FOI disclosure log

This log contains previous Freedom of Information Act requests for information from the Service. We include it here as a resource for people looking for information about Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service. If you are planning to submit an FOI request, please check here first to see if the information you require is already available.

Title Released Received Responded Topic
Pet Oxygen Yes 26th March, 2018 9th April, 2018 Assets
High rise residential buildings Yes 20th March, 2018 9th April, 2018 Fire safety
ICT Services & Asset Management (Not held) 9th April, 2018 9th April, 2018 IT
Female Staff Yes 16th March, 2018 9th April, 2018 Staffing and employment
Smoke Alarms Yes 12th March, 2018 20th March, 2018 Fire safety
Pensions Yes 28th February, 2018 9th March, 2018 Staffing and employment
Cyber Security Yes 2nd February, 2018 27th February, 2018 IT
Animal Rescues (Not held) 16th March, 2018 16th March, 2018 Incident and emergency response
Emergency Services Rescues Yes 24th January, 2018 13th February, 2018 Incident and emergency response
Energy Yes 24th January, 2018 15th February, 2018 Assets