Gas related incidents



Request detail: 

Please can you provide me with the following information for the annual years 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 (up until the date this email is received). 

Please provide the figures by year. e.g for the first bullet point, 2018: 50 properties, 2019: 41 properties, 2018: 13 properties etc. 

The number of properties your fire service has been called out to as a result of a gas explosion, compressed gas, or a gas leak evacuation. 
If possible, can you break down this number by those three categories and give a separate number for each. e.g. 2018: gas explosion 10, compressed gas 12, gas leak evacuation 9.
The number of people evacuated as a result of a gas explosion, compressed gas, or gas leak. Similarly can I have that number broken down by category. 
If you only record the number of evacuations made by the force please can you provide that in a similar format. 

Response detail: 

Thank you for your Freedom of Information request.

Please find the information requested below:

  1. Gas explosions = N/A
  2. Compressed Gas = 1 incident , Year: 2018, 1 Person Evacuated
  3. Gas Leak Incidents – No Evacuations

Year      Incidents

2018       6

2019      15

2020      15

2021      24

2022      11

Information Released: 



Tuesday, 16 August, 2022


Friday, 9 September, 2022