Compliments and Thanks

Compliment following Safe & Well visit

The Service received the following compliment following a Safe & Well visit in Shrewsbury from a couple of Firefighters from Red Watch Shrewsbury.

“I would like to thank the Service following a fire safety visit to my home yesterday( 14/05).

The two officers who came were friendly, polite, informative and very professional. Please pass my thanks and gratitude to the two individuals
This is a great and invaluable service for our community”.


Feedback following Safe & Well visit

“The Fire Officer was polite and informative. He tested existing fire alarms and placed two new ones. The information pack given is useful”.


Thanks following kitchen fire and dog rescue on 27 April 2024.

We received the following thanks after Incident 124502 attended by Red Watch Wellington, Red Watch Telford and an Ops Officer.

“I would to thank the officers who attended a fire in my kitchen on Saturday. Thank you for saving my dog and
my home. I stupidly emptied an ash ttray into my bin not realising that there was a cigarette underneath that was not out properly.

I no longer smoke in the house. Massive lesson learnt


Special Service Call - Removal of rings by Blue Watch, Wellington.

A lady presented herself at Wellington Fire Station to have two rings removed. She contacted us to say:

"A great big thank you to the 2 lovely firemen who removed my rings this morning. X"

Incident 123898 - Car Fire - A49 Hadnall

The following thanks came into the Service via Facebook.  It relates to an incident on Sunday, 7 April on the A49 at Hadnall, which Shrewsbury White Watch attended.

"Just wanted to thank the crew attending a car fire on the Hadnall this morning. Put my family & myself at ease.

Thank you to everyone involved".


Incident 123791 - Car Fire - attended by a crew from Whitchurch Fire Station

After a vehicle was set on fire at Mill Bank Road, Whitchurch on the night of 2 April, we received the following expression of appreciation from the owners of the adjacent land.

“On calling the Fire Brigade, the Whitchurch crew arrived within minutes, the situation could have been extremely different without their rapid response and follow up action. We had expected to arrive at our property to find the wooden gates and stables on fire but fortunately due to the quick response we only suffered some hedge damage.

If you can pass on our sincere thanks to all those involved, they were all extremely helpful and professional and are a credit to your profession”.


Feedback from fire safety talk

The following feedback was received from a working farm that operates as a day service for adults with learning disabilities in South Shropshire.  They had received a fire safety talk from a Prevention – Children & Young People Officer and a firefighter from Bridgnorth Fire Station.  

“The group really enjoyed the session, particularly the more practical elements and trying on the uniform and equipment.  The information given was clear and easy to understand and the use of props helped back up information.  The group that attended have also spent time discussing the session with their peers who were unable to attend”.


Incident 123314 - House fire at Lee Brockhurst.

We received the following feedback after a significant house fire at Lee Brockhurst on 16 March. Crews from Wem, Hodnet, White Watch Shrewsbury, White Watch Wellington, White Watch Telford, Whitchurch and Baschurch attended, along with operational officers.

The householders complimented the Service on the speed of arrival and for the damping down throughout the night, saying:

“It was a difficult fire to control but all the crews did an amazing job.  The crews were all professional, polite, empathetic and kind. This helped us to remain as calm as possible. We would also like to thank you, for being so efficient and sympathetic to us in what was, a really traumatising experience.

We cannot tell you just how grateful we are. Please convey our admiration for the job they all did, along with our heartfelt thanks. 

Thank you.  Thank you”


Whixall School visit to Prees Fire Station

The Headteacher contacted us to say "thank you for the most amazing visit that the children from Whixall School had at Prees Fire Station last week.

One of the children said that it was the best visit ever.  Please pass on our most grateful thanks to everyone involved in the visit; their patience and understanding with the children was superb. They gained so much from the visit.

Thank you very much".


Safe & Well Visit


Reception recently took a phone call from a Ludlow resident, who had received a home Safe & Well visit from a member of the Ludlow crew.

The resident praised him for being very thorough and giving her all the necessary information in a very straightforward manner that was easy to follow and understand.  She said that he’s a “very, very nice man, and a credit to the organisation.” 


Community Engagement

I wanted to share with you the fantastic experience we had during our recent basketball session with the Wellington Red Watch, led by Mark and his team. It was not only successful but also incredibly enjoyable for everyone involved.

From the moment they arrived, the entire group was warmly welcomed and included in the games. It was a united display of engagement, with everyone participating wholeheartedly. The camaraderie and sense of community were truly palpable throughout the session.

What struck me the most was the genuine connection that was fostered between our regular participants and the members of the Watch. I really hope that this will go beyond just a one-time event for recruitment purposes or fire safety talks. There was, however, a sincere desire to be more connected with the rich representation of the wider community that we have at our basketball sessions each week.

I believe that moments like these are invaluable in building bridges and strengthening bonds within our community. It's a testament to the inclusive and welcoming environment that we strive to cultivate in our sessions.

Moving forward, I hope we can continue to nurture this spirit of unity and connection, not only during special events but as an integral part of our ongoing engagement between the

Fire Service and the basketball initiative.

Once again, thank you for your support and I look forward to more opportunities for collaboration and community building in the near future.

Telford Interfaith Community Basketball


Safe & Well Visit for vulnerable person

An elderly occupant phoned the Prevention team asking for advice on smoke alarms as she did not have any in her property and was worried as her grandchildren were coming to stay.

Prevention advice was discussed over the phone and the lady agreed to a Safe & Well visit.

Within a couple of hours a local On-call firefighter had completed a visit and fitted alarms.  The occupant was very thankful for the quick response and advice given.


Young Carers Group visit to Shrewsbury Fire Station

The following comments were received after a station visit hosted by the Service's Prevention Officer for Children & Young People, and  Prevention Advisor – Community Outreach, for a Young Carers group in Shrewsbury during the February half term.

“Your sessions are always fun, informative, enjoyable and (famous last words) we have so far avoided being there during a call-out!  I haven’t sorted out the photos yet but I did receive some feedback responses.

‘AT enjoyed the Fire Station visit and came home with lots of information and even said to test our fire alarm, which she then did. Thank you for the things you do for the children’.

“She had an amazing time. Learnt a lot too. I am so grateful she had her own time, she came home explaining it all and how much she can’t wait to do it again and have her time. She also enjoyed having daddy car time too. She came home and explained everything in her bag too. She’s even gone round the house doing a fire check for us”

Many thanks again for all that you do for us”.


Property fire attended by Church Strettton, Craven Arms and an Operations offficer

“We had cause to dial 999 for Fire Brigade assistance early in the morning of Wednesday 21st February 2024. This followed an electrical fire that started in a small freezer in the garage; the garage is attached to the house.

We managed ourselves, to use a dry powder extinguisher to put out the flames but there was smoke & a fear that the freezer was still smouldering.

We were most impressed with how quickly the Church Stretton firemen attended followed shortly afterwards by the Craven Arms fire engine.

Notably, specific individuals were most attentive & reassuring. . Being in our '80s', we were pretty shaken but this was very muchameliorated by their presence.

Our gratitude to all who attended.”


Thanks for ring removal.

The following appreciative comments were picked up from Facebook regarding the actions of Blue Watch / Red Watch Telford, Fire Control and Reception.

"Thank you Telford Central Station.

On Sat at about six pm, the gentlemen of two watches cut my wife's wedding ring of her severely swollen finger. Gentlemen many thanks for your help.

And also to several helpful ladies who I spoke to on the phone over the period of several days.

Thanks to all".


Thanks following fire at Avondale Drive, Shrewsbury attended by Red Watches Shrewsbury and Wellington, along with a Level 2 Commander.

"Just emailing to thank you and the team this evening outside my property in Avondale Drive Shrewsbury.

Assured me I'm safe as got worried when seen them pull up and stick hoses outside my window but they kept us all upto date.

Also provided information through my letter box on fire safety and what was happening. Credit to shropshire :) thanks"


A thank you to off-duty Bridgnorth Firefighters

This morning some off duty firefighters helped a three-year old boy, who had been knocked down outside Bridgnorth Fire Station.

We received the following compliment

“I'm not sure who was involved in helping the poor pedestrian who was knocked down outside the fire station this morning, but it was good to see such swift care and attention from firefighters, once more assuming the role of paramedics until the ambulance arrived.

God knows, it's a chaotic part of town on the best of mornings, so keeping everything under control must have been a challenge.

So, just a note of appreciation for all your work -- thank you!”


Compliment following Safe & Well visit

A member of the Ludow crew conducted a Safe & Well visit last week to vulnerable people in Ludlow and fitted two smoke alarms. 

The householder rang in saying that he and his wife would like to praise the individual for his politeness and patience, and for thoroughly answering all their questions.


Thank you to one of our Prevention - Vulnerable Persons Officers

The following compliment came in via our website from a registered care and support charity aboutone of our Prevention – Vulnerable Persons Officers.   

“I would like to send my deepest thanks towards the Officer who has supported a vulnerable adult in Shropshire.

I have not met Rob but he has given me regular updates of the work he has been doing to support somebody to keep warm and healthy”.


Thank you after attendance at false alarm on 19 January 2024

A compliment was received from a Shrewsbury resident after the Service attended a false alarm at her property on 19 January 2024. 

She was out at the time but Shrewsbury White Watch spoke to a neighbour who had a key and let them in. 

The caller just wanted to praise the Service’s prompt attendance and thank them for making sure all was ok.


Thank you following Safe & Well visit

A resident from Copthorne, Shrewsbury rang in to give a huge thank you to two Firefighters from White Watch, Shrewsbury after a recent Safe and Well visit.

They said “I can get anxious, but they made me feel comfortable and put me at ease.  They gave me lots of useful information and advice, thank you”.


Appreciation of Log Burner fire safety guidance

We have log burners and one in particular has room to stack logs right beside it. I have mentioned to my husband several times that I don’t like this as I think it is a fire risk. He nods in agreement but
still does it.

A couple of nights ago, someone in your Service put a picture on FB of a fire beside a log burner in a pile of logs. I texted him the picture and your advice. He said ‘that is sobering’ and immediately moved

I wanted to say thank you for putting that advice out. Until he read the message from professionals, I think he thought I was just being over cautious (can you be with fire? I don’t think so….) It just shows you it
works!   Thanks so much for all you do. 


Thank you following request for advice

We received a request for advice concerning a Planning issue.  This was passed to both Ops and Protection and an officer contacted the individual. We subsequently received the following comments.

“Thanks for your phone call today; much appreciated. I have info by email from two of your technical staff, which does seem to confirm my interpretation of the regulations. I am impressed with your prompt reply, diligence and professionalism of your staff - including the lovely young lady on your switchboard!! (Well, she sounded young and made me laugh------------!!)”.


Thank you after a Safe & Well Visit on 16 January 2024

Our Reception took a phone call from a Ludlow householder following a Safe & Well Visit by one of our staff

The householder wanted to pass on her praise and thanks to the individual, who she said was “absolutely wonderful and a credit to the organisation.”  

She said he explained everything very clearly, and gave her helpful pointers regarding where to go for further help and advice


Thank you following a talk to the Alexander Road Ladies Club by one of our Prevention - Vulnerable Persons Officers

“Many thanks for coming along to the Alexander Road Ladies Club this evening & giving us a very interesting & informative talk on fire safety. All the members thoroughly enjoyed your talk & hopefully picked up a few tips.

I have just forwarded your details to a friend in Whitchurch who will pass them onto a club that she attends, in the hope of getting you some further talks.

Thanks again to yourself & to all the Shropshire Fire & Rescue Team who do a fantastic job”.


Thank you following smoke alarm refit for vulnerable person - 4 January 2024.

A lady rang in to say how brilliant she thought the Service performed when she requested a refit for smoke alarms this morning.

Within two hours of her ringing in to us, one of our staff had been out to see her and she said what a lovely and knowledgeable man he was. Thanks and appreciation for all involved to ensure her alarms were fitted and working in such a short amount of time.


Thank you following Safe & Well Visit

We received the following comments after our Prevention Officer Vulnerable Persons did a Safe & Well Visit.

“My 98-year old mother still lives independently in her own home. The company that provides daily care for her suggested that a visit from the Fire Service would be beneficial.

Your officer provided help and practical advice during his visit yesterday. He is a real credit to your organisation and I would like to commend him and put on record our sincere appreciation”.


Property vehicular access risk assessment

A member of the public rang in on 7 December to thank the Assistant Group Commander Shrewsbury, for all his and White Watch Shrewsbury’s help with a risk assessment made on his property, regarding access requirements.

He was very grateful and wanted to extend his thanks to Ross and everyone involved.


Rescue of wheelchair user on 8 December 2023 by Blue Watch, Telford

“I would just like to thank the crew who came to my rescue earlier today when my wheelchair got stuck in mud whilst I was out walking my dog. I had been stuck for over an hour and didn’t know what to do.

 I am so unbelievably grateful for their help. I was so upset and in a fluster I can’t remember if I thanked them to their faces so I would really appreciate it if you could pass on my thanks to the crew.”


Fire Safety talks to Year 3 students - December 2023

"Thank you for the fire safety talks today, the children thoroughly enjoyed them and took away lots of important messages. We really appreciate you coming in".


Visit to Wellington Fire Station for youngster with a fear of fire engines and fire alarms

The youngster visited Wellington Fire Station in the hope of easing their fear fire engines and fire alarms. They had a fantastic time and now feel much braver. The two staff members hosting made quite the impact too!


Following an initial ‘People Who Help Us’ workshop, alongside the Police, positive comments were received for the Service's Prevention Officer – Young People and Children and Green Watch Shrewsbury.

“All staff we encountered were lovely and welcoming, and had time to listen

Relay relatable to the children creating a nice friendly, educational environment.

All staff were great with the groups and all felt comfortable asking questions and the staff more than happy to answer them

All the staff were knowledgeable and friendly. They seemed genuinely interested in helping the children to learn how to keep safe and about the jobs that they do.

I thought all the staff were great, professional, approachable and friendly

All staff were approachable, knowledgeable and made us feel welcome

The children really enjoyed using the hose! They felt comfortable asking interesting questions and the staff were happy to answer. Some maths there too working out how long the water in the fire engine would last.

My children really enjoyed the morning. Meeting people who do these jobs made it really special for them

The staff were really amazing, it was informative but very relaxed and there wasn’t a lot of ‘sitting down’ which is perfect for kids of that age”.


Thank you following Careers Fair attendance.

Just a quick email to thank you for giving your time to our careers fair last night. We thoroughly enjoyed it and hope that you did too. We'll be in touch again shortly to ask for a little feedback - but just wanted to express our appreciation straight away. Our parents and students were saying lots of positive things as they left and will have gained so much from meeting with you. 


Thank you following a significant barn fire on 21 October, attended by crews from Bridgnorth, Hodnet, Newport, Prees, Shrewsbury, Telford, Tweedale and Wellington along with subsequent relief crews.  Operations and Safety Officers were also present. 

We have received a lovely thank you card, along with a very generous donation to The Fire Fighters Charity following this incident, which was a substantial barn fire that had began in the early hours of Saturday, 21 October.

“To all the Shropshire Fire Stations involved in fighting our barn fire in the early hours of October 21st 2023.

Thank you very much for the brilliant job you ALL did when our barn, full of straw, was on fire.  We were in great shock but there you were taking the responsibility for the situation. It could have spread to other buildings where livestock were housed but thanks to your careful monitoring kept it contained.

On site for four days, twelve fire engines from all over the County at one stage.  A Very Big THANKS to everyone.

A month later we are slowly coming to grips with tidying up, feeling more positive in ourselves again.



Compliments following Safe & Well visits.

Following a visit by one of our Prevention Officers -Vulnerable Groups, the householder commented on their feedback form that it was a “very nice, informative and efficient visit”.


Following a visit by our Prevention Adviser Community Outreach, the householder had commented “ We were most impressed to receive a visit. The officer was most helpful and thorough. He is an excellent ambassador for the Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service”.


Appreciation for Safeguarding Work

The Service received the following words of appreciation about the work of its Prevention Manager, from a member of Shropshire Council’s business unit for the Shropshire Safeguarding Community Partnership

“I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate him and the work he has done around the Fire Safety Task and Finish Group, The feedback I have had from people about the work he has put into this and the impact it is having has been excellent.

On a personal note too, her is always very helpful and supportive of myself and one of the first to respond when asked to complete something.”


Thank you to Green Watch Shrewsbury on 24 October 2023

“I would like to give my thanks to the team that were attending an incident in the Quarry on the evening of 24 October between approximately 5pm – 7pm.

My five year old daughter spotted the team as they were attending an incident in the water. We kept a safe distance until the rescue boat was launched and then walked past the van. The crew member got my hint as I had explained to my daughter that they were there for a practice so not to worry her.  The crew member instantly knew what I was trying to say and went along with the story,explaining to her it was like a fire drill.  He showed her his radio and engaged amazingly with her. 

After her swimming lesson, she wanted to see if they were still there, and by chance they were just returning and we watched whilst they brought the boat back to land.  The crew spoke to her so kindly, andexplained all was well and they were going to put the boat to bed now. They answered her questions and, as they left, they asked if she wanted to see the blue lights again (which she did!). They absolutely made her evening, and whatever they were having to attend to down there, they did discreetly and wonderfully. 

They deserve a big thank you, they were a credit. We have spoken this evening about the importance of our fire service and the danger by water.  She now wants to drive a “river quad bike like the men” when she’s older!

Thank you again.


Thank you following rescue of child from locked car on 9 October 2023

We received the following thank you through our website for Green Watch Shrewsbury.

“I hope this this reaches the team that helped me on 9 October at the Sports Village, when my daughter was locked in the car, I felt like I couldn’t and didn’t thank them enough they were all so lovely, helpful and reassuring,

Just wanted them to know that they are all greatly appreciated!”


Thanks following flooding incident on 3 October 2023

Fire Control received a call from a householder in Telford, following a flooding incident, who wanted to pass on his sincere thanks to Green Watch Telford for helping him in his time of need. 

He said that they couldn’t have done any more for him and he was eternally grateful.


Attendance at Nursing Home Fete 16 September 2023

The following was sent to one of our officers due to his help in organising the attendance of Red Watch Shrewsbury at a nursing home fete.

“Thank you for organising the fire engine to visit our nursing home for our fete on Saturday 16th September. Your team were amazing with the spectators, they all enjoyed the experience”.


Our Fire Crime and Arson Officer was complimented following a recent community visit.

“I just wanted to extend my gratitude for your visit to make sure the home my son and I are living in is fire safe. The extra time you took to talk me through a few areas I hadn’t even considered was really appreciated.

 Thank you again so much”.


Green and Red Watch Wellington visited the Princess Royal Hospital’s Women’s and Children’s Centre during the week beginning 4 September.

The Service received the following:

“Our thanks to Green and Red Watch Wellington who visited us last week at the Women’s and Childrens Centre, here at PRH.

The crews on both days were great; nothing was too much trouble and those children that could attend, loved seeing the fire truck, on what, I'm sure, were the hottest 2 days of the year!!

Thank you to the Prevention Children & Young Peoples Officer, and the, Community Outreach Officer, who joined us on Thursday afternoon. It was great to have them there.

It is something we'd like to have again. ”


75th Anniversary celebrations

We received a thank you card, along with a donation to The Fire Fighters Charity, from a gentleman who had seen the banner advertising the Service’s 75th Anniversary.

He commented “Great public service given heroically. You have my full admiration”.


Feedback received following Shrewsbury’s Open Day - 2 September 2023.

“Can I please say how fantastic this year's open day was.

Plenty of trucks to take photos of, plenty of vans trucks to look Inside. Enjoyed my day.  I'd still like to come to get some more photos but today helped wonders”.


Thanks following wheelie bin fire in Muxton - 4 Sept 23

We have received the following message through our website, thanking White Watch Wellington for their attendance at a wheelie bin fire in Muxton.

“To say a very big thank you to the Wellington crew who put out our bin fire
today. For your help and support we are most grateful”.


25 years supporting Chenobyl Children's Lifeline

"Just like to give a huge thank you to Blue Watch Shrewsbury. Over 25 years supporting the charity of Chernobyl Children's lifeline. Shrewsbury link

 Children so excited for a evening of fun. How times have changed now!

 BUT we must always remember that the children went home with fun loving memories of what you gave them over the 25yrs.  

Best wishes to you all"


Thanks from Wrekin Housing Group

We received the following thanks from a member of the Wrekin Housing Group, Fire Safety team, following incident 116897.  This incident was attended by Newport, Shrewsbury, Telford, Tweedale and Wellington crews, along with Operations and Safety Officers. This was a house fire which began in one of the houses in the terrace and spread to others. Both the Aerial Ladder Platform and the Incident Command Unit were in use.

“I just wanted to pass on my compliments to the incident commanders at the house fire at Lawnswood, Malinslee. They acted very professionally and provided regular accurate safety updates throughout the day with what was a very challenging multi agency and multi resident situation.

A credit to Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service”.

Thanks following Safe & Well Visit

A resident from Oswestry telephoned to give a huge thank you to one of our Prevention Vulnerable Persons Officer.

" He helped to sort out my smoke alarm problem, the noise was so upsetting and disturbing.  He went out of his way to help, even contacting the company that installed and supplied them, arranging fro them to visit and repair.  He was helpful, charming and so kind".


Thanks following Safe & Well visit

A vulnerable gentleman, who had experienced problems with his smoke alarm, phoned in to express his appreciation following a Safe & Well visit by one of our staff..

He said that the individual was “very efficient, professional, polite and kind, and was an excellent representative of the Service”.  The individual had explained the problem with the smoke alarm and replaced it with another, for which the gentleman was “most grateful”.


Appreciation after line rescue 15 July 2023

The Chief Fire Officer received a letter thanking Oswestry On-call, Shrewsbury Green Watch and the Operational Officer for their assistance with the following incident.

"On Saturday, 15th July 2023 at about 4.45pm I fell down the embankment of Morda Brook in Morda and ended up lying on my back, injured, in the brook. My recollection of subsequent events is very hazy for I cannot remember the fall or immediate aftermath. I managed to eventually contact the emergency services including members of your Service, who duly arrived. What follows is the recollection of others present.

Extracting me from the brook proved a lengthy and difficult affair but eventually I was taken by your staff across the brook, an adjoining field and into the warmth of the ambulance.  I was throughout treated with the utmost care and respect. 

I was taken to Shrewsbury Hospital A&E and treated from my injuries over the following 48 hours.

What is crystal clear to me is that your staff - whose names I do not know - were most instrumental in my safe keeping at a time when my body was in shock and extremely cold. My rescue took place with your staff members in cold water and dangerous underfoot conditions. Their dedication and sense of team work kept me safe during a lengthy and dangerous operation. 

I am making slow and steady recovery and thankfully suffered nothing worse than a double clavicle fracture, concussion, a nasty head wound with minor complication and my recovery will be full. 

Please convey to your staff my most sincere thanks and gratitude for their care and kindness. I shall not forget the event, and how your members demonstrated all that is best in your Service".


Thank you following Water Rescue 26 July 2023

After a water rescue from Castle Bridge Shrewsbury last Wednesday (26 July), attended by White Watch Shrewsbury, White Watch Telford, White Watch Wellington and SM Darren Salvoni, the Service received the following thanks from the girl’s parents:

“We would like to pass on our sincere thanks to the officers from all stations
who helped our daughter on the late afternoon of Wednesday 26th July
at Castle Bridge in Shrewsbury. The extent the officers went to, to ensure her
safety was very much appreciated and it was reassuring to know that they were
there.  She is now home and will be receiving the support she needs”.


Thank you from Meole Brace Secondary School, Shrewsbury

A female officer was a guest speaker at Meole Brace Secondary School for a Year 9 workshop entitled ‘promoting aspirational women in predominantly male fields’.  

Following this, the workshop lead emailed Anna:

“I am just writing to say a huge THANK YOU from everyone here at Meole.  We were so privileged to have you here and our students were so receptive to your talk. It was so kind of you to come, especially at the last moment. 

Many thanks once again for your time and effort”. 


Compliment following barn fire on 7 July 2023

Following a significant barn fire on Friday 7 July at Lyneal, Ellesmere (inc 115623) which was attended by 9 appliances with crews from Ellesmere, Baschurch, Craven Arms, Prees, Wellington, Wem and Whitchurch including the Light Pumping Unit and the Rescue Tender, the following compliment was received.

The farm owner wanted to pass on his sincere thanks and appreciation for all the crews’ hard work during the incident. He was very grateful.


Dog rescue by Green Watch Wellington

A cocker spaniel was rescued from a 6m deep disused kiln on Limekiln Road, Wellington on 26 June  Green Watch Wellington retrieved the dog using line rescue techniques.

The dog’s owner said “Please pass on my thanks to the crew, they really were so quick, professional and just amazing”.


Compliment for Newport On-call crew and Control operator

“I would like to praise the team who came out to free my mother-in-law who fell out of bed and was trapped by her arm in a bed sideguard. She was in an extreme amount of pain and couldn't move. Thank you to the lady on the phone and the Newport fire team who helped to free her and put her back into bed, and who also dressed a wound on her leg sustained in the fall. They showed extreme professionalism and were courteous throughout. Thank you”.


Thanks following suspected fire on 14 June 2023

The Service took a call from a householder to express his appreciation of our attendance (Wem and Green Watch Shrewsbury) following their smoke detector activating.  This was a false alarm, as the activation had been caused by a leak in the bathroom.

His comment was that our “people were absolutely brilliant”.


Appreciation following 'flooding affecting electrics' incident near Market Drayton.

"I wanted to thank the commanding officer and his team , on behalf of all residents..
We were very grateful for your assistance in our hour of need in sorting out the flooding. Thank you".


Thanks following stable fire near Bridgnorth on 3 June 2023

"Can I just say how overwhelmed with thanks we are for the amazing effort your teams did with our stable fire on saturday evening . So very calm, professional and total heroes; if you hadn’t arrived so quickly, with the intensity of the fire, we could of lost our home, cars, horses etc thankyou from the bottom of our hearts .


Compliment from West Midlands Ambulance Service following provision of Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) to Police, Ambulance & Fire 

I am writing to tell you how impressed I am with two of your TRIM Practitioners following a session that was organised for SFRS, West Mercia Police and WMAS. 

During attendance at a challenging Road Traffic Collision the week before, our colleagues at West Mercia Police had reached out for additional support that was provided by your TRIM practitioners earlier this week. I had the pleasure of accompanying them to the session that was run by your practitioners for a further insight into the support provision. 

Although the benefit of TRIM is apparent, how your practitioners conducted the session was remarkable and their knowledge within this subject was reassuring and beneficial to all of those in attendance. 

A big thank you to you and your team for organising and delivering the session, but more importantly to your practitioners who are clearly two very valuable members of staff to your organisation, who represented Shropshire FRS to your partner agencies incredibly well. 

I know that a Thank You doesn't come around as often as it should do - so I hope my appreciation will be passed on, following your recognition of how well your staff members conducted themselves during this session”. 


Gobowen House Fire - 22 May 2023

A Gobowen resident passed his appreciation on to his local councillor following a fire involving two houses, a car and involving the gas and electricity supplies. This incident was attended by Oswestry, Blue Watch Shrewsbury, Ellesmere and an Ops Officer.  “Massive thanks to all involved, the fire service and utilities companies”.   The resident also commented “how amazed he was at how good they were in a frightening situation”.


Recognition of Excellence from Midlands Air Ambulance Charity - Church Stretton Fire Station crew

"On 25 April 2023, an elderly man sustained an ankle fracture/dislocation having slipped while hiking in a remote, off-road area to the south of Carding Mill Valley. He had been exposed to the elements, although it wasn't the coldest of days, sitting on the ground injured for some time before he was able to be found.  An Air Ambulance was assigned to the case in the hope that they culd land quicker and closer to the patient than a road ambulance.

In the absence of an off-road vehicle suitable to transport the patient to the helicopter, the fire crew took on the arduous task of carrying the patient for an hour to the aircraft over difficult terrain. They even kept the patient upbeat and informed with their progression throughout the journey.  They made sure that he was comfortable and always reassured.  We simply can't thank and appreciate Church Stretton fire crew enough for their exhausting efforts. Their actions demonstrate the most sincere, selfless and thoughtful care for out patient.  They indisputably went over, above and beyond.  Well done and thank you, you are a credit to Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service". 


Appreciation following chimney fire near Wem.

Wem fire crew attended a chimney fire (Inc 112071) on 2 March.  The following comment appeared on the Wem Community Facebook site.

“Huge shout out to Wem Fire Brigade who attended a near miss with a chimney fire at my house tonight! You couldn't find a more professional, reassuring, kind group of people. I am forever grateful for their prompt efficient service. We are so lucky to have a wonderful service on our doorstep". 


The Service received the following thank you letter from the Telford Independent Scout Group

“To the members of Wellington Fire Station (I think it was White Watch)

On behalf of Telford Independent Scout Group, I would like to say a big thank you for accommodating us on the 23 February.                                

The Scouts, Wolf Cubs and Beavers have written or drawn thank you letters and pictures for you.

They all enjoyed the eening and were so excited to tell their parents all about it.

Thank you again.  Keep doing what you’re doing and stay safe”.

The Scout Leader


Thank you for animal rescue

A phone call came into the Service thanking Cleobury Mortimer's crew for rescuing a ewe, stuck in mud, on 23 March.


Appreciation for Newport crew from former Deputy Mayor

“Fantastic work done. You women and men put your lives on the line every time you go out on a shout.
I salute you all keep up the good work”.


Compliment following Safe & Well visit to vulnerable Ludlow resident

The resident wanted to thank the firefighter for being “so incredibly kind and helpful” to her.  She said of the whole organisation, “thank you for everything you do!”


Thanks to the Church Stretton crew and Fire Control following a Chimney Fire near Dorrington

“Just wanted to send a big thank you to all at Church Stretton Fire Station for attending to my chimney fire.

My first ever experience of any kind of involvement with the Fire and Rescue Services. The initial panic of a smoke filled room, flames coming out the chimney and hot brickwork whilst frantically googling 'what to do if your chimney is on fire' was settled by the very calm person at the end of the 999 call, and then even more so by the very calming, understanding and professional presence of all the gents from Church Stretton Fire Station; even though I called them out to the middle of nowhere at 3 in the morning on a cold winter night.

Whilst it turned out that the incident was a lot less severe than first anticipated, they assured me it was a 'better safe than sorry' situation, and my embarrassment at perhaps wasting their time was dismissed with examples where it was definitely worth the call/visit just in case.

I appreciate and respect the fire services a great deal, and everyone involved tonight was extremely understanding, friendly, helpful and good humoured. I'm glad to have such a good bunch of guys serving the community and am very grateful once again for them all coming out in the middle of the night.

Thanks again to all”.


Appreciation for Minsterley crew following RTC at Pontesford on 27 February 2023

“My son and I stopped today to offer our support to the drivers involved in an RTC by Pontesbury. One driver was trapped in his cab. The other was in shock.

My son is autistic but stayed with this driver while I spoke with the driverwho was stuck. We were there...primarily as bystanders...when the three services were in attendance.

I wanted to take the time to say how grateful I was for the swift attendance by your Minsterley crew. It is odd to say...but it was a privilege to see your staff at work. Their professionalism has really struck accord with me. I would expect I am very unlikely to ever witness watching how considered and coordinated they were in cutting the driver free. It was wonderful that the outcome was a good one as I know that this isn't always the case.

The crew were very impressive and I'd really appreciate them knowing that from someone who was there”.


Thanks to Oswestry firefighters 

“To all the fire crew out on a job on the evening Wednesday 15/2/23 next door to Lidl.  Jensen and grandparent arrived at the station yesterday as arranged, but had passed the fire engine en route so appreciated that all crew would be extremely busy.  Stopped behind the engine and chatted to several brilliant firemen who not only talked to Jensen but also allowed him to see inside the engine and explained different items. A huge thank you to all concerned and hope you all enjoyed the donuts.  We all really appreciated you time, care and attention.  Jensen was still talking about the fire engine way into the night”.


Thank you to Red Watch Telford.

We received a lovely compliment from a mother whose son benefitted from some community engagement by Red Watch Telford when they attended a waste bin fire in Stirchley.

“Just like to thank the lads who came out on a emergency on the 15th Feb around 8.30pm.  My lad loves all the emergency services, they were great talking to him. Thank you from mum of a very happy 7 year old”.


Smoke alarm fix - thank you

A vulnerable Wem resident phoned in to thank our Prevention Adviser – Community Outreach for visiting her on 25 January and fixing her faulty smoke alarm.


Thank you following rescue from the Burway, Church Stretton on 19 January 2023

"Firstly we just wanted to thank the Service very much for coming to our aid late afternoon 19 January 2023. We were visiting Shropshire and had been told about the amazing views form the Long Mynd. We had been looking around Church Stretton and saw a road leading up. We didn’t notice a gate at the bottom (which was completely open)and there didn’t appear to be adverse weather conditions. However, it soon became clear that it was not advisable to continue and we managed to turn arond to head back, however a young lady driver was coming up behind us and got stuck. Hence our call for help. You advised us to leave our vehicles and escorted us down. The Police service then very kindly took us back to our holiday let in Minsterley". 


Appreciation following Safe & Well visit

We received the following appreciative comments following a Safe & Well visit in the Wellington station area.

“I had a home visit yesterday from two firefighters to undertake a Safe and Well assessment.   I want to feedback on the courtesy, tact and thoroughness of their approach.   I had been apprehensive expecting that I might find this visit a little patronising but their professional conduct dispelled all of that concern.  Please thank them for taking the time”.


Thank you to Newport crew following chimney fire on 3 January 2023

On 3 January there was a chimney fire involving a log burner at a property on Barnmeadow Road, Newport.  We received the following comments after the attendance of the Newport crew and the Aerial Ladder Platform:

“I wanted to say a huge thank you to the team who came to our house last night, when the open fire in the living room got out of control. I have never been so scared in my whole life and couldn't believe how quickly things escalated. I will be forever grateful to your team for arriving so quickly and keeping my family and my house safe. Thank you for everything that you do, you are all heroes”.


Appreciation following Safe & Well visit

Reception took a call from a Ludlow resident thanking an On-call staff member for conducting a Safe & Well visit and fitting a smoke alarm at her property on 20 December.

She wanted to say “thank you very much, you were a very nice gentlemen, very polite and very helpful” She couldn’t sing your praises enough!


Vulnerable resident of Minsterley had a problem with her smoke alarm - 16 December 2022

“ I called the fire service and gave them my problem, within 10 mins help came.  I am writing this to say thank you  to the Minsterley firemen for the prompt action they gave.  I can just only thank with my heart and say how good it was, not just for the fire alarm which was promptly repaired but for the help and reassurance they give me and my husband.  Thank you, thank you to all the team, especially the gentlemen that did the job.  Bless and thank God we have such a service. Thank you so much again,  please pass on our thanks. Best wishes to you all and happy Christmas and New Year”.


Appreciation following Safe & Well Visit

Our Reception took a phone call from an Albrighton resident, who had recently had a Safe & Well visit.  The resident praised the Firefighter's helpful, courteous and professional manner, and said that she was an asset to the Service. 


Compliment from Cllr Raj Meta, Chair of Telford & Wrekin Interfaith Council.

“We as Telford & Wrekin Interfaith Council reached out to your Assitant Chief Fire Officer for Support Services recently. We are keen to try to work together with Shropshire Fire & Rescue to improve diversity & encourage an increase in multi faith, community & diverse recruitment.  He opened his arms to discussion and is keen to develop & join together to drive forward. We feel his passion, experience, commitment & drive will perfect qualities to drive the Service forward. We wish him all the best & look forward to building relationships in the near future”.


Thanks from a vulnerable Whitchurch resident

Reception took a call from a Whitchurch resident who asked them to pass on a “big thank you” to one of our Vulnerable Persons Officers who visited her today to refit a smoke alarm which had been driving her mad beeping. 

She said he was very courteous and polite and a credit to Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service and she wanted to pass on her appreciation.


Thank you letter from the Chief Fire Officer of West Midlands Fire Service - UKRO Festival of Rescue 2022

As you will know we recently hosted the UKRO Festival of Rescue 2022, accommodating hundreds of firefighters from across the UK and from overseas so they could demonstrate a range of rescue skills within a competitive challenge.  With the eyes of all UK Fire and Rescue Services upon us, we felt the pressure to impress.

I wanted to extend an enormous thank you to Shropshire Fire Service, especially Ironbridge and Tweedale Stations, for their co-operation.  I would also like to give a special thanks to the Assistant Group Commander Telford South and the DTraining team for supporting.  It is no exaggeration to say that the Festival would not have been possible without their support. 

Please pass on my thanks to everyone who played a part.  It was great to be able to demonstrate excellent collaborative working as part of the UKRO event. 


Attendance to fall casualty by Market Drayton crew.

“ On Tuesday, 25th October, 2022, about 6.00 a.m. I had a fall at home. My wife called the ambulance service as she is not strong enough to lift me.  Unfortunately the ambulance was unavailable so she rang the Fire Service who arrived within 5 minutes. 

Two very nice young men lifted me up and took me to my bed.  A young first responder checked me over very carefully.  Everyone was incredible.  I want everyone to know how lucky we are to have such wonderful people.  They even replaced my fire alarms for me.  The young lady who checked me over went on to do her day job.

We can never repay them for the work they do.  THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH”.


A lovely card, depicting a painting of Her Late Majesty and her dogs, was received from a vulnerable resident of Market Drayton.

“Dear Fireman Friends

Thank you so much for helping a damsel in distress. 

You kindly came to my home after midnight to stop my screeching internal fire alarm.  Thank you.”


Thank you following animal rescue incident attended by Hodnet and Market Drayton

The Service received a lovely thank you card, following the attendance of Hodnet and Market Drayton to an animal rescue incident.

“Thank you for your kind help rescuing our sheep at Bottom Lane (3rd October).  You are all a true credit to the Fire Service. 
You all showed calmness and a genuine care for our loss of Mildred.  Wilfred is doing really well thanks to you guys.  
Stay safe and thank you again for all you do.”


Thanks following request for assistance 11 October 2022

The Chief Fire Officer received the following thanks after a request to help St Chad’s Church.  The Service used this opportunity as a valuable ALP training exercise.

“Many thanks for sending such an impressive team this morning to rescue the flag from the roof of St Chad's. White Watch Shrewsbury were as efficient and professional as always and quickly had the problem solved without fuss and not a little gentle humour.

I was relieved that the problem was not caused by poor rigging and knots but by the shearing of one of the brass Inglefield clips, which was supposed to allow the flag to swivel in strong winds. I am not sure how we are going to cure this problem once and for all but I will do my utmost so that we don't have to call you again!

On behalf of the Church Wardens, thank you very much indeed for coming to our rescue once again.”


Thanks for Green Watch Shrewsbury’s attendance to an Animal Rescue incident - 13 October 2022

“On the morning of Thursday 13 October one of your crews attended a call from me, as my elderly cat had wedged her head into the hubcap of a neighbour’s car.

First of all I had no idea you could legitimately call the fire brigade to help with something like this but my vet assured me I could.

The level of kindness and professionalism I witnessed from your team was amazing. Furthermore the teamwork and problem solving was extraordinary, as they went to great lengths to achieve a positive outcome for both cat and car!

They managed to do this without fuss, drama or damage and were gentle and kind throughout”.


Thanks for assistance to a member of the public by three Fire Safety Officers

Reception took a phone call from a gentleman who wished to express his “sincere thanks” to three Fire Safety officers.

They helped him when he passed out/collapsed in Raven Meadow.  They returned to the fire station to get a car and took him to hospital, as there was up to a 6 hours wait for an ambulance.

We are pleased to report that the gentleman is now home from hospital and on the mend.


Visit by 1st Shrewsbury Beavers to Shrewsbury Fire Station, hosted by Green Watch.

“The Beavers were all really excited and really enjoyed it. We were really pleased to see they were taking in all the good advice on fire safety.  We had a message (see below) from one mum that really summed it up well, I’m sure there were more of them planning their escape plans last night”.

“Thank you so much for arranging such a great trip out. My son was full of great fire safety advice. So far we have sorted our safety route and meeting point. We are also going to be checking the fire alarms every week (although I burn the cooking on a regular basis, so he isn’t sure that this will actually need to be done). My favourite thing was having to put his pjs out, so he could see whether he could put them on within 15 seconds. He did it in 10 seconds and looked delighted! Great job you guys!”

Compliment about a page on the Service's website.

The 'Incidents section is a simply brilliant idea, that demonstrates, in real time, the varied and essential service you provide. All services should do this.

Thank you card for a couple of our Prevention Officers – Vulnerable Groups

Just a short note to thank you for coming to our ‘Wem Carers Group’ on Thursday, 8 Sept 2022.  All who were present learnt a lot and also enjoyed your presentation due to it being very informative but also put across in a jolly/light hearted way.  Also pass on our thanks to the gentleman who assisted you.  On a personal note, may I thank you for being so kind and helpful to my wife, who really enjoyed the afternoon”.


Appreciation following Road Traffic Collision attended by Craven Arms, Bishops Castle, Green Watch Wellington and an Ops Officer on 3 Sept 2022

"On Saturday afternoon my husband and I were travelling towards Craven Arms and were 2nd on the scene of an accident. A car was overturned in ths right hand lane of the highway. We stopped to assist a young man who was calling the emergency services. 

Bishops Castle crew arrived and were amazingly efficient. The whole crew worked together like clockwork with speed and safety to get the driver out.

Within what seemed like seconds, they had assesed the situation and got in through the hatchback, secured everything and talked the passenger into moving herself safely out. One of the crew then put down their coat for her to lie on and spoke gently and kindly to her with no fuss or alarm. What wonderful young men. We so need our local fire stations. We left then as we could do nothing else and the Police were arriving also the Craven Arms crew.

Well done and thank you". 


Compliment after animal rescue on 31 August 2022

We received the following thanks after the rescue of a calf from a ditch by crews from Bridgnorth and Wellington Red Watch on 31 August.

“Please pass on my thanks to the crews who attended the above incident yesterday. (And for the humour about it on Twitter and in the Shropshire Star!)  

All ended well and without too much drama - the calf was heifer so grateful...!”


Thanks to Red Watch Telford after attending a Road Traffic Collision Making Safe on Sunday, 14 August 2022

On Sunday, 14 August, following a request from the Police, Red Watch Telford attended an incident at Stableford where a saloon vehicle had collided with a property.  They inspected the internal and external damage to the building and advised the occupier to have a structural engineer attend.

The occupier rang in to thank the crew for a “great job” which had enabled the occupier to stay in the property.


Compliment following Safe & Well visit by two Firefighters from White Watch, Shrewsbury

The recipient rang in to express her appreciation of the “two lovely people who couldn’t do enough.”  She described them as being “so kind and caring” and she particularly valued the fact that “they did not treat her like a disabled person.”

It was clear that she had learnt a lot from the visit and was enthusiastic about implementing the necessary changes.  First on the list was the replacement of her old electric blankets!


National work on 'Incidents Involving Animals' - assistance from Shropshire Fire Service officer

The Chief Fire Officer received an email from the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) Technical Response Lead, expressing his appreciation that one of Shropshire Fire Service's officers will be assisting the NFCC in their ‘Incidents Involving Animals’ work.

He commented that “I have just been on a call with your officer and the Lead Officer, your officer came across really well and is keen to get more involved, which is great.  I understand that she did have some involvement under a previous Lead, but I appreciate the step up that has been taken.”

This was a pleasing email for our Chief to receive because, as he said, “this is an important area of work for all rural fire services and I am really pleased our officer has been willing to step forward and show what Shropshire has to offer and to learn.”


Thanks for attending children's summer party event on 6 August 2022

The organisers of a soft play children’s summer party event held in Telford on Saturday 6 August, contacted us to pass on their thanks to Wellington Blue Watch.

“We are most grateful for their attendance, as are the many excited children who saw the crew and fire engine! “


Appreciation following Waterside Responder training to the public

Following the recent spate of serious river incidents, the Service had provided Waterside Responder training to people working alongside the river and to Shrewsbury Town Council workers, amongst others.

One individual from Radfield Home Care, who undertook this training delivered by our Road & Water Safety Officer, said “The throwline training was excellent, the information supplied was informative and helpful. Well done, great service!”


Thank you letter to the Chief Fire Officer following a property fire at Highley on 21 July.
Crews from Bridgnorth, Cleobury Mortimer, Much Wenlock, Newport and Telford along with operational and fire investigation officers attended. Over the border assistance from HWFRS was also provided by their Wyre Forest crew.

“ I am writing to compliment and thank you and your team for the very professional manner in which they dealt with this fire.

When I arrived at the scene the fire was already extinguished and I was met by your officers who were extremely helpful and courteous, explaining the procedure and why no one could enter the remaining building until the electric and gas etc was made safe.  They were there all day explaining to the landlady, myself and my son and assisting in the removal of the CCTV recording for the insurance and forensic people to study.

Thank you again and please pass on my thanks to the teams involved”.


Thank you card sent to the Chief Fire Officer following large scale, 60 acre field fire near Baschurch 
Crews from Baschurch, Church Stretton, Craven Arms, Ellesmere, Oswestry, Wem, Market Drayton, Whitchurch, Shrewsbury, Telford and Tweedale attended over the course of the incident, along with operational officers and the drone resource from HWFRS.

“I am writing to say an enormous thank you, to you and all the firefighters who came out to my farm last Thursday.  Through their efficiency and expertise, together with the team from Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service, an even bigger fire was averted.

All the crews worked so hard under very challenging circumstances.  I am so grateful to everyone.  Would you be kind enough to pass on my thanks”.


Following a school fair at Mereside Primary School on 16 July 2022 the following compliment for White Watch Shrewsbury was received:

“Thank you so much to the fire fighters who were able to attend our summer fair today.
Lots of happy and smiling faces from all the children who visited.
Thank you, we really appreciated the visit as did our families. We all had a wonderful afternoon.
Thank you “


We received the following thanks from the Dawley Beavers (6 – 8 year olds in the Scouting movement), who visited Wellington Fire Station on the evening of 29 June. Blue Watch Wellington hosted and Admin Support who coordinated arrangements.

“I just wanted to pass on our thanks to you and all the staff at Wellington Fire Station. Our Beavers had the most amazing time! The people there were so friendly and helpful and the Beavers were able to have a go at using the hose, sitting in the fire engine etc which they all absolutely loved!!!

All of our questions (some of them very random!) were answered and us leaders also found the visit very interesting and informative.

Thanks once again for making such a special evening for our Beavers”.


Complimant following a Safe & Well visit in Newport

A resident of Newport called today to say a “huge thank you” to the firefighter that visited his home to make it safe. 

“The officer gave a 110% in ensuring that I am safe from fire in my own home. I am housebound and he refitted and checked that I have working smoke alarms, this has helped to make me feel safer, thank you”.


Compliment from the Chair of Shrewsbury and Oswestry Crucial Crew

"I just wanted to say, on behalf of the Shrewsbury and Oswestry Crucial Crew Management Committee, how pleased we were with the Fire Service and how they delivered the fire safety messages in their scenario. 

You and your colleagues delivered interesting facts and the children listened with intent and clearly enjoyed the sessions, as did the adult chaperones who escorted them around.

We only had one week at the Army Camp due to 'operational requirements,' but in the first week the number of children attending was 770, and they also received a copy of the workbook which details what they learnt.

There were 825 who did not attend but were given a copy of the workbook, making a grand total of 1595.

Thank you for your support, and we hope to meet up again in 2023"


Thanks received from the Wrekin Housing Group

"Could you please pass on our thanks to your staff from Protection and Prevention for supporting us at last week’s Resident Engagement event.

The information they provided was greatly received by our residents and I know they appreciated their presence at the event.

The support was invaluable and I think it was a successful start of engagement for the sprinkler project."


Compliment for Church Stretton and Craven Arms crews following reports of house fire on 19 June 2022

“I just wanted to say a huge thanks to the Fire Response team who attended a suspected fire at my neighbour’s house yesterday. it was both efficient and fast and they were very thorough, thanks again, the situation could have been very serious”.


We received the following compliment for Bridgnorth’s fire crew.

“I would like to express mine and my mother’s sincere thanks to the fire unit who took the time to check on my Mum in Bridgnorth on Saturday 7th May at around 10.00 to 10.30.

She had been taken ill on our day trip coach and we had arranged for a friend to come and collect us.  We were waiting for our ‘rescue’ when your very kind crew came back around by The Parlours Hall and asked if we needed any assistance.

I'm rambling so I will just say once again from me and Mum. Thank you”.


Safe & Well visit appreciation

We were contacted by the recipient of a Safe & Well visit conducted by a crew member of Wellington On-call recently.

She wanted to give her “sincere thanks.”   She wished to give a donation in recognition and was sign-posted to The Fire Fighters Charity.


Thanks to Shrewsbury White Watch following lift rescue on 14 April

We have received the following compliment following a lift rescue last Thursday (14 April) at 08:22hrs by White Watch Shrewsbury.

“Thank you for rescuing me from the lift at Shrewsbury Jobcentre. I felt very embarrassed by the whole thing but the crew were lovely. I scuttled off as soon as I was free and felt I didn't really thank you all properly at the time.”


Thanks to Baschurch crew following incident on 1 April 2022.

“I would just like to say thank you so much to the Baschurch Fire Crew who attended my mother in the early hours of the morning of the first of April. Mum had had a nasty fall and broken her hip and needed help to get down the stairs  I live in Edinburgh so couldn't be there but my cousin was there and said how kind and caring the crew were to my ninety one year old mum. So a huge thanks again and can you please pass on my appreciation” .


Appreciation from the Midlands Air Ambulance for the actions of Bridgnorth and Much Wenlock crews.

Bridgnorth and Much Wenlock crews attended a chip pan fire at a house in Bridgnorth on 24 March.  Unfortunately, a young woman had received approximately 8% burns as a result.

Today we received a Recognition of Excellence from the West Midlands Air Ambulance.

The following key points were made:

  • “The crews embarked on multi-disciplinary actions at the scene. 
  • Exemplary pre-hospital care and treatment was given to the patient before, during and after ambulance resources had arrived.
  • Every detail was cared for; from appropriate treatment of burns, recognition of potential airway compromise and patient dignity and privacy using a decontamination smock as the patients’ clothes had been removed.
  • The Helimed team wish to express their gratitude and appreciation to the crews for providing first aid to the patient in the first instant, in their absence And then, judiciously conveying the patient to the aircraft.  
  • The patient was supported and cared for by the crews during what must have been a horrific ordeal for her.”


Thanks to Shrewsbury White Watch following rescue through floodwater on 21 February 2022

A disabled gentleman rang in to thank Shrewsbury White Watch boat crew for rescuing him through floodwater after he'd injured his head falling down the stairs on 21 February.

He was very appreciative.


Thanks from a Ludlow resident following Safe & Well visit

A resident of Ludlow rang in to pass on her thanks and praise for the firefighter who visited.  She said that he was "an asset to the Service" and that the the scheme was "amazing"


Vaccination Programme Thank You to the Officers in Charge at Bridgnorth, Church Stretton, Hodnet and Shrewsbury Fire Stations

I am writing to thank you all personally for your support with the recent COVID-19 vaccination booster campaign.  The welcome the Vaccination Teams received at each of your Fire Stations was heart-warming and your enthusiasm, can-do attitude, flexibility and passion for community safety was outstanding.

I have been with the Vaccination Programme for 12 months now and Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service were one of the first partners to offer support, which I very gladly accepted, as this was a unique situation where we were being asked at a national level to not only create a brand new end to end system, but to implement and continuously improve it at a time of national crisis.

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service have been with us every step of the way in that system and in making Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin ICS one of the most efficient and effective Vaccination Programmes in the Country, and you have all contributed to that success through your efforts and positivity.

Growing up in a very rural part of Shropshire I understand the important role the Fire & Rescue Service play in rural communities, the Firefighters are seen as an integral part of the local community, they are well respected, they are relied upon and they provide an enormous level of reassurance to individuals and families in the areas they live and work.

You all brought this ethos with you to the Vaccination Programme, you showed us the value of teamwork, you gladly gave your time and your knowledge/expertise to ensure that everyone in your local communities were offered an opportunity to receive the vaccine and stay safe.  On the days that we ran the clinics you all showed an unparalleled level of commitment to the people of Shropshire and I am very proud to say I have worked alongside you.

During the month of December, at your 4 Fire Stations alone, we administered over 3,000 vaccinations, that is 3,000 people who are safer thanks to your hard work and dedication.

I hope Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service, as a valued partner, will continue to work with and alongside the Vaccination Programme as there is still lots to do within our communities and I hope you will all want to remain involved and I very much look forward to continuing to work with you all in the future.

Head of Vaccination Centres
Covid-19 Vaccination Programme
Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin ICS


Thanks for attendance by Red Watch, Telford on 10 January 2022.

"I just wanted to thank the kindness shown by Red Watch from Telford. I have an autistic daughter and our fire alarm started beeping at 5am this morning, which was distressing her. Once I contacted the fire service, Red Watch turned up within 30 minutes which was really great. They changed both units and were very understanding and considerate about my daughter which I really appreciate. They were kind and very helpful, it is a real comfort to myself and daughter knowing that kind people like that are very close by. Please pass my thanks and gratitude to all on Red Watch at Telford".


Institution of Fire Engineers Chief Executive thank you to the Chief Fire Officer

"I am writing to express my appreciation for your support and the participation of your Prevention Manager in a recent initiative underaken by the IFE.

The IFE is working with a number of groups across the Caribbean and South America to promote Community fire Safety and your Manager recently participated in an online discussion forum.

His experience and expertise wre central to the success of the forum and the lessons learned by Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service in teh development of CFS will enable others to make rapid progress in the field. 

Please accept my thanks and the anticipation that we may be able to rely on your organisation's support with this and other initiatives to advance fire engineerin together in the future".


Appreciation following assistance to Ambulance Service in Dawley on 15 December 2021

We received the following comment after an incident yesterday, where Red Watch Telford assisted the Ambulance Service in Dawley.

“Hi like to thank red watch Telford for today (15 December) for helping the ambulance people get my partner hospital. Great job lads can't thank you enough, top lads


Thanks following attendance at Road Traffic Collision by Blue Watch Telford and Wellington.

"Around 2am there was a nasty car accident by our house in Buildwas. There was a huge turn out of emergency vehicles including several fire engines. I just want to thank all concerned for the way they conducted things with minimum noise & disruptions to the local folk.

It was amazing how unobtrusive they were considering the vehicles and people involved. Obviously the lights woke us & my husband went out to ask what had happened. He was treated with politeness & concern by the men involved. We hear of so many criticisms of & aggressive responses towards our emergency services I felt it only right to give praise where it is definitely deserved. Thanks. Seasonal greetings to you all!


Thanks following Safe & Well Visit and installation of smoke alarms

A Newport resident rang in to thank the Service for their recent Safe & Well Visit, the installation of smoke alarms and the very helpful advice given on the potential causes of fire.


Safe & Well Visit appreciation

A Ludlow resident rang in to praise the local crew member who visited them and delivered a Safe & Well Visit.  They said that they were "very, very helpful and updated and changed my view of actions to be taken if a fire occurs, which made me feel safer".


Thank you following smoke alarm repleacement visit

“I should like to say how very impressed I was with all aspects of the Fire Service during a recent visit to replace my parents’ smoke alarms.   From the officers taking the calls to the Fire Officers who came to the house everyone was friendly, polite, professional and reassuring.  It was a real pleasure to deal with your officers and I hope you are very proud of them.”


Thanks following chimney fire in Newport - attended by Newport fire crew and Shrewsbury Blue Watch with the Aerial Ladder Conference.

“I’d just like to extend my thanks to the wonderful crews from Newport and Shrewsbury who attended (incident no. 98961 refers) when my neighbour’s chimney caught fire, causing concern that the fire had spread to my home as we’re semi-detached.

I cannot tell you how terrified I was to return home from work to find 3 fire engines outside my house. I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant and everything is a huge worry so this fire just about sent me over the edge.

Your wonderful Fire Officers were quick to reassure me that all was in hand and that nobody had been hurt, my animals were safe, and there was no damage to my home. I was a puddle of tears and anger, yet your officers showed kindness, compassion, understanding and professionalism. I cannot thank them enough for today. Please can you extend my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of them.”


First Aid Intervention at Shrewsbury Town Council Remembrance Sunday event

Shrewsbury Town Council’s Logistical Officer, wished to pass his thanks on for Shrewsbury On-call’s provision of first aid following an incident at the Remembrance Sunday event.


Attendance at chimney fire by Much Wenlock Fire Station crew on 10 November 2021

"We both wanted to extend our sincere gratitude to the Much Wenlock Fire Service for attending the chimney fire we unfortunately had today (10 Nov 2021).  We are deeply indebted to the crew, who were consummate professionals throughout.  They were kind, polite and courteous, and very informative on the steps they were taking to extinguish the fire.  Thank you so very much.  Would you be so kind as to pass on our thanks to the crew.

Had the services of the Much Wenlock crew not been available for such an incredibly rapid response, we would be in a far worse position than we are now.


Significant barn fire at Longdon on Tern on 28 October 2021 attended by a number of crews and appliances.

The Chief Fire Officer received the following email from the Farm Manager after a large barn fire at Longdon on Tern.  The fire was attended by crews (both wholetime and on-call) from Shrewsbury and Wellington, Telford, Bridgnorth, Craven Arms, Newport and Tweedale.  Crews from Telford, Hodnet, Market Drayton and Wem also attended to help the clear up in the following days.

“I am writing to you as Chief Fire Officer to express my gratitude to Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service and the staff who attended a fire at Tern Farm Longdon on Tern on Thursday 28th October 2021 ( Incident number 98204 )

The farm was grateful for the response from all those who attended the scene. Their calm and professional way they executed their duties fighting the fire and the resultant damping down was impressive. Their willingness to communicate with me regarding details surrounding the farm created a partnership which ensured a safe and timely resolution. The deployment of extensive resources from across the county in the early stages was also a factor in dealing with the fire.

I would like to mention specifically the crews from Telford, Hodnet, Market Drayton and Wem who attended to help clear up over Friday - Sunday. Their practical, compassionate and good humoured approach certainly helped me come to terms with the fire and the damage it caused.

I have asked our local NFU Office to explore whether there is an opportunity in the future to work with the Fire Service to raise awareness of fire safety on farms. I sincerely hope something could be organised in the future”.


Rescue of Mountain Biker from the Wrekin on 16 October 2021 - Wellington, Telford & Tweedale crews in attendance.

"I just wanted to write to you to pass on a massive thank you and appreciation to the Shropshire Fire and Rescue Team.

On Saturday 16th October I came off my bike at the Wrekin in Shropshire. At the time there was a suspicion of a broken neck and I was stuck on a very steep bank. The ambulance crew, fire brigade and rescue team were pivotal in getting me off the Wrekin safely, in what was an event that took over 3hrs.  Fortunately with tests later at the hospital I was able to walk away with a strain in my neck and spine. 

I cannot thank the team enough and the videos of the rescue just proves what amazing people they really are.

I attached a link below, this is our YouTube video and podcast from the day's events and also shows your team in action.  (Fire Service involvement start at 42:50).

Once again, thank you and the team. I will be forever in your debt".


Appreciation for Safe & Well Visit initiative

We received an email from an Executor, "thank you for your support in the past and the ongoing support you provide to the community".


Thank you for life-saving intervention in Clun

The Chief Fire Officer received the following particularly special letter of thanks.

“I write to thank and commend two member of Clun Fire Station.

I was calling for an ambulance for my wife who I could not rouse from her sleep.  Whilst giving details of he emergency to the Ambulance Control, the two firefighters were here with the defibrillator and oxygen.  Due to their speedy arrival and skills, they may well have saved her life.  Their community spirit is exemplary.

Thanks to the Brigade for making the life-saving equipment available.”


Attendance at Shrewsbury College Group Induction Festival

Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to help shrewsbury College Group by attending our Induction Festival this year.  We had up to 32 exhibitors/businesses attending over the four dates of the Festival.  it was a big hit with students, with over 1800 attending.

Your assistance was invaluable.  We sincerely appreciate your efforts and thank you for sharing the event with us and helping to make it successful.


Safe & Well Visit - Help with Hard of Hearing Alarm

A member of the public rang in singing the praises of a staff member,especially as they were able to sort their Hard of Hearing alarm so it would connect to the smoke alarm in another part of the house. 


Thank you from the Ironbridge Coracle Trust following a recent event

Very many thanks for filling our coracle pool.  We really appreciate it and the children had a wonderful time.


Individual help to member of the public in fall - 2 September 2021

Thank you so much for your kindness and care yesterday when I fell over in Shrewsbury.  You were literally an angel sent to me!  You were so reassuring and comforting and really made me feel so much better. 

We went to  A & E and I was out within an hour.  I had the cut glued and my thumb was x-rayed. I had brilliant care in the hospital.  

Thank you again, you were amazing and so courteous and kind and you have such a gentle manner.  The fire brigade (and us in Shropshire!) are lucky to have you.


Comments received about the Service's Safe & Well Visit initiative

Appreciative comments received from a Shrewsbury resident regarding our Safe & Well Visits.

“I was out when the officer called, leaving a leaflet about a Safe & Well Visit. However, I just wanted to say I think it’s a wonderful idea to offer this service and my profound thanks.

I will contact the office next week to arrange a visit. I'm very grateful for your community spirit”.


Thanks following dog rescue by Green Watch Wellington on 23 August 2021

I want to say a massive THANK YOU to Wellington Green Watch who rescued our dog Chester from an old lime pit in Ercall Woods on Monday 23rd August.

Our family had searched the woods, as he'd been missing overnight, and on locating Chester (some 20 hours after he'd vanished) they realised they would not be able to get him out themselves. They called the fire service and very soon after these amazing people turned up, negotiated the rescue and got him out safely. The crew were absolutely fantastic and successfully got Chester out from the pit.

I cannot thank them enough and I wanted to send an email to show our appreciation. 

We have our beloved Chester home!


Appreciation of customer service - 15 July 2021

"Just want to say a huge thank you to the lady I spoke to this morning regarding my smoke alarms. She was Incredibly helpful, very patient and kind. Nothing was too much trouble  for her and she did exactly what she said she would. Unfortunately  I did not catch her name. Brilliant service, thank you".


Comments received following smoke alarm fitting for a vulnerable Church Stretton resident.

“ I am writing to say thank you to your organisation.  A member of the Prevention team visited my home in April 2021 and fitted two new smoke alarms.  He is such a lovely, considerate and kind man who takes great pride in his work and is a credit to your Service”.


To our Head of Service Delivery from the Shrewsbury Vaccination Centre, Service Delivery Manager.

As I mentioned yesterday, having the fire service working in partnership with the programme, in both the vaccinator and car park marshalling roles has been invaluable.  I know this sentiment is echoed across all 3 sites and certainly at Shrewsbury Bowls Centre, the fire service are a huge part of our team and I have received excellent feedback from patients and fellow team members alike.  Their positivity, can-do attitude, teamwork, incident management skills and their ability to adapt to a fast-paced, ever changing environment is second to none and we would not have been as successful without your input.

It was also good to discuss future partnership working.   I will follow this up with colleagues at Shropshire Council and the NHS as I believe this would be hugely beneficial to all of our organisations and residents of Shropshire alike.

I would also like to thank you for the feedback you gave me about Shrewsbury Vaccination Centre; it is heart-warming to hear that people who have worked here have enjoyed the teamwork and culture we have created. They are an integral part of that team and the impact we have had on the people of Shropshire, they truly are history makers and it has been my personal privilege to work alongside them all.

I have also copied the Service Director and Deputy Senior Responsible Officer for the Vaccination Programme into this email, as I am sure he would like to extend his thanks on behalf of the programme to Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service for your support to date and any future support you are able to provide for us.


Compliment following Road Traffic Collision attended by Ludlow Fire Station crew. 

“I would like to thank Ludlow Fire Service for their care and help they gave to my partner, who was involved in an accident on Sunday 27 June at 11.30 am at the Overton Junction leading onto the A49.  They were there to help him and assist the paramedic and air ambulance in getting him over to the Queen Elizabeth as quickly as possible.  The dedication they showed is second to none and this appreciation is only a small part compared with the massive job they carry out.  Luckily, though, my partner didn’t suffer any serious injury;  no broken bones, back injury  - just soreness, bruising and pain.  Please again pass on my sincere thank you to them all  for the care and compassion they showed on that morning. They do a magnificent job”.


From the Service Delivery Manager, Telford International Centre Covid-19 Vaccination Programme - 28 June 2021

"I wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank your staff and volunteers for everything they have done over the last seven or so months. You have been an integral part of this extremely rapid and diverse program and contributed very much to the success of the Shropshire Vaccination Programme.

I would particularly like to thank your lead officer for his continuous professional support in ensuring our car parking marshal role and non-registered vaccinator role has been adequately filled on a daily basis since early January. This has been extremely difficult at times, given the nature of emerging information at short notice on an almost regular basis. It has been absolutely vital that the communication between the Centre and yourselves has been clear and decisive. Your lead officer has always been a pleasure to work with on a professional and personable level, which has shone through your staff who have supported the Vaccination Centre.

I would particularly like to praise and thank all your staff who took up the challenge of the non-registered vaccinator roles. Without them, I’m sure we wouldn’t be where we are today and the support in this role (particular from the Service) has been outstanding and one that as the Centre Manager makes me feel proud to be part of the Programme.  It typifies, for me, the real success of this Programme, watching partnership working at its very best.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside you and I hope we can continue this level of partnership, working throughout Shropshire, to enhance all of our services for the residents moving forward".


Praise from Clinical Team Leader, Vaccination Programme, Ludlow.

“Shropshire Fire Service was integral to the Ludlow Vaccination Centre, both as car park marshalls and non-registered vaccinators. We couldn't have got to this point without the dedicated support of your teams.

It has been a pleasure to work with your teams; they have been professional and hard-working, respected by the vaccination teams and patients alike. It’s amazing what can happen when everyone pulls together. We have all learnt a lot through collaboration and have therefore been able to vaccinate thousands of people across Shropshire. Ludlow Vaccination Centre presented its challenges in terms of workforce due to its location, the Fire Service have been instrumental in helping us to vaccinate more than 20,000 people in and around the Ludlow area”.

Message of appreciation following incident attended by Market Drayton and Blue Watch Wellington.

“Further to my phone call yesterday, would you kindly accept our thanks and donation in respect of my husband’s accident on 31 May at our farm.

My husband was trapped under our Volvo car having tried to source a rattle!  The Fire Brigade from Market Drayton came first and used the air bags to lift up the car.   He was trapped under the engine.  He was eventually taken to Stoke Hospital A&E where he was diagnosed with chest bruising only.

Thank you so much for turning up - you saved his life.  I believe I also saw two more fire engines at the end of the drive. Would you thank all three crews and accept this donation to The Fire Fighters Charity.”


Thanks from a vulnerable individual following the fitting of smoke alarms in their home 

“I want to say how impressed and satisfied I am with the service. The officer was polite and showed great integrity.  I live alone and I get very nervous letting strangers into my home but he put me at ease immediately and patiently explained how and when to test my smoke alarms.  Thank you.”


Flash flood help by Market Drayton crew on 24 May 2021

“We live outside Woore village and called out the team on Monday 24 May. The response was immediate and undoubtedly rescued us from having our house inundated, by pumping out the roadside culvert. Another 15 minutes and we would have been flooded out. We were actually in the process of moving back into the house after being flooded in January.

We just want to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for a really professional job by a team of lovely people.

You saved us from more months of misery!”


Grateful thanks received for the actions of Church Stretton fire crew

“ I should like to pass on my appreciation of your Fire and Rescue Service with very special thanks to the Church Stretton fire crew who came to our rescue on Saturday, 15 May 2021..

My husband, who now has almost no mobility, had slipped between the wheelchair and the standing hoist.  He was hanging on to it by the loops and I did not have the strength to lift him back onto the chair.  Within minutes of my 999 call, the Church Stretton fire crew were at the doorstep and were able to release him and place him safely onto his bed.

Embarrassingly, I feel I also need to apologise to the crew for turning on the ‘waterworks’.  Not normally a habit of mine.  I think it was the relief that there was help to hand and they were all, without exception, not only very efficient but so extremely kind (emotionally fata!).

Please accept my grateful thanks.”


Shropshire FIre and Rescue Service's Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity work reaches North America

"I just attended a North American Fire Training Directors webinar featuring your EDI Officer and your Chief.  Well done. I appreciate your efforts, investing in our success.  Clearly you make a difference in people's lives in Shropshire. 

Now add North America to the people you have touched.  Thank you from a retired Chief who cares".


Appreciative comments from the business owner to one of the attending crew following a fire involving an acetylene cyliner on 18 May 2021.
Incident attended by crews from Bridgnorth and Much Wenlock Fire Stations.

“ I wanted to reach out to you personally as I was other end of the site when you left.  You and the team did a great professional job, managing risk in a potentially lethal situation and making safe.  The cooperation between teams enabled us to get back up and running by later in the evening with very little damage.  Of course and most important everyone safe too.  Great job, please extend my thanks to the team.”


Thanks to one of our senior operational officers

“I write to convey my thanks and appreciation for the assistance that you gave to my son and his partner on 13 May. You were at a red traffic light in Telford when my son Steve tapped on your window asking for your help. He was on his way to Princess Royal Hospital with his partner in active labour and close to giving birth. You were able to escort him through the busy traffic, ensuring that they safely arrived at PRH. My son tells me that their child (a beautiful baby girl) was delivered safely virtually on arrival at the hospital, rather than in the car! As someone who has worked for twenty years in the Ambulance Service I'm more than aware of the potential pitfalls had you not acted as you did. For this, you have the eternal gratitude of all our family”.


Thank you from vulnerable Baschurch residents after smoke alarm fitting

"We had cause to ask for one of your engineers to come out to fit our smoke alarm. The battery obviously had run out after eight or nine years.  

If I'd been disappointed, I would have rung you but I wasn't.  We were very pleased with his service and explanations of everything and the speed with which you dealt with the call.  I only rang yesterday morning and he was here today, so that was very good."


Comments following garage fire in Briarwood on 16 April 2021 attended by Telford White Watch and Tweedale crews.

“The crews were extremely professional. Massive thanks for attending the scene. We were impressed by how much equipment the trucks were loaded with, crew structure and especially interaction with kids! Once again - awesome job!”


Letter to the Chief Fire Officer following successful horse rescue on 12 April 2021 by a crew from Wem Fire Station, the specialist Animal Rescue Unit from Wellington and an Operational Officer.

" I wanted to write to you personally to express my deep gratitude for the rescue of my beloved horse Villem, an 18 hand Russian Warmblood.  Villem is 27 years old and has been a very special part of my family for over 20 years.

It was a massive shock to go out to his stable and find him on the floor up against the wall and unable to move.  My first call was to the Fire Brigade; the Wem unit arrived and instantly calmed me down and explained that the specialist Animal Rescue crew were on the way from Wellington, who arrived quickly.  On arrival they got to work.  I cannot say how impressed I was with all of the Fire personnel, calm professionalism and very calm around Villem.. The Animal Rescue crew's skills are truly lifesaving, without them I know Villem would have to have been put down.

I could not watch Villem being moved from the stable but when he was out and before he was helped to his feet an officer came and spoke to me, and he was so calm and very reassuring, and I could go and see Villem before the next sstage.  I am sorry to say I was in a bit of a state and I did not get the officer's name, so could you please pass on my thanks to him.

I am very glad to say that Villem was got to his feet and is now doing amazingly well.  He is out in his field and still under the supervision of the vet but has come throught his trauma better than I ever hoped.  That is in great part down to the caring, sympathetic and quick work of the Animal Rescue Unit and the Wem crew.  Please pass on my thanks to all who helped Villem."


Thank you following smoke alarm fitting for vulnerable couple on 8 April 2021.

Today, we have been visited by one of your Fire Prevention Officers, who pre-arranged the appointment to fit smoke alarms.

May we say how very professional he was in his presentation of the product.  He explained the workings & fitting of the alarms, & gave us thoroughly detailed guidance & routes for exiting plans, in the event of fire in our home.

A true professional, who must be a wonderful asset to the Brigade in his role for fire prevention, please pass on our appreciation.


Extract from Facebook community post following a fire on 26 March 2021 attended by crews from Wem, Whitchurch and Prees.

“ We would just like to thank the fire and rescue crews of Wem and Shropshire, whose rapid response and professional work (not to mention bravery) stopped an aggressive garage fire engulfing our house.”

Others on the site commented....

“Well done Wem firefighters and all involved, you are all stars xxx”

Well done Wem firefighters job well done. Glad you are all safe and house saved.”


Thanks received following a Road Traffic Collision involving two Heavy Goods Vehicles on A41 on 25 March 2021.

"It’s been just over a week since you attended the RTC on the A41 that I was involved in.  I just want to thank you all for the support and care, what fantastic people you all are.

First on scene was Lou who said she was part of the trauma team. Can you thank her for me and one other lady firefighter and all who were there. I know it’s a profession you all love doing, I just want to convey my sincere gratitude for your professional support."


Compliment for smoke alarm help (vulnerable person) 11 February 2021

"To the Receptionist on duty on Thursday, thank you for your warm and efficient help.  The alarms have arrived on time and are fitted."  


Thank you following road traffic collision on 4 February 2021

I just wanted to pass on to your team my thanks to a member of your team.

On Thursday night travelling home I was witness to a vehicle accident on the dual carriageway between:the Dobbies and Hanwood .roundabouts.  One of your officers, who wasn’t working but was travelling on the road, was absolutely amazing and I can’t thank him enough for how he was with me, I was in a bit of a state emotionally and he reassured me and calmed me down.  He is a credit to your team.


Appreciation from the Chief Operating Officer of The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust

"May I just thank you and your teams for the prompt and hugely valuable support for hospital staff yesterday and today during the adverse weather.

Our staffing numbers have been impacted by Covid and other absence, and this was further compounded by the weather so every staff member counts! Just getting a few more staff in to many of our departments is crucial at the moment, so many thanks for helping us.


Compliment from a couple who provided assistance after a rescue from flood water in Maesbury on 20 January 2021 by crews from Oswestry and Shrewsbury White Watch

“We just wanted to tell you how wonderful your chaps were that night.  It wasn’t just that they had waded through fast flowing water to reach the motorist but it was the lovely manner they had with him. He was very shocked and they treated him with such kindness, patience and reassurance.  He called by last week to return my husband’s clothes and is, thankfully, no worse for his experience and very grateful to the Police and your crew members.


Compliment received following flash flooding near Market Drayton on 20 January 2021

Just a note to thank your incident team that attended our property last night. We were inundated with water throughout the house as a result of a roadside culvert blocking.

In awful conditions they displayed efficiency and professionalism to rescue our dire situation.

Many thanks to the Incident Commander and the team.


Thank you following house fire near Newport on 18 December 2020

I would like to offer my thanks to the Newport fire crew who attended a call out at Church Aston on 18 - 19 December 2020.

My partner and I live next door and I could smell smoke in our home for about 20 to 30 minutes. I checked our house twice to make sure everything was ok and then heard next doors smoke alarm. My partner and and I immediately went outside and thankfully the fire brigade arrived within 5 minutes.

The team itself were so professional and caring. It was approximately midnight and we were having to stand outside. They checked we were ok; then asked permission to enter our house, even offering to take their boots off as there was no immediate danger. They checked our house, opened the windows upstairs. Even apologising to us for causing any noise.  Then offering to clean the house after due to Covid because I am on the shielded list. They were polite, utterly professional and extremely thoughtful during quite a scary time.

Needless to say their swift actions that night potentially prevented ours and our neighbour's house from burning down and potentially saving lives.

Thank you so much for all your hard work. We are extremely grateful to all of you. 


Thank you to Oswestry crew members following flat fire in Morda on 1 December 2020

A thank you was received in appreciation of Oswestry crew members attending a flat fire in Morda on 1 December, and for posting and securing the property. The email said "I think 20 minutes later and the property would have been up in flames...they acted real quick."


Compliment from a Cressage resident following fire on 26 November 2020

"My property was one of the bungalows that was damaged on the 26/11/2020, and my wife and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your extreme professionalism and courage in keeping the fire from causing more damage and more importantly keeping the residents of Cressage safe and healthy.

As you can understand my wife and I are still in shock , and can’t really believe it’s really happened, but thanks to you and your colleagues we are here to enjoy Xmas with our families.

The community in Cressage have been fantastic , and everyone didn’t ignore Covid but saving lives took a precedence.

I’m a Black Country bloke and all I can say is “God bless you all”


Thank you to Much Wenlock, Telford and Wellington crew members following animal rescue incident on 5 November 2020

“I just want to express my huge thanks and appreciation to the crews that attended my friend’s fallen horse last night just outside Bridgnorth. They were the most amazing people and fought tooth and nail to save the young mare. Sadly she didn’t make it but it certainly wasn’t for the lack of fighting on their part. Could you please pass this message on to all concerned.”


Thank you for supporting the funeral of a former Fire Service member

“I would like to thank Shropshire Fire and Rescue for attending the funeral of my father at Telford Crematorium on Friday 16th October on behalf of all my family.  This meant so very much to my family, my father having served in the London Fire Brigade for the majority of his working life, receiving his Long Service Award and finally retiring from Chiswick Fire Station, where he was a Station Officer.  I believe the appliance that attended the funeral was from Tweedale and I would very much like to thank the crew for attending.  The Fire Service was my dad's whole life and it was a fitting tribute to him.  Thank you again for helping me to honour my dad.”


Thank you for off-duty emergency medical assistance by a member of staff

While running on Barlaston Downs, near Stone, Staffordshire, my partner suffered a fall and broke her ankle. She contacted me, and an ambulance, and I made my way to her location. She was alone and in pain and I managed to carry her to a more open area. While waiting for the ambulance your Watch Manager and his partner. came across us and offered help.  He contacted the ambulance again, passing a 3 word location onto them, and arranged for the Air Ambulance to attend.   He made his way to the road which was some distance away to guide the attending paramedics back to us. He remained throughout and helped to stretcher Becky across a field to the attending Air Ambulance.  He was an enormous help to us, and a credit to the Fire Service.


Compliment from a resident of Harlescott Grange, Shrewsbury following a skp fire on 21 August 2020.

“I just wanted to say what an amazing job White Watch Shrewsbury did when they attended a skip fire at Bainbridge Green, Harlescott last night (21 August).

While the fire was out, they soaked the skip just in case.  However, they then engaged with the local children who had come to watch, entertaining them and building trust in a natural way, that the children were absolutely delighted by.  A few of the children have already been in trouble with the Police and being trusted and engaged with by an emergency service with no judgement (despite the many cries of “I didn’t do it as they arrived!”), and seeing them engaged and actively listening was fantastic.

Please thank the crew and ensure that they know that the small act of engaging with the children has been noticed and appreciated by the community.  It makes all the difference and there’s quite a few aspiring firefighters around the Grange today!”


Compliment from Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service officer, following a house fire caused by lightening strike on 11 August 2020

I was on an incident last night in Staffordshire and Market Drayton attended on the initial 2 pump attendance. I have to say they did an amazing job. All the crews worked really hard to save the house, which they did with some success. They were a credit to Shropshire FRS. I passed my thanks on to the crew that night, but I would like to mention the attending Level 2 Incident Commander.


A father's thanks for water rescue

“I would like to say thank from the bottom of our hearts to the teams from the 999 co-ordinators, the Fire and Rescue Service, the River Rescue Team and the Ambulance crew, who swiftly took control of a spiralling situation and saved our children from who knows what kind of an outcome.

The professionalism and humility shown by all involved was second to none and we will always be grateful to all of you, so thank you. Everybody is fine now and looking forward to a week in Devon where we will do our utmost to stay out of trouble I promise.

My youngest son was stranded on the downstream side of the bridge and a firefighter stood above him on the bridge talking to him which kept him calm - he was all for jumping in and swimming for it but she kept him where he was and also I think the Incident Commander was talking to him. I was on that side in the water so couldn’t see what was going on at the other side. I know that there were teams in the water and crews along the side keeping everyone calm and getting the kids (and adults) out safely and they stayed with us reassuringly until the Ambulance crew arrived. The paramedics were great and very thorough so we would like to thank them too.  From where I stood it was text book and we are all so humbled to have people like you looking out for us.

Thank you again and I hope you and your families stay safe.  Thank you all - you are a credit to us all.

Love, best wishes and huge gratitude from both families.”


A husbands thanks for his wife's rescue.

Many thanks for the professionalism and commitment of all the resources committed yesterday in recovering my wife, who had a serious broken ankle injury, at a difficult to access location on the Wrekin.

Without your assistance the Ambulance Service would have struggled to extricate my wife in a manner which caused the minimum of distress in the circumstances. Once again please pass on our thanks to all involved.


Praise from West Mercia Police, Shropshire Youth Engagement Team

I would just like to say thank you to your team, I know from a professional point of view, that not very often do our office staff receive the praise they deserve. 

However, I can openly say that from the moment I sent in an email request to the Fire Service I have received an overwhelming response from your staff and I have been helped and assisted along the way.  

Big thanks to Fire Control for directing me to the Prevention Team Leader, with her vast knowledge and understanding of the situation.  They are a credit to your organisation and I really appreciate all their efforts at this very difficult time.


Extract of thank you letter from Year 6, Lawley Village Primary School - June 2020

Dear all staff that work at Wellington Fire Department

We are writing to thank all of the staff working at Wellington Fire Department during the Covid-19 pandemic.  We appreciate all of the help that Chiefs, Commanders, Receptionists and Firefighters have given to the community and your support during this terrible time.

We have returned to school this week and know how important the key workers have been to all of use and we have realised that they have kept our comminity going, and continue to save lives in teh area.

We would not have coped without you keeping us safe.


Message of appreciation during the current pandemic from a Telford resident.

“After seeing a number of fire engines around the local area it made me want to express my appreciation for your continued efforts to assist people despite the current difficulties.“ 


Compliment received following a property fire on the Tarporley Road, Whitchurch on 27 May 2020

After a shed fire which had spread to a garage at a property on the Tarporley Road, Whitchurch, the occupier contacted us to say:

“Your crews from Whitchurch and Prees attended a fire at our property last night. They were SUPERB and VERY PROFESSIONAL

Many, many thanks to both teams for their speedy attendance and prompt actions.”


Thank you after a house fire on 23 May 2020

Following a fire in the open, which spread to two properties in Lawley on Saturday evening, the Service received the following from the occupiers of one of the properties.

“We would like to send our thanks to everyone that helped save our house on Saturday.

Our world has been turned upside down at the moment, but the professionalism and support of Shropshire Fire and Rescue both putting out the fire and checking through the night has been phenomenal. 

Again, thank you from all of us.”


A thank you card was received at Craven Arms Fire Station following their participation with the LPU in an over-the-border barn fire at Kingsland, Herefordshire on 22 May 2020.  

The card read as follows:

“Dear Craven Arms Fire Crew

A huge ‘thank you’ for attending our fire last Friday night. Your High Volume Pump really was a game changer in containing the fire to one building. Thank you for crossing the border to come and help.

Sincere thanks.  Keep Safe.”


Thank you following the rescue of a  trapped horse

On Tuesday, 19 May crews from Wellington and Albrighton attended an incident on the A41 where a horse had its foot stuck in the floor of the horse box.

The owner has sent in the following comments:

“Thank you so much to all your team for being so speedy and helping with the safe extraction of our horse, who had gone through the floor in the horse box near Cosford on Tuesday 19th May. The Animal Rescue Unit were truly amazing. I don’t know what we would have done if they weren’t available.

Update- horse is doing well, hopefully superficial injuries.

Thank you so much”


Thanks received following a barn fire on 18 May 2020

Following Inc 84065 (which was a barn fire at Hopton Cadgeford attended by crews from Bridgnorth, Cleobury Mortimer, Ludlow and Craven Arms along with an Ops Officer and Fire Investigation) the property owner wrote in via the Service’s website with the following comments:

“I just wanted to pass on my enormous thanks and gratitude to everyone who helped last night.  I cannot believe how quickly you got there, thanks to this and your brilliant work, you managed to save the building; so thank you very, very much.  I am so sorry that you were there until 9.30pm and we left you there but thank you.

I hope you all continue to stay safe particularly now in lockdown.


Thank you after rescue of trapped Labrador puppy 18 May 2020

A Labrador puppy, Ruby,  was rescued by the combined efforts of Service personnel after becoming trapped in a stone wall in a wooded area near Hook-a-Gate on Monday, 18 May.

The call was taken by one of the Service's Control staff who guided the distressed owner to download the What3Words app.  Red Watch Shrewsbury attended and due to the What3Words app they knew the exact location of the caller and the rough location of the incident, which was only accessible by foot, before leaving the station.  With the owner sharing a  picture of the trapped puppy, the crew were able to identify the equipment to carry to the scene.

After a successful resolution, the owner posted the following comment on Facebook.

“The lady on the phone to me was fantastic. She kept me as calm as possible and talked me through getting an app on my phone (I am useless at this at the best of times) to help find our location. It was this help that led the crew to us. I truly thank all those involved in the rescue. We don’t realise really how many wonderful people are involved in the work that you do. So thank you to all involved heroes on the scene and also behind the scene. We are so grateful. Thank you. Much love.


Thank you after off duty assistance from an on-call firefighter

I was walking in Hodnet Hall gardens on Tuesday 21 March 2020, when I was taken ill.

I was extremely lucky as one of the gardening staff was close by and called for an ambulance.

The Head Gardener, who is also a member of the staff at Hodnet Fire Station, went straight to the Fire Station to collect the oxygen bottle and mask, in order to administer oxygen until the ambulance arrived.

I would just like to thank him and say that I am extremely thankful and grateful that this was available at such short notice.


Letter to the Chief Fire Officer from the former Lord-Lieutenant and owner of Hodnet Hall, after the assistance given above

It is some time since we have been in contact, and I miss those very good evenings (Award Ceremonies) in Theatre Severn when my wife and I were able to meet so many of your colleagues.  It was always a great evening.

My reason for writing is that last week a retired member of our staff, taking exercise in the Gardens with his wife, suffered a minor heart attack/stroke.  Happily, help was close to hand and our Head Gardener was able to take control of the situation with efficiency and speed.

He had of course been well trained by yourselves as an on-call firefighter and his confidence made a great deal of difference to the situation. His presence certainly reduced the level of anxiety of the patient.

It reminded me that employers obtain real benefit for allowing their employees to be part of the local on-call fire station.

We wish you and all your team continued success in these troubled times.

Keep fit and best wishes.


Compliment from a Shifnal resident - 12 April 2020

This evening we were helped out by the local response team regarding a car fire in a field of ours - which we couldn’t thank the team enough for, they were lovely and friendly and did a great job


A Thank You from a Bomere Heath resident - April 2020

Please pass on our thanks to the crew who attended the grass fire in our field yesterday and please accept our apologies for requiring their services.

Hugely embarrassed and lessons learned from the event.  Wishing you all a quiet and happy Easter.


COVID-19 Thank You

A phone call was received from a Telford resident who wished to thank us all for everything we are doing in these difficult times. She wanted to let us know that we are appreciated and asked that this was passed on to everyone in the fire service from herself and her husband.


Flooding thank you

Thank you Shropshire Fire and Rescue Servcie for all your hard work supporting communities throughout Shropshire during these awful floods.  

You put yourselves in danger every day doing a brilliant job protecting us and keeping us safe.  As Shrewsbury braces itself for the potential of more flooding, I just wanted to let you know that you are appreciated for the long hours you work and the risks you take in the line of duty.


Thank you following rescue from flood water on 24 February 2020

I would like to pass on my sincerest thanks to all of the firefighters who rescued us and our car from a flooded area near Atcham.

The team were wonderful, extremely helpful and nothing was too much trouble for them.  Thank you once again.


Compliment following Safe & Well visit in Broseley.

The recipient of the visit phoned in to express his appreciation, saying that they lived on their own with no family around them, and that the firefighter was extremely helpful and showed them how to test their smoke alarms. 


Extract form letter to the Chief Fire Officer from the Managing Director of Edge Renewables following a fire on 1 February 2020

Please find enclosed a donation to The Fire Fighters Charity, which looks to be a fabulous support network for your services' community.  The donation is in recognition of the fabulous job the fire service did at our property, Lea Quarry on the Wenlock Edge.

The teams of fire fighters were outstanding, they managed to save the vast majority of the large equipment with only smaller controllers and parts with plastic damaged.  

It was an odd feeling to have the site taken over by the Service, the problem resolved (after many hours working into the night) and then just disappear.  I tried to thank the various officers/crews as they came and went but felt this wasn't enough recognition.

We had prepared with the local station undertaking a site visit and locating the source of water that could supply the required volume.  This work all helped enormously for ordering the correct pumps and equipment and undoubtedly saved much equipment and buildings.

Thank you to all involved; a job well done and appreciated.


Thank you letter from a senior couple in Telford, who also kindly made a donation to The Fire Fighters Charity 

We are much appreciative fro the free fitting of a smoke alarm in our bungalow by two members of Blue Watch, Telford.  They were very smart and polite, they are a credit to your organisation.

Thank you for your help, it is nice to know there is someone out there when anno domini catches up with us.


Compliment for Prevention Team speaker

We received a phone call from a representative of the charity, Parkinson’s UK, thanking the Service for a talk at their branch meeting.

A member of our Prevention Team had kindly stepped in at the last minute when another speaker had to pull out.  The caller commented that they were ‘very good, bubbly, informative and built a good rapport those who attend the Parkinson UK branch meeting.  Some of them have already taken up the offer of a Safe & Well visit.’ 


Thank you from Wem resident following log burner chimney fire

Please pass my thanks to the crew that came out to me.  First time I've ever called 999 for fire and impressed and thankful for a prompt turnout. All the guys were polite, professional and efficient. I can't thank them enough.


Compliment from Highley resident following a Safe and Well Visit

Following a Safe & Well Visit at Highley, nr Bridgnorth, the recipient rang in to our Headquarters full of praise for the Ludlow Firefighter who visited her.

She told our receptionist she "just wanted to say thank you to the lovely young man that came to my house to check my smoke alarms and give me advice.  He was polite, helpful and even took his shoes off!”


Compliments received from Ludlow residents following Safe and Well Visits

The Service has recently received two 'phone calls complimenting a Crew Manager at Ludlow, following Safe and Well Visits. 

One praised him for his "lovely manner" and also commented that he “really knew his stuff and was ever so kind and caring" towards her.

Another said that he was “really, really good” and was the “nicest chap.”


Compliment received from a Shrewsbury resident following a Safe and Well Visit

"To the wonderful, kind person named Becky that came into my home to reassure me that my home is now perfectly safe for me to live in during my Alzheimers illness.  Many thanks Becky for your kind and polite manners.  I'm confident in my mind, and you've made me happy, to know that Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service has made an Alzheimers' patient safe in their home.  Carry on Becky doing the brilliant safe job, that you do!  Well done to you.  Thank you again."


Further thank you to Craven Arms Fire Station personnel - 19 December 2019

I am a Shropshire Councillor for Craven Arms and just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for the help and support from the Craven Arms crew with the Christmas Lights and the switch on event.

They are all a valued part of our community and the work they all put in with the Christmas trees is very much appreciated by me, the Town Council and the people of Craven Arms.  I’m not going to name individuals but would be grateful if you could pass on my thanks to everyone that helped.
If it wasn’t for them the town probably wouldn’t have lights or such a good lights switch on event.

I hope they will continue their hard work and we can have a bigger and better lights display and festive evening next year.


Thank you to Craven Arms Fire Station personnel - 6 December 2019

I was involved with the switch-on of the Lights and the Festive Celebrations in Craven Arms on Friday, 29 November as a Member of the Town Council and also a parent of two young children in the town.

I wish to express my thanks to all of the Fire personnel that helped; with the build-up of the event, on the night and all through the year. I strongly believe if it wasn’t for them the event wouldn’t have been as successful and the town wouldn’t look as great as it does with all the lights and trees.

To be able to have the event at the Fire Station was fantastic.  It meant everything was contained and everyone was safe. We would like to hold further events at the Station if possible so we can raise some funds for next year’s Christmas Event.  We as a committee have had wonderful feedback and this all comes down to the fact of where the event was held and the work that is put in.

In particular I would like to mention one Firefighter in particular; sShe took pride in every job she was asked to do, or offered to do, and made sure everything was done to the highest and correct standard. My children were very much involved in the event and she took the time to include them with all things that were going on. I think it’s important for any child to feel safe around there local firefighters just in case they ever need them one day. Nothing was too much trouble for her and  she was always part of the team. From dressing the trees to putting them up, planning where stalls went and making sure everything was going to plan. She is always polite and well presented, as are all of the Fire personnel in Craven Arms, and they all always try to be involved in any community events. We are very fortunate in Craven Arms to their support.


Compliment following an incident in Hadley attended by Green Watch Wellington and Telford - 3 December 2019

Our Fire Control received an email of thanks from a member of the public regarding an incident at Near Vallens, Hadley, which crews from Wellington and Telford attended.

"On 3 December 2019 at 19:50hrs, my daughter had to call out the Fire Service due ot smoke coming from the hall light fitting.  She left the house with her two children and the dog.  Her daughter is autistic and was hysterical, and not coping with the situation at all. Two fire engines and an officer arrived, which added to my grand daughter's distress. 

My daughter explained to the fire crews why my grand daughter was behaving as she was, and they were so understanding!  They turned the blue lights off and the motor noise down and gave my grand daughter a blanket. Once they had checked the house, they went to check hat her guinea pigs were fine.  She was very concerned about them!

We want to say a huge thank you to these crews. My daughter was able to deal with the situation without having to worry about her own daughter so much. It was such a huge help and a very thoughtful thing for the crews to do.  The Fire Service has so much to deal with and to have such an understanding of autism too, is brilliant!  Well done to you all and once again thank you for your understanding and support.  It is very much appreciated."


Compliment following flooding incident on 25 October at Betton Wood

"We would like to take the opportunity to thank Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service for all that you did during our flooding in October.

Having lived at our property for nearly 20 years, we have never experienced conditions like those of the weekend concerned, and without the intervention of the Service we would have sustained considerable damage to our home.

We appreciate the number of calls you dealth with over the weekend and it is a credit to Fire Control who managed to keep a constant attendance during the extended incident.  Please pass on our sincere thanks to everyone involved, those who attended during the flooding, and for everything they did at a very stressful time. It is very much appreciated.  May we also say thank you to your officer group for all their support."


Thank you to Market Drayton Fire Station personnel - 23 October 2019

I would like to say an enormous thank you to our emergency services, especially Market Drayton Fire Station team.

They came to rescue an elderly friend today. She had fallen in the night and could not get up.  She was locked inside her house, on the floor and not able to move.  They had to break in and help her up, all of which they did with complete care, dignity and respect.  Each and every member of the fire team could not have been a better ambassador for the Service or our community.

We are extremely lucky to have such a wonderful team in our community and I for one was extremely grateful for their support today.  They even left a perfectly sized piece of wood for us to temporarily fix the hole in her door, tidied up after themselves, and for the icing on the cake, the wonderful team even brought in her milk from the doorstep and put it in the fridge before they left!

Above and beyond.  Care, respect and thoughtfulness. Thank you - you know who you are.


Complimentary feedback from Network Rail following an incident on 27 September 2019

I can honestly say it is a pleasure for me to contact you in my professional capacity and be able to relay our thanks for a job well done, following an incident on Stafford Park on 27th September, that could have posed a very real danger to passing trains.

Following on from my colleague's comments, I would be very grateful if you would pass on our combined gratitude to all those involved from White Watch at Telford Central and Wellington.  It is very reassuring to know that our two separate organisations can work so effectively together to bring such incidents to a safe and prompt conclusion, whilst at the same time minimising disruption to the travelling public. An excellent example of the JESIP principles in action!

Deputy Local Operations Manager

Please could you pass on my sincere thanks to all your crews that assisted Network Rail with the Epwin Group Incident on the 27th September – Stafford Park No/18 Telford. It was a challenging situation made a whole lot easier by the support and assistance of all the fire crews attending. I have to say that the Station Commander was extremely helpful, & I was very grateful for the fire crews expertise on scene assisting with the recovery of the three unusually large fallen pallets. I would just like to pass on my personal thanks: it was a pleasure to work with you all, thank you again.

Network Rail - Mobile Operations Manager


Rescue from the Bridgnorth Cliff Railway - 18 September 2019

As reported in the Shropshire Star newspaper, the director of the Railway said " From time to time Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service does undertake training sessions at the Cliff Railway.  I would like to thank them for their prompt action and especially for the reasssurance that their officer gave to the stranded passengers whilst the carriage was being slowly descended by manual means."


Compliment following Safe & Well Visit in the Ludlow area

The Service received a 'phone call from a recipient of a Safe & Well visit, who was very impressed with the firefighter's well mannered and pleasant nature and the information he provided.


Thank you following a fire appliance enthusiasts' group visit

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for yesterday's visit.  My friends and I had a great day around Shropshire and the welcome we got at the stations we visited first class.

In particular, I wanted to thank you for the visit to Shrewsbury.  You moved a lot of appliances for ys and gave up your important time.  The photos look great and once I have uploaded them to the PC I will forward them across so that you can use them for social media or any future projects.  Please could you also pass on my thanks to the drivers at Shrewsbury for their help during the visit.

Extrication of child's fingers from lift mechanism

We just wanted to thank your Blue Watch team who helped release our child’sfingers from a lift in Telford Southwater car park on Tuesday 24th September.

They were very quick to respond and very calm and warm towards my little girl. What a great team of professional, empathetic and skilled firefighters. She was checked out at the hospital and fortunately had no broken bones! Just bruising.


Compliment following Safe & Well Visit in the Ludlow area

The Service received a phone call from a recipient of a Safe & Well visit.  She praised the Ludlow firefighter for having a lovely manner and making her feel completely at ease.  She said that he was a "true credit to the fire service."


"A massive thank you" from a neighbour to the Countess Arms, Shifnal 

The Service received a call from the individual who had reported the fire in the early hours of the previous morning, and helped crews to gain access.  He wished to say thank you to all involved for helping to save his workshop and business from being destroyed.


Thanks from the business owners following fire.

To all of the wonderful firefighters who worked so tirelessly on 29 July 2019 to put out the fire at Weston Bakery; we cannot find the words to thank you enough for what you did for us that night. I’ve always thought the fire service were amazing for what they do but we did not realise just how hard you all work to keep us all safe until we had this tragic experience. From putting the fire out, to helping us pack our things, to just emotionally supporting us - you all went above and beyond your jobs for us. You truly are such heroes and we will never forget what you have done for us. All our love and thanks.


Water Safety Awareness to childrens' group - 24 July 2019

Firstly apologies for not coming down at the end to say thank you.  The kids feedback was great, the adult helpers were very complimentary about your team and the high level of involvement from the kids.

We really did appreciate the time you spent with us and another memory the kids will take away from this week.  Once again very many thanks to you and the team on White Watch Shrewsbury


Street Pastors' thanks for throw line training

This is to pass on thanks from all the Street Pastors who attended your training down at the weir last night. We all very much appreciated your team giving us their time and we found the training extremely useful - it's exactly what we needed to help us feel more confident around the river when we're on patrol on a Saturday night. Please express our thanks to everyone involved.

Our other group is looking forward to their training next week


Scout troop thanks to understanding Fire Service - 6 July 2019

"I would like to apologise for the inconvenience of a call out to the Scout hut. We were having a campfire and cardboard sleep out and someone contacted the Fire Service. On another note, I would also like to thank the Fire Service for understanding when they arrived. Thank you from my Scouts and I."


Thank you following a house-holder's concerns about emergency service access to her property

"Thank you so much to all of you at Shropshire Fire for popping out and giving me reassurances, superb service and top communication."


Compliment received following a Safe & Well Visit in Ludlow

The Service received a 'thank you' phone call following a Safe & Well Visit conducted in Ludlow.  The caller praised the excellent service and said that the firefighter had given her some "good pointers and explained things well."


Compliment received following a Safe & Well Visit in Craven Arms

"We could answer yes to all of the questions on the survey and would like to give credit to this Fire Service Officer.  He could not have been more helpful.  Thank you Fire Service."


Thanks received from a Shrewsbury resident on 28 May 2019

Fire Control received a call thanking Blue Watch Shrewsbury for the way in which they dealt with the resident's hedge fire on Bank Holiday Monday.  He was grateful that they requested an ambulance for him and made sure that he was checked over.  Happily, he confirmed that he was now fine.


Thanks received from Market Drayton resident following a late fire call on 10 May 2019

The resident wished to thank the Officer in Charge and crew as they were "so helpful, kind, very nice and made her feel reassured" and also for their prompt attendance.  She had called an electrician as advised by the Officer, who had confirmed that the problem was the plug socket, which had been smouldering for some time.


Comments from a grateful Madeley resident following an incident on 26 April 2019

Just want to say a huge "Thanks" to the crew from Telford Central who attended our house yesterday to deal with a chimney fire. Very much appreciated.


Compliment received following a fire in Shifnal on 13 April 2019

A HUGE thank you to the crew from Stafford Park, Telford who attended this fire tonight. 

Very prompt, totally professional - I’m very, very grateful.   What a fantastic service we have.  Thank you all.


A thank you for assistance given

Fire Control received a ‘phone call from a gentleman who wished to thank the two Service staff members who had stepped in to help when his wife fell in the road at Frankwell on 28 March 2019.   


Compliment received following Safe & Well Visit - 18 March 2019

 The firefiighter talked us through the Safe & Well pack, which we felt was very useful.  Moreover though, they discussed with us some specific issues around fire risk, as well as other risks, associated with living with our 97 year old dad in a very rural area; and we talked through a variety of options which might help to keep my dad safe, e.g. when left alone. Taking on the responsibility of an elderly parent can be challenging at times and people who go the extra mile, because they understand these challenges and they care about all the people involved, are so valuable to us - this is especially so as we get little formal support or assistance.

The firefighter's interest and enthusiasm; and their genuine caring attitude we believe went well beyond the basics provided in the pack, and we wanted your management within the Service know how grateful we are both for the Service, and for the personal service we received. 

And to the Vulnerable Persons Officer - Thanks again for your time on the phone.


Complimentary letter from the Tutor of the Public Uniformed Services course at Telford College.

Dear Chief

 I am writing to express my sincere thank you to Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service for hosting myself and my students from the Public Uniformed Services course at Telford College at Service HQ yesterday morning.

The students had a fantastic 2 hours embedding their learning in a fully operational environment by participating in a range of well planned and executed activities. The whole experience was enhanced by the friendly, professional and enthusiastic staff that gave up their time to help deliver the evolutions.

On behalf of myself and the students could you please pass on our sincere thank you to the Operations department and Fire Control staff that made it all happen.  Student experiences like this are invaluable for bringing the course and the students learning to life, and the fact that Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service are willing and enable to facilitate this is very much appreciated.

On a separate note, next  Friday 29th March at Telford Central I am taking 15 of my female students, some of which have expressed an interest in joining the Fire Service, to participate in a Positive Action afternoon. This has been organised with the help of your Training department  I have no doubt it will be an invaluable experience for those students involved.

Kind Regards

Public Uniformed Services course Tutor


Praise for Church Stretton Fire Crew following rescue from Cardingmill Valley

I would just like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to all those who were involved in rescuing me from Cardingmill Valley waterfall on Saturday 23rd February.  Although I was strapped to a ladder and tarpaulin for the time that I was with you, and was being carried along the river while experiencing a panic attack (!), my husband assures me that you were all nothing less than amazing.

I had injured my leg and he has also informed me that when you asked me what my pain score was, I replied 2/10.  It turns out I must be a little tougher than we all thought as I was diagnosed with a severely broken leg.  I was operated on the following day at RSH and had my tibia pinned and plated back together.

I am currently almost 6 weeks into a 5-6 month recovery, with my surgeon advising me that I can expect a 12-18th month rehabilitation.

Once again, a huge thank you for your skill, expertise and reassurance.  You do an amazing job.


Thanks from Resettlement Worker, Shropshire Refugee Action

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the Prevention Team for their time yesterday.

It’s so lovely for the family to have some more face-to-face time after their initial station visit from the Fire Service, and to hear more about safety in the home. I feel that the family have been made to feel so welcome by the local services in Oswestry, and that goes a long way in a new country!


Praise following Safe and Well Visit

Reception took a call from the grateful recipient who was full of praise for the on-call firefighter who had visited her.  In her words he was “So kind and helpful…..absolutely lovely.”


Praise from Police following location of high risk missing person - 12 February 2019

Tonight we had a young, missing person near Coalbrookdale.  Due to the weather and the various hazards nearby…woods, river, railway line, dark etc they were categorised as being 'high risk.'  The local environment with the fields and woods was a nightmare for us and they were potentially a needle in a haystack.  The fire officer attended as the Interagency Liaison Officer, along with several fire personnel from Telford, to assist with the search.  As a result we found this person before any harm could come to them, and so we owe a great deal to our fire colleagues.  

As Duty Inspector I wanted to pass my thanks to the officer and those who attended to assist.  I’m very grateful. This was a great example of blue light interoperability which I know our Chief Officer teams are striving towards.


From a grateful Wem resident - 10 February 2019

" I rang the Fire Service yesterday afternoon, reporting a faulty smoke alarm.  Within about an hour a member of your staff was round fitting a new one.  Fantastic service.  Thank you very much."


Thanks following attempted rescue of feral cat for treatment - 15 November 2018

A member of veterinary staff rang in to thank the crew for their help and persistence in trying to rescue the cat, which had been located and was in the care of the surgery.


Another compliment received following Monkmoor fire on 3 November 2018 - this incident was attended by Shrewsbury wholetime and on-call crews, Wellington on-call and Wem crews.

“Last Saturday (3rd) my home was saved by the crews and firefighters who attended the fire.  I arrived home when the fire had been extinguished and although there was some garden damage I couldn’t believe my house was still standing!  The fire stopped inches away from my shed which is attached to my house; the outcome could have been very different.

You all do such an amazing job and I am incredibly lucky.  I genuinely want to say thank you to everyone involved in keeping my home, ‘my home!’


Compliment following Monkmoor house fire caused by rogue firework from a neighbouring property on Saturday 3 November 2018.

The resident phoned to say she could not praise the crews efforts highly enough, both their fire-fighting and their efforts to calm her and her traumatised daughter.

She described firefighters’ efforts as “fantastic” and said that they should be “very proud of themselves.” 

This was a particularly upsetting incident as it came on the anniversary of the deaths of the resident’s baby daughters and it left her fearing for the safety of her surviving daughter.


Excerpt from a letter sent to the Chief Fire Officer from a Shropshire funeral directors

"We work with colleagues from Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service on various occasion when completing our duties, always at the scene of a death, always under very stressful and difficult circumstances. 

Please convey our sincere thanks to all your Cleobury Mortimer team who, with as much dignity as could possibly be afforded, ensured our safe entry, and exit from, the property.  

I have said before that members of the general public have a bit of a perception as to what the fire service does, but they actually have no idea about some of the things your staff have to do.  We certainly know as we see it first-hand so often.  You have a first-rate team at Cleobury Mortimer who you should be very proud of .  Do please thank all concerned on our behalf.”


From the President, Rotary Club of Oswestry

Crucial Crew LifeLine event

I would like to thank you for the contribution made by members of your Fire Service to our annual LifeLine event this year.  This was our 12th year of LifeLine, an event the club is proud to run and for which the feedback from schools and pupils has again been very positive indeed.

This year we hosted over 550 Year 5 pupils from 26 primary schools from the Oswestry area (covering parts of both Shropshire and Powys).  Club played host to some 450 Year 6 pupils from 26 primary schools from the Oswesty area (covering parts of both Shropshire and Powys).  The children had a great time and took part in the scenarios designed to help them cope with the dangers that they will increasingly face in the world around them as they progress to the secondarty stage of their education.  

In particular I wish to highlight the contribution made to the event by Charlie Cartwright and his team – not just in terms of presenting the ‘Fire’ scenario, but also for their help in coordinating with their colleagues from Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service and for the way I which they gel with the other presenters and the organisers of the event.

The Club will soon be starting on the planning for the 2019 event and we trust we will be able to call on you to support the event next year.   Once again, please pass on our grateful thanks to the team for their support.


From the Chenobyl Children's Lifeline Shropshire Link

Thank you very much for the kind use of your Service's mini bus for transporting the Chenobyl children to and from Manchester Airport.  A special thanks also goes to the individuals on Blue Watch Shrewsbury who took time driving us and helping with all the luggage.  The children arrived home safely, sharing very many happy memories with their families of their stay in Shropshire.


From the National Citizens Service

Thank you for supporting the Shropshire Catch22 programme in 2018. We have had an extremely successful summer and couldn't have done it without you.  We look forward to working with you again.


Thank you received from a local Police Youth Engagement Team.

I am writing to express our sincere gratitude to the Prevention Technical Officer and all of the members of the fire service who attended the Ercall Wood Police led Citizens Youth Academy over the weekend of 13 - 14 October 2018.  The event was part of a programme designed to educate youths between the ages of 11 and 16 years to the dangers faced by the emergency services and to themselves.

Fire service staff attended a mock demonstration of a fatal RTC, along with paramedics and members of the Police, dealing with the situation in front of a large audience.  The Technical Officer was superb on the microphone, not only commentating on proceedings, but also afterwards in the classroom debriefing the crowd and showing a DVD on the consequences.  He had also shown a DVD beforehand demonstrating the dangerous driving leading up to the mock RT before pupils wnt outside for the scenario.

The fire service team's dedication and passion was a great relection of the modern fire service's education programme and all members of the Academy thoroughtly enjoyed the experience.  May I personally thank all involved and hope we can work together in the future.


From a Shrewsbury resident following RTC Making Safe on Wyle Cop on 22 October 2018

I am the owner of the building the van reversed into and I just wanted to say a very big thank you to all who attended.  I feel very fortunate to have such a fantastic local Fire Service.


From a Telford resident following a fire in Brookside on 10 October 2018

A member of the public rang in to ask for their thanks to be passed on to the Tweedale crew who had dealt with this car fire.  The crew were praised for their swift response and the way they dealt with the incident.


Compliment received from a vistor to Shropshire

To the On Call firefighters of Church Stretton including the butcher, publican, postman, carpenter and beekeeper…

I just want to thank you so much for carrying me off Caer Caradoc on the ladder stretcher on 2 August 2018, when I had slipped, injuring my ankle.  Your light hearted banter kept me cheery.  My ankle had about four fractures and I was operated on in Shrewsbury hospital and have plates, screws, hooks etc holding the bones together.  I am still in a non-weight bearing cast for another three weeks and then it will be x-rayed to see if it can be changed to a walking boot.  I know it will take months to recover but, to give me something to aim, for I have booked another family walking holiday next August!

We really enjoyed our family walking holiday in Church Stretton, it is a lovely area, but the highlight for me was definitely the prompt, efficient rescue by the team.  I will never forget it.  Keep up the good work.


Compliment from a member of the public following the Service's involvement with the wildfire incident at Winter Hill, Lancashire

As an avid admirer of the Emergency Services  especially Fire and Rescue services and all the services including the Army. May I humbly say a big thank you to all involved in fighting the moorland fires on Saddleworth Moor and Winter Hill/Belmont Moors. Every one worked so hard to keep it under control and keeping it contained despite working in seriously hostile conditions and for long hours in strength sapping heat.

 Also thank you to other forces for their assistance in covering for depleted stations and backing the lads and lasses battling on the moors showing a national team work and resilience in very difficult circumstances.

From top to bottom all ranks deserve praise for their determination and spirit, all are very special people and all deserve the public's praises.


From the Paramedic attending the Road Traffic Collision at Hermitage Hill, Bridgnorth on 13 July.

Please pass on my compliments to the crew in attendance at the above case. All of our crew, helicopter and operations officer commented on the speed and effectiveness the casualty was able to be extricated safely from the vehicle with concerning injuries. 

Thanks again to all involved and well done for their efforts.


Compliment received following Wellington Fire Station Open Day on Saturday, 8 July 2018

Today I took my 2 children to the Open Day at Wellington Fire Station.

My son has a massive fear of fire and smoke. I was hoping by taking him to see how firefighters make things safe and showing him what they do, it might help him feel more safe.

I explained his fear to one firefighter and she was absolutely amazing with him. She took him in the smoke tent to explain what to do. She let him try on the uniform and was just brilliant in general. I can’t thank her enough for what she did. It may only seem small to some people, but to me and my son her efforts today have helped with his fear hugely.
Thank you to everyone who was involved with today we had a great time and my son is now saying he would like to be a firefighter when he grows up.


Letter to the Chief Fire Officer from the Shopshire Peregrine Group following the rescue of a female Peregrine on Monday, 25 June 2018
(Crews involved were from Bridgnorth Fire Station and Blue Watch Shrewsbury).

I am writing on behalf of the Shropshire Peregrine Group and undoubtedly lots of local observers, to thank the team who attended last Monday and successfuly rescued a Peregrine trapped in the wire netting at High Rock, Bridgnorth.

We applaud the skills of the team and planning involved, which included a busy road closure, so thanks also to everyone concerned with the operation behind the scenes. 
No-one knows how long this protected bird had been trapped but your timely rescue ensureed this female parent could be rescued, assessd and then returned to the wild the same evening.


Thank you from owner of a Jack Russell terrier rescue from an embankment on 7 June 2018

Tiny, a little Jack Russell, was rescued by Oswestry and Red Watch, Shrewsbury using line rescue equipment from down an embankment at Pontfaen, Chirk.

Apparently Tiny’s owner was in hospital at the time and Tiny was in the care of the owner’s daughter.  In the company of the daughter’s larger dog, who was more familiar with the area, Tiny was a bit too adventurous and became stuck.  The owner's daughter made attempts to rescue Tiny to no avail until the crews saved the day. 

Having spoken to the owner, this little rescue dog means the world to her and she cannot thank the crews enough for coming to Tiny’s aid.


From a grateful resident of Bucknell to the crew at Clun Fire Station following a shed fire which spread to involve two bungalows

"Well what can I say except to convey my heartfelt thanks for what you achieved last Friday night (11 May 2018).  A watering can would not have sufficed!  I was told that if the fire had continued for much longer my roof would have gone on fire. Good luck to you all, you deserve high praise - thank you so very much.


Wellington Fire Station 65th  Anniversary - From the West Midlands branch of The Fire Brigade Society
On behalf of myself and the members who attended yesterday, I'd like to convey our collective thanks for a superb day and that Shropshire Fire and Rescue has once again gone the extra mile and also for everything you've done yourselves to make the event such a great success.  I must admit to being somewhat surprised by the amount of the cars on the front of the station when we arrived!  It was a real privilege for the society and our members to be able to meet the Mayor of Wellington Cllr Mason-Morris, along with Mr Hammerton the Chief Fire Officer and  Mr Johnson, the Deputy Chief Fire Officer, the retired firefighters and of course Red Watch, who we have had the pleasure of meeting on our previous visits to the station, so it was nice to renew previous acquaintances.  I would be grateful if you could pass on our thanks to all concerned, apologies if I've missed anybody.
Our members also particularly enjoyed meeting the retired firefighters and I hope that we may be able to cross paths with them again; so that we could hear more about their experiences in greater depth? However, our biggest thanks must go to Red Watch themselves, for being such good hosts, arranging the display of the appliances (which many of our members commented on), putting up with our many questions and for the disruption to their usual routine and also for putting on such an interesting and informative display.  This was something the society hadn't seen before and prompted much discussion.  It also certainly gave me something to think about in my professional capacity as a Rail Incident Officer with Network Rail.  Am I right in saying the cakes were cooked by somebody on the watch? If so, compliments to the chef, as many of us commented on how nice they were! We also thought that the programme was a nice idea, as was following the timetable of the original day, 65 years ago.
All in all it was a very enjoyable and informative day, and I'd like to think that it did the station's 65th anniversary justice.  For me it can perhaps be best summed up when just as we were leaving, we noticed a picture on the wall, of a firefighter in the watch room of the then newly opened station, with a Commer appliance behind him, which featured in the original program. Next to the picture, the door leading to the watch room was open, with the stations current Scania Rescue Pump visible in the appliance bay beyond, creating exactly the shame shot but sixty five years apart which seemed rather appropriate!
To conclude, please pass on our thanks to all concerned for a super day and also for the superb support the society enjoys from Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service, it really is very much appreciated!
If ever I or the Society can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch.


From a vulnerable resident of Market Drayton

"The phone call prior to the visit was much appreciated.  The firefighter from Market Drayton Fire Station was helpful and I felt comfortable and at ease when chatting with him.  Thank you for the visit and for the installation of the smoke alarm." 


Thank you letter from a Newport resident to the crew of Newport Fire Station following an RTC extrication.  White Watch Wellington also attended.

"Thank you all for being there for me, when I needed you on Thursday.  I’m sorry if I did not seem my normal, cheerful self but I am sure you would not expect it from anyone in my position.  Bruises do not suit me but I am alive to moan.  Thank you all again.”


Thank you to the crew at Market Drayton Fire Station

At 8pm on 26 April 2018 the Market Drayton crew, along with colleagues from Wellington Fire Station and Loggerheads Fire Station (Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service) attended a serious road traffic collision on the A53 at Market Drayton.

The wife of the casualty visited Market Drayton Fire Station during last week’s drill night, to thank them for the work that they did to extricate her husband from the vehicle.


Thank you letter from the Director of Adult Services and Housing,Shropshire Council to the Chief Fire Officer.

"I am writing to formally thank you for the support your Service gave to our START (Short Term Assessment and Reablement Team) during the severe weather episodes we experienced this winter.

The START service support people in their own homes to get back on their feet after spending time in hospital.  They visit people up to four times a day, seven days a week and these visits are often critical to the wellbeing of those service users.

BAck in December the team were supporting a very vulnerable person in Bridgnorth and you kindly supported us with a driver to collect our worker and take them to the gentleman's house twice in one day during the heavy snowfall.  Again in March we needed to reach a vulnerable person in the Church Stretton area following heavy snow and your Service enabled our worker to carry out this visit.

Once again, I would like to thank you for your assistance; I firmly believe that this type of cooperation between our organisations is cruicial to our commitment to support local communities."


Compliment received from North Shropshire College by the Service's Animal Rescue Unit

"I am writing to thank you for the support you gave us at our annual Spring Lambing Day on Sunday, 25 March 2018.  The day was a huge success, partly down to teh great weather but also because of the support we get from all our partners and suppliers who make the day special.  Any money raised on the day goes towards animal welfare and enhancing the student experience at the Walford Campus.

Once again I would like to say a massive thank you for your ongoing support of this event."


Please see below a lovely compliment received via our website following an incident in Bridgnorth on Tuesday evening (27 March).

"I  just wanted to express my thanks and gratitude the men and lady (I think her name was Alice) who attended my property tonight. My 4 year old had locked me out of the house and himself in. They got me back in my property very quickly and professionally and were really lovely to my boy who they offered to have a look at the fire engine, unfortunately he was too upset to appreciate it at the time. Though is now very happy to tell people the firemen rescued him.

Again, thank you so much. It was a horrid situation to be in and you were all great."


 Received following an incident in Shrewsbury.

"Thank you very much for your prompt response on the evening of 18 March. I really do appreciate it."


Comments received after a large animal rescue on 14 January 2018

Sincere thanks to all crews involved in rescuing my friend's horse today near Shrewsbury.  You were all fantastic and professional, keeping calm in a very stressful situation.  Thank you.


'Thank you' letter from Salop Leisure

On Thursday, 28 December 2017 a fire broke out in a caravan belonging to one of our customers on our new touring park here at Emstrey.

The response from Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service was excellent, with a fire appliance arriving very promptly.  The crew who attended were fantastic.  They dealt with the fire quickly and efficiently but equally importantly they were wonderful with some of our very upset customers and helped calm the situation.

We are very grateful to the crew for the outstanding service we received.  I would be grateul if you could pass on our thanks to all involved.


Message from an Onibury resident following mobilisation of fire crews on 30 October 2017

Thank you for your efficient response on 30th October to the smoke in Brandhill Gutter. We were having Leylandii felled, the brash was being burnt by the contractor and nobody anticipated the local effect. Our sincere apologies. 


Compliment from British Transport Police following an incident at Shrewsbury Railway Station on 17 Sept 2017

Please could you pass on our sincere thanks to all your crews that assisted us this morning with the female hit by a train at Shrewsbury Railway Station. It was a challenging situation made a whole lot easier by the support and assistance of all the fire crews attending.  I have to say that the Blue Watch Commander was extremely helpful and I was very grateful that your expertise were on scene to assist with the female's safe rescue. I would just like to pass on my personal thanks from the British Transport Police's side: it was a pleasure to work with you all, thank you again.


A thank you card received from a Shrewsbury couple on 20 June 2017 read:

“ It has been a bad week with the Grenfell Flats’ fire.  The Fire and Rescue people have been so courageous and I was planning to send them a message.  But I thought, we have our own Fire and Rescue team here in Shrewsbury – do they get enough thanks for their courage, their endeavour, their humanity?  Maybe not.  Just in case – here is a big thank you to you all for being such wonderful people – THANK YOU.


Following an RTC Make Safe incident on Sunday, 18 June 2017 - a thank you card to Oswestry Fire Station

"To the crew of the Fire and Rescue vehicle who kindly helped us on Sunday evening on the Whittington to A5 road - many thanks, it was greatly appreciated.  Keep up the good work."


Received following concerns from a Shrewsbury resident, this expression of thanks

“May I convey a big thank you to the firemen who called on me this week when I had a problem with the carbon monoxide alarm, which continued to bleep full on (but not I knew the sign of a duff battery).  Fortunately, it turned out to be a false alarm, with the alarm suddenly becoming faulty, and fortunately not a carbon monoxide problem.  I was extremely embarrassed to realise I had called them with a false alarm but they were so kind, sorted out the problem, told me to go and buy a new one and said it is such an important thing to make sure everything is safe with that.  Please once again convey my very sincere thanks to them for their kindly, friendly treatment.”


A thank you card and drawings by the children were sent in by a Shrewsbury couple following a recent incident.

"To the firefighters who came out to us on Saturday 10 June, thank you very much for getting our daughters out of the bathroom, after almost an hour of trying ourselves we didn’t know what else to do.  The girls have drawn some pictures for you and as a gesture of our thanks we have made a donation to The Fire Fighters Charity.”


Thank you received following a business fire on 3 June 2017.

"I write to express my thanks and gratitude for the response and thoroughly professional way in which all members of the Service performed when the incident at Wood Lane arose on Saturday, 3 June.

Without doubt, the consequences for the business would have been more severe without the swift containment and management of the situation.  Please pass on my thanks to all crews and personnel involved and we are confident that Shropshire is in safe hands. once again many thanks.



Received following an incident on 29 April 2017, this expression of thanks

“On  29th April 2017 at Sainsbury's car park in Bridgnorth, my car started to gush out black smoke. A retained crew from Bridgnorth were quickly on scene along with West Midlands Ambulance Service and the Police.

The retained crew were amazing, they were so caring and professional with my 3 children who were In the car. I would like to say how grateful I am for the professionalism shown to me and my family today. All fire fighters were brilliant and a credit to Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service”.


Following a chimney fire on 21 April 2017, a lovely 'thank you' card was sent to the Chief Fire Officer saying:

“We would like to let you know that the Blue Watch team (Shrewsbury) who came to our house last Friday for a chimney fire were absolutely fantastic! Many thanks.”

It’s understood from information gleaned when the card was hand delivered, that the removal of footwear when thermal imaging the loft space was particularly appreciated.


From the carer of an elderly lady, whose apartment Green Watch Shrewsbury effected entry to on 12 October 2016.

She wished to let us know that the crew of four “were absolutely wonderful” and how “lovely and kind” they were to her client, who suffers from dementia.  Her client “hasn’t stopped talking about them and their kindness"  She especially mentioned the kindness and understanding shown by the female firefighter.


The householder wrote to the Chief Fire Officer, following a house fire at Bicton Heath believed to have been caused by a washing machine...

“I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks for the swift response to my fire on 3 September and for the good service provided by the Watch Manager and his team.”


Following an incident involving 450 bales of straw alight at Crudgington on 5 September 2016

“Everyone was always helpful, obliging and friendly, and deserved some credit”  The caller also said that “in this day and age people are very quick to voice complaints, so he thought it was all the more important to compliment people on a job well done".


Received following an animal rescue requested by the RSPCA on 20 September 2016.
(The cat in question was stuck on a three storey high chimney and the aerial ladder platform was used to effect rescue).

 Thank you, Shrewsbury Red Watch Crew, who rescued my cat from the Jackfield Tile Museum chimney on Tuesday.  I have done a linocut print for the station wall or to sell/donate/fund raise.  Just wanted to say Thank You and let them know I haven't forgotten.


Thanks received following hedge fire at Westbury

"We would like to thank the team form Shrewsbury who attended a fire (in the hedge) at our home yesterday,
19th September.

They were wonderful, and we would have most likely been in a sorry state without their prompt and efficient work in putting out the out of control hedge fire.  Please pass on this message to whoever is concerned.


Positive feedback received following Fire Safety Audit visits

"Wonderful, brilliant advice and amazing support; all credit to Shropshire Fire Service.  I have dealt with two fire officers in 2014 and 2016, and both were superb."

Having answered "yes" to whether the officer was approachable, polite and courteous, helpful, willing to answer questions and presentable - one customer added "exceptionally."


Compliment received following Shrewsbury Fire Station Open Day on 6 August 2016

I would just like to say how outstanding the Open Day was. All the firefighters were so polite, and happy to answer any questions. Myself and my children had a fantastic day. Well done to all involved.


Compliment received on 5 July 2016 following a quad bike accident near Snailbeach.
(Mobilised crews were Minsterley, Church Stretton, Bishops Castle and Wellington White Watch)

On Thursday, 19 May, my husband was involved in a quad bike accident at home – not an easily accessible place for fire crews but we are so grateful to them.

Three crews attended and we can’t thank them enough for their professionalism and their kindness. Also for their strength in managing to carry him to the ambulance and then to the Air Ambulance; he’s no light weight!

He had eight fractured ribs (now plated), a laceration to the liver, a kidney injury and multiple bruises.  He spent two weeks in an induced coma at Stoke, a week in PRH and a further four days in the RSH.  Although home now he is due for further surgery this month.

We do not know the names of the crews who attended or where they were from but we hope you can pass on our thanks and best wishes to all involved.


Received from a Church Stretton resident on 28 June 2016.

Profuse thanks to the really kind Fire & Rescue man who stopped when we had a flat tyre on the A49 last night. I'm sorry I didn't ask his name.

He guided us to safety then changed the wheel for us in about 2 minutes flat!  I had been struggling to contact our car recovery people so it was such a relief to get instant help. I offered him a tip but he refused point blank. A true gentleman.

NB: we were on our way to Theatre Severn and managed to get there about 5 minutes before curtain up, so the whole evening was saved.

Many thanks once again.


'Thank you' received from St John Ambulance following the Ellesmere Triathalon May 2016

On behalf of the Shropshire area I would like to thank you all at Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service for kindly supporting the St John Ambulance with the Ellesmere Triathlon.

By allowing us to use the drill tower for our radio installation we managed to get 100% coverage of the course and communication out to our receiving hospital, which has proven problematic over previous years with different locations. This helped us quickly and effectively deal with 14 incidents during the event.

Again thank you for your support with this event, it is appreciated by all involved.


 A 'thank you' sent for the attention of the Chief Fire Officer 

On Tuesday 19 April I had a bad fall while walking around the Longmynd area.  I want to express my thanks to the team who carried me down the mountain.  They were very professional, reassuring and positive under what must have been very difficult circumstances.  I don't know their individual names but hope you can convey my sincere thanks to them.


'Thank you' received following a house fire near Cound on 17 April 2016.
(Attended by crews from Much Wenlock and Shrewsbury, and by operational officers)

"We write to congratulate you on the way your fire fighting people dealt with a recent fire; from the initial emergency call to dealing with the fire and calming what was obviously a very distressing situation.

There were no people trapped in the house, however it was uncertain if a cat was trapped.  Everyone feared the worst until, lo and behold, a firefighter came out of the house clutching a very alive and struggling cat.  What joy!

Would you be so kind as to pass our heartfelt thanks onto the two teams involved please."


''Thank you' following a significant house fire at Albert Gardens, Shrewsbury.
(A five pump mobilisation from Shrewsbury, Baschurch and Prees with attendance by specialist officers)

"On Sunday, 21 February 2016 (6.45 am) I was tragically unfortunate to have a serious house fire.  I will never forget the utter relief of hearing the fire engine sirens and seeing a fireman open my garden gate.  In all the panic and mayhem, that fireman and subsequent others right behind him, gave a feeling of relief and absolute security.  Also the precious, hardly anytime at all, minutes it took them to arrive on the scene was amazing.

So on behalf of myself and my family; 'thank you' is such a small comment but comes from the bottom of our hearts.  I so hope we never have to worry about cuts to the amount of engines used or the extremely brave men and women who operate them."


Compliment following Fire Safety Visit - 1 February 2016

"Today I had a visit from Shropshire Fire Service concerning fire safety in the home. Firstly, the two firemen were polite, professional, reassuring, informative and friendly. I would say a full house of excellence and a huge credit to your Service."


The following is an extract of a letter received after a serious Road Traffic Collision on A49 near Dorrington.

"I was involved in a significant car accident on 16 November 2015 near Shrewsbury.  I want to take the opportunity to offer my heartfelt thanks and to comment upon the professionalism of all those who assisted me both on the day and during my recovery.

On the day in question, immediately after the accident, officers from West Mercia Constabulary and Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service were in attendance along with paramedics from West Midlands Ambulance/Air Ambulance. I understand that my condition at the time was serious and that the accident was near fatal. I would like to comment that all those who attended the scene responded to me with compassion, professionalism and diligence.  The professionals who attended were a credit to each of the services involved and I will always be grateful to them for the care they demonstrated in ensuring my safety and prioritising my needs.

I am aware from my own experiences working as a manager within a local authority social services department, that the continual pressure to save money and reduce services is an ongoing issue and often public services are tartgeted for perceived failings in public care.  I therefore feel strongly that positive praise and acknowledgement should be given in circumstances such as mine."


Received following a enquiry about a smoke alarm - January 2016

"I would like to say a big thank you to the fire service for helping me in my hour of need.  My smoke alarm ran out and not knowing what to do being 90 years old, I panicked.  I remembered a talk I went to and they said if in trouble call the fire service, which I did.

You kindly put me a new alarm, thank you very much, you are very kind.  I wish you a very happy New Year.  Bless you all for your kindness."


Received from the Chief Constable of Cumbria following involvement in flood rescue

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the recent support and assistance provided by Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service during the recent flooding in Cumbria.

The flooding was unprecedented and affected communities across the whole county.  This led to one tragic loss of life, together with damage costing millions of pounds.

Without the help and assistance from colleagues within the Fire Service providing equipment and teams the situation could have been much worse.  The response from all agencies was excellent in ensuring many people were kept safe and reassured, with staff and officers working long hours in extreme conditions.

 The support they gave was invaluable, so on behalf of Cumbria Constabulary, thank you."


Received following the rescue of a dog from a quarry ledge on 23 December 2015

" I just wanted to pass on my thanks to all the guys who turned up to rescue my dog Charlie yesterday. I have never had to call the emergency services before and know how precious your time is.  Whilst I know Charlie is just a dog he is a huge part of our family and we would have been devastated if anything would have happened to him.

Please pass on our heartfelt thanks to all who attended.

Charlie is still in the dog house!

Have a lovely Christmas all."


Received following Shropshire boat crew deployment to Cumbria in the wake of Storm Desmond -
7 December 2015

"We would like to thank your team for rescuing us and two dogs today at from our cottage in Cumbria.  We were so grateful to you all. You made us feel safe and were so professional and caring.  Thank you so much."


Received following a burst pipe in Much Wenlock on 24 November

"Due to the rapid response of your team, the problem was effectively resolved without too much damage to the kitchen and its furnishings.  I wish to congratulate and thank you and your team for the professional way in which you were able to deal with the problem and prevent further damage."


Received following a chimney fire nr. Oswestry on 22nd November

"Huge thank you to the crew that came to my chimney fire this afternoon - I know it didn't come to much in the end, but it was very reassuring to have you sort the issue. Thanks for fitting the smoke alarms and giving advice on sorting out the flue liner to avoid further problems."


Received following a property fire on 2 November.

The Deputy Chief Fire Officer received a phone call from the grateful householder following a property fire at Edgmond, Newport on 2 November.  She wished to say thank you to the crews for providing an excellent service dealing with the fire and providing fire safety advice and support after the fire.


From the President, Rotary Club of Oswestry

Crucial Crew LifeLine event

I would like to thank you for the contribution again made by your organisation to our annual LifeLine event this year.  As in the past it is difficult to write something new about the event which followed the same format as in previous years.  Again the Club played host to some 450 Year 6 pupils from 26 primary schools from the Oswesty area (covering parts of both Shropshire and Powys).  The children had a great time and took part in 10 scenarios designed to help them cope with the dangers that they will increasingly face in the world around them as they progress to the secondarty stage of their education.  This with the tenth LifeLine event and the feedback from schools and pupils has again been very positive indeed.

In particular I wish to highlight the contribution made to the event by Charlie Cartwright and his team – not just in terms of presenting the ‘Fire’ scenario, but also for their help in coordinating with their colleagues from Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service and for the way I which they gel with the other presenters and the organisers of the event.

The Club is just starting on the early stages of planning for the 2016 event and we trust we will be able to call on Charlie and his team’s support next year


Following a cornfield fire  at Hopstone, near Claverley on 5 August 2015

The occupant of a nearby half-timbered property wanted to pass on his thanks for the speed of the response and the professionalism of the crew who attended.  They contained the spread of fire which was heading towards his house and extinguished it quickly using jets from the appliance, beaters and the fire fogging pump on the Incident Support Unit..


From the Chief Fire Officer of Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service

"Please can you pass on my sincere thanks to the Shropshire crews who assisted us at a barn fire in Adbaston on Tuesday, 28 July 2015.  Unfortunately the water supplies in the area were poor and a request was made for the Light Pumping Unit from Shrewsbury Fire Station.  We also had a pump from Newport Fire Station.

The pump arrived and set into open water within 15-20 minutes; this assisted us greatly in controlling the fire and stopping it spreading.

The Shropshire crews were fantastic and did their Service proud."


Posted onto the Service's Facebook page

"Mike, Tom and Lisa would like to sincerely thank all the Fire Brigade watches who attended our tragic fire at Rednal Karting.  We were amazed to see them lay 2.5 kilometres of hose to extract water from the canal to try and save our building."


Posted onto the Service's Facebook page

"Just like to say a massive thank you on behalf of Mike, Willy and myself for your help on Sunday, 5 June at Shifnal Airfield.  The sense of relief to see you all arrive in convoy was overwhelming.  Thank you all."


Phone call to our Control Room praising Baschurch fire crew, following their attendance at a chimney fire

The resident was very impressed with the fire crew's prompt attendance to his property, the way the incident was dealt with and the fact that the premises were left clean and tidy.  He was also grateful for the later re-inspection to ensure the fire was out.


Posted on Twitter by the owner of a mare (Genie) rescued from a ditch on Valentine's Day 2015 by the Service's Animal Rescue Team based at Wellington and a crew from Baschurch.

" Many thanks to the highly professional team.  Genie's a little stiff but happy to be back home."


From a Wem resident to the Chief Fire Officer

"There was a nasty road traffic collision a short distance from my home yesterday.  Fortunately nobody was hurt but the road was closed for some time and there was much concern for those involved and disruption to the community around here.

I wanted briefly to write and say how impressed I was by the emergency services in general, and by the efficiency, concern and attention of Shropshire Fire and Rescue in particular.

Thank you, and your officers, for the high quality service given to the community around me."



From the Chief Executive, West Midlands Ambulance Service to the Chief Fire Officer

“It is my pleasure to inform you that I have received notification from a member of our staff at Shrewsbury Ambulance Station, who would like to thank Shropshire Fire and Rescue for their assistance on 19 January, when they attended to a gentleman who had fallen whilst out walking in Carding Mill Valley.  The patient has also written to us and asked for his thanks to be passed on to you.”

From the patient injured in Carding Mill Valley to the crew at Church Stretton Fire Station.

"I suffered quite a serious injury to my lower leg that day and wanted to express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks to those in the Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service who assisted me.

It ended up as a bit of logistical challenge moving me from my location that day but the team kept me calm and comfortable during this procedure despite my rapidly decreasing temperature and state of injury.  It was a planned and delicate eveacuation from the location, which involved being placed into a transfer scoop and being carried directly down the waterway to an awaiting paramedic ambulance to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital (where I remained for three days following surgeries).

Everybody was professional and due to the circumstances I will even forgive the "are you sure you're only 90kg?"   Everybody involved with my care and safety that day was an absolute credit to their respective organisations and their excellent teamwork provided a seamless transition from difficult location to safety.  My hearfeld thanks go out to you all."


From a grateful couple in Ludlow, following a chimney fire, in a letter to the Chief Fire Officer.

"We must write to thank you, and through you, the team who turned out last night to put out the chimney fire at our home.  We rang 999 and they were in the house within eight minutes, at least five firefighters; remarkable.  They were soon joined by another crew from Craven Arms and eventually the Aerial Ladder Platform appeared from Shrewsbury.  At one time I think there were as many as 20 crew on site.  They were there from about 18:00 - 22:15hrs, and then at least four revisited at about 02:00hrs this morning to ensure the fire was fully extinguished.

Throughout we felt looked after, our home was respected, they put down sheets to minimise mess and cleared up debris before leaving.  It was clear that the seat of the fire was in a beam at the back of the chimney, and that faulty installation of the stove, many years before we moved in, was the cause.  They explained all this carefully and arranged for a structural engineer to call before they left.  He stayed some time after making his inspection to ensure we understood the cause of the fire and what to do next.

The crews were exceptionally good natured and reassuring.  They had to close the street, use much auxilliary light and of course the Aerial Ladder Platform.  The conduct of the operation was exemplary.  Fortunately we have never had to call on the Fire Service previously, and hope never to have to again.  We know that budgets have been savagely cut and we hear of low morale in the public services.  We must tell you that we saw no sign of that last night.

Please pass on our thanks to all the crews involved.  We felt fortunate indeed to be in capable hands at such a critical moment.  We feel that budget cuts are a dangerous route to take with such a critical service in such a thinly populated county.


From a resident of High Ercall

“I would like to thank the two firemen who fitted the smoke detector in my house before Christmas.  I accidentally (and very stupidly) caused a fire in my lounge last night by leaving an unattended candle burning when I went to bed.  If it hadn't been for the smoke alarm waking me up the outcome would, I'm sure, have been tragic.  I cannot express how grateful I am to your firemen and hope that you will be able to find out who they are and pass on my thanks.”


A Shrewsbury resident has written in to express their gratitude to the Service following a road accident.

"On 29th Dec 2014 on the A5 near Emstrey Island I was involved in an accident between my car and a lorry. I can remember nothing of the incident but I am told myself, Debbie and Harvey the dog were swiftly and professionally removed from our vehicle by crews from both Wellington and Shrewsbury to which I am eternally grateful. We were both sent to the RSH, where I spent 2 nights, and Debbie was able to go home later that day.  Harvey spent a couple of nights at a vets.

We are all now at home recuperating and thanking our lucky stars that people like Shropshire Fire and Rescue exist to help us in our time of need! So a big THANK YOU from all of us!!  I have made a donation to the West Midlands Air Ambulance in the name of Shropshire Fire & Rescue, West Mercia Police and West Midlands Ambulance Service - all an absolute credit to the Emergency Services!"


Excerpt from BBC News website - 6 January 2015, message on Bryan Ferry's Facebook page:

"On behalf of BF and the family, many thanks for all the kind messages of support for Merlin following his road accident before Christmas.

Merlin has undergone a series of operations and is now stable in hospital, with a long period of recovery ahead of him.

A huge thank you to the amazing emergency services provided by the Wellington Fire Service and West Midland Ambulance Service, together with the superb care and attention from all the medical staff at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham."


Received on 2 December 2014 following a shed fire.

A couple wished to record their appreciation and grateful thanks to the crew from Baschurch who attended the fire in a shed and neighbouring fence on their property.

"We would like to send our sincere thanks to the officer in charge and his team for their prompt and efficient action to the fire on our property.  Thankfully they managed to contain the fire to the outside buildings and a neighbouring fence.  We were out when the incident happened and arrived home to find the fire service on our property.  Everyone was so kind to us.  We received advice on what to do which was a great help.  We did appreciate them coming back later in the evening to check we were safe and the fire was truly out and went to bed less worried and managed some sleep.

Thanks once again for a wonderful service.  We would have been lost without you!"


Received on 27 November 2014 following a chimney fire

A couple wished to record their appreciation and grateful thanks to the crew from Market Drayton who attended their chimney fire.

"We cannot praise your team too highly.  Their calm assessment of the situation and the way they dealt with the problem with professional efficiency was exemplary.  In addition, they all acted with such courtesy and great understanding of a home owner's concern to minimise any damage and inadvertent marking of carpets and soft furnishings.

We would be most grateful if you would pass on our thanks to all those involved - not only to the crew who helped at this particular incident but also to those behind the scenes who are responsible for the administration and training that results in such an admirable service to the community."



Received on 25 November from a local college.

The college staff wished to pass on their gratitude for the support given by the Service to the college's Public Service course.

"A female 'taster day' was recently organised at Telford Central Fire Station for 15 of our students. As expected the feedback from the students has been positive throughout. They stated that the day was challenging, rewarding, highly organised and informative, with the overiding impression being that they couldn’t wait to do it again!  Praise indeed from teenage girls!!

I fully appreciate that those organising the event are busy people and ‘taster days’ don’t just happen.  All their efforts are very much appreciated.  As always our course has been enhanced by your staff members' efforts and, in turn, I’m sure the positive profile of Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service has been strengthened even further."


Received on 22 September 2014 after a Shrewsbury kitchen fire

The occupiers wished to pass on their thanks to White Watch Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury Retained and the Operations Officer who came to their home after their washing maching caught fire.  Their comment was that "the fire officers were absolutely brilliant!"




Received on 4 September 2014

An elderly lady living alone in a rural area, rang in to thank the Service for remedying her faulty smoke alarm within 12 hours

The on-duty watch at Shrewsbury had picked the job up and one of them had visited her on their way home.  She thought it was wonderful that he cycled to and from work every day but  was also happy to call on someone in  his own time!

 She commented that elderly persons usually have to "mither" to get any help from organisations.



Received on 12 August 2014 from grateful parents                

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Wellington Fire Station for their professionalism and patience whilst dealing with my son recently. He managed to get his finger stuck in his skateboard. Although we found it amusing as parents, he was quite distressed by the situation.  All of the crew put his mind at rest and dealt with the situation brilliantly. Boys will be boys!!”

Many thanks to all of you.


Received on 8 July 2014

A letter has been received from Friends of Muxton School, thanking Red Watch Wellington for attending Muxton School Summer Fair.  Their support helped raise money to provide computer equipment for classrooms.



A Pontesbury resident rang in today (9 July) to thank the Minsterley crew for their work last night at a caravan fire



Received on 1 July 2014

"I am writing to inform you how grateful I am to the fire officers who came to my house last Tuesday, 24 June when I had a large fire in my garden; trees and grass etc.  It was dangerous and frightening at the time.

They were very efficient and quick in dealing with the blaze.

The Officer in Charge also gave me some good advice to prevent anymore fires.  Please say 'thank you' to the crew."

From a Ludlow resident




Received on 11 June 2014

"I have been asked by my two friends visiting from Australia, who came in for a station visit on Monday, to say thank you so much for organising the visit and and for showing them around Shrewsbury Fire Station and Control.

They had already been into stations in London and Truro and said that the Service outshone them by miles - which I think is good to hear.  As one of them is a volunteer firefighter in Ballarat , Victoria, he was very interested in everything they had to say and all the kit that is carried on the appliances – he made notes of things that he feels would be good for them too!!

Once again thank you to everyone involved."

From a Shrewsbury resident.



"I write on behalf of the residents, families and staff of a residential care home, Shrewsbury.  We were all somewhat taken aback to discover water flooding through one of our upstairs ceilings just after lunch, yesterday.  When I arrived sometime afterwards I was massively impressed by the response of the Fire and Rescue Service and the calm that had been created, not the least by Glyn, Incident Commander and his men.

Thankfully services were re-established shortly after the arrival of the plumber, working with the electrician.  It was particularly thoughtful of the Fire Service to liaise with the British Red Cross Fire and Emergency Support (FES), who attended the site and apparently within moments had hot drinks available for all.

We are all very grateful to both 'arms' of the Service who responded so quickly, kindly and professionally to our needs and more importantly the needs of our vulnerable residents at a time of distress."

From the Chief Executive, of the care company concerned



A 'thank you' letter received on 30 May 2014

Dear Hodnet Fire Fighters

A little note to express a very big sense of gratitude for your prompt and efficient response to my recent call for help.  I very much doubt whether our spaniel, Spyder, would have extricated herself unscathed from the wire fence without your calm and professional assistance.

It is wonderful to know that you are always willing to turn out to assist both people and creatures in need.

Luckily, Spyder has no visible injuries to her paw and – ever the attention-seeker! – is completely delighted to have featured in the Shropshire Star !!

Kindest regards and, again, many thanks - from a Marchamley resident.


On Tuesday, 20 May Blue Watch Shrewsbury rescued a seven year old boy whose hand was trapped in a hosereel.  Today we have received a lovely 'thank you' card with a drawing by the young man of the incident.  He says "Dear Firefighters thank you very much for helping me when I was trapped in the hose pipe. My hand has made a full recovery!!!"