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Could you please tell me how many calls to outdoor fires were attended each year, for the past five years (between 01/04/2017 and 01/04/2022), for all land owned or managed by Natural England in your area. I would be interested in fires of any size, both primary and secondary, deliberate and accidental. Please also include false alarms.

I have found the following sites in your area

- WYRE FOREST National Nature Reserve




Can I also ask for the total number of hours spent at fires (incident time) and the total number of hours spent by appliances at fires (appliance time) for each year of the past five years too please?

I would be looking for the total number of hours and minutes spent by all appliances, specials and officers cars at an incident, even if they were cancelled en route. Could you take each incident included in the data, e.g., Incident 1 in Forest X in 2017.

Then could you gather what vehicles were alerted of Incident 1 in Forest X in 2017. E.g., 3 vehicles in total.

Then find the hours and minutes each vehicle "spent on the incident" worked out from the time that the 999 call came into the control room (and if relavent each different vehicle was alerted) to the time it became available again.

E.g., - Vehicle 1

Alerted: 9:00

Became available: 11:50

Total time: 2 hours and 50 minutes

Vehicle 2

Alerted: 9:30

Became available: 9:33 (it was cancelled before making it to the scene)

Total time: 3 minutes

Vehicle 3

Alerted: 10:00

Became available: 10:20

Total time: 20 minutes

Then could the total vehicle times be added together to give the total time that was spent by all vehicles on that incident. In the example above this would be:

2 hrs and 50 min (Vehicle 1) + 3 min (Vehicle 2) + 20 min (Vehicle 3) = 3 hours and 13 minutes.

Once that has been worked out for each incident in a year, please could you add all the total times added together to give the yearly total in hours and minutes.

Response detail: 

Thank you for your Freedom of Information request.  Please see attached excel speadsheet.

For your question - Can I also ask if you routinely notify public landowners, such as Forestry England and Natural England if a fire has occurred on their land that crews have attended and if you have a policy on this?

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service do not routinely notify public land owners, such as Forestry England and Natural England if a fire has occurred on their land and that crews have attended. Should crews attend a significant fire every effort would be made to contact a responsible person or if the responsible person is easily identifiable that they own the land. There is no Policy currently in place.

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