Incident Statistics for A5 Montford Bridge/Shrawardine



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the residents of Montford and Shrawardine have road safety concerns regarding the junctions at Montford Bridge and Shrawardine on the A5, due to the amount of incidents we are having. We have therefore arranged a meeting with National Highways, Shropshire Council and the local Police to discuss this section of road and potential safety measures that could be put in place. What would be really useful for the meeting would be the statistics of the amount of incidents Shropshire Fire & Rescue have attended on Montford Bridge and Shrawardine junction on the A5. Unfortunately the website only filters to Shrewsbury. If you could please provide as much data going back as many years as possible that would help to support our case for requesting road safety improvements.

Response detail: 

Further to your Freedom of Information request, please refer to the attached spreadsheet which contains all the Road Traffic Collisions (RTC) attended by Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service from 2012 to date.

As you are already aware, we publish limited information on our website about incidents. You may wish to type the incident numbers individually into the search bar on the website to obtain further detail about each of these inidents, if useful:

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Tuesday, 6 February, 2024


Tuesday, 6 February, 2024