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Could you please tell me how many calls to fires were attended each year, for the past five years, for the following Forestry Commission sites:

- Haughmond Hill (Newport Road, Shrewsbury SY4 4PW)

- Eastridge Woods (Habberley SY5 0TP)

- Kinsley Wood (Knighton LD7 1DT)

- Hopton Wood (Craven Arms SY7 0QF)

- Mortimer Forest

Can I also ask for the total number of hours spent at fires for each year of the past five years too please?

I am aware that sometimes incidents are reported vaguely such as "the woods off of London Road" without the full address. Please could you do your best to capture these incidents too when they are on Forestry Commission land. Could you also include any other Forestry Commission sites that you cover that I may have missed please.

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Thank you for your Freedom of Information request.  Please find our response attached

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