Youth Education Programs

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service are committed to educating young people about the dangers and risks of fire.

We have a range of programmes which support this, and can be accessed at any time.

Click on the links below to download your own copy, or look for further resources in our Resources Hub

Year 3 - Safety Squad

SFRS personnel click though a PowerPoint presentation at the front of the class (assembly style), discussing fire safety and asking the group to answer questions. Here we consider what to do in the event of a fire and having an escape plan. A downloadable copy of the presentation can be accessed in the attachments section at the bottom of this page. During COVID-19 pandemic, we have delivered Qwizdom virtually and sent a video clip of our Youth officer delivering this presentation.

Year 6 - Crucial Crew

Crucial crew involves a number of schools attending the event in their local area, where they are split into groups, and visit different scenarios led by different agencies who are delivering life skills education.

The day is split into these sessions and the young people go from one agency scenario to another throughout the day.  At the end of the day they will have been to each scenario.

For Shropshire Fire and Rescue service, our session utilises our smoke tent to replicate the dangers that could be present within the home.

Groups are given a tour around the smoke tent, and here we consider what could cause a fire and how to prevent them, the importance of smoke alarms and escape plans, and watch a clip about the consequences of deliberate fires.

Year 8 - 'It's too late now!' film

“It’s Too Late Now!” addresses the issues of hoax calls and arson. Each lesson lasts an hour and is delivered to a class at a time. 

Each class is split into five groups at the beginning of the lesson, they all watch the film together and then they’re given one of the five worksheets to go through.

On completion each group then feeds its findings back to the class and it’s discussed as a group along with firefighter input.

The lesson plan for the session can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

3 to 7 year olds - Frances the Firefly

This story book teaches children about the dangers of fire. It is aimed at 3 to 7 year olds. You can download the book at the bottom of this page.

Click here to watch an animated version of the story

Francis the Firefly read by Firefighter Robinson at North Yorkshire Fire Service can be viewed below: