Test your smoke alarms

Test your smoke alarms

A smoke alarm is your early warning system, which will detect and alert you to a fire in your home.  A smoke alarm will give you and your family valuable time to escape.  Smoke alarms should be tested weekly.


Smoke alarms should be fitted:

  • to the ceiling,
  • one per level of your home,
  • in circulation areas (hallways and landings) that form part of your escape route),
  • according to manufacturer’s instructions, and
  • at least 30cm(12") away from any wall or light fitting and close to the center of the room. Care should be taken to fit them where you can hear them particularly when you are asleep.

A simple maintenance plan will ensure that your smoke alarm(s) continues to protect your family.  Test smoke alarms weekly (generally by pushing the button, but check on your manufacturer’s instructions for how to test).  Gently remove dust and dirt from inside the casing and on the cover. The soft brush attachment of your vacuum can be used.


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