Shropshire is vulnerable to flooding as the River Severn runs through the heart of the County

It's important that at times of high river levels and flood risk, people living in and visiting the area can be as safe as possible. Here you will find safe driving advice, useful contacts during times of flooding and other safety tips.

Top flood safety tips

  • Never try to walk or drive through floodwater – six inches of fast-flowing water can knock an adult over and two feet of water will float a car
  • Never try to swim through fast-flowing water or floodwater – you may get swept away or be struck or caught on an object in the water. If stuck call 999 and wait for help.
  • Get to the highest level if trapped in a building. Only get on the roof if necessary and once there signal for help. Do not climb into a closed attic to avoid getting trapped by rising floodwater.
  • Keep an eye on weather reports for flooding in your area. Do not travel in heavy rainstorms unless absolutely necessary
  • Prepare a flood kit in case your home floods or you are trapped in a vehicle for any period– this can contain a change of clothing, wellies, waterproofs and blankets as well as a torch, charged mobile, radio, medication and a first aid kit and a list of useful numbers, including flood alert lines

How to manage a car in flood water

  • Call for help, remove seatbelt and release any children from their seats
  • Turn on all the lights and sound the horn to attract attention (only if this won’t delay your escape)
  • If the water level is low – open the windows and stay in the car
  • If the water level is high – escape out of the windows, sunroof or doors onto the roof of the car. Stay with the car. If the car starts to move quickly with the water flow, get off the car, stay upstream from the car, and swim vigorously to safety
  • If the water is entering the car – escape out of the windows, sunroof or doors (breaking windows if necessary). Stay upstream from the car, and swim vigorously to safety
  • If you cannot escape call and signal for help. Turn on all of the lights and sound the horn

Flood tourism

Around two-thirds of drowning deaths in the UK happen at inland waters, many of those involved people who never intended to go in the water. We understand that some people want to look at flood waters during times of high river levels, but this can be extremely dangerous. Any accident or emergency resulting from this puts unneccesary strain on the emergency services who are already likely to be inundated with calls.

It is always best to avoid flooded areas, take heed of flood signage and stay safe.


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