency call attendance compromised by the condition of the roads in and around Shrewsbury? If so, how many calls were compromised and to what extent did this impede your ability to provide a service?


2. ... if a fire broke out at the Lion Hotel on Wyle Cop or the Prince Rupert Hotel in Butcher Row, both in Shrewsbury, how could Fire Engines attend if the roads were impassable? 


3. ... what period of time, if any, was the centre of Shrewsbury devoid of emergency fire cover?


4  ... has Shropshire Council approached the Fire Service with an explanation of why roads were untreated especially in the centre of Shrewsbury?

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Thank you for your Freedom of Information request. Please refer below:
1. One call was compromised by weather conditions during the period 8, 9 and 10 December 2017. This impacted on our standard response time/target in which we aim to arrive at an emergency with at least 5 firefighters within 15 minutes.
2. Appliances would rendezvous at the nearest accessible location and deploy emergency arrangements to tackle the fire.
3. At no time was the centre of Shrewsbury devoid of fire cover, fire appliance were available in Shrewsbury throughout the period.
4. No

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