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Request detail: 

i would like to recieve information about how many calls each station recieved in the time of january 1st to december 31st of 2022 (not appliance, just every call that particular station recieved, including standby moves), in the format of

station - call

for example
Wellington - 400
Tweedale - 300

Response detail: 

Thank you for your Freedom of Information request. At Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service none of our stations receive ‘calls’ as such, only the Fire Control Room do. The Fire Control Room then assigns an appliance (turnout) depending on location. Therefore technically every appliance mobilised
from that station is following a call. As you have specifically asked for appliances not to be included in the call figure this excludes all calls made.

There are some exceptions to this though:

• When Fire Control don’t mobilise, for instance to a cat up a tree would just be given as advice. We do not record the geographical information of calls not attended.
• For cover moves, that is a decision made by the Officer In Charge in Fire Control based on the situation at any given time, not from a callto a station area.

If however you would like to receive the number of calls attended by appliances, please let me know and we can provide this information.  


Clarification received 15/05/2023: I am talking of appliance mobilisation from station to incident. for example, if bishops castle was mobilised to 100 incidents in the year of 2022, it would say "bishops castle - 100"


Response issued 08/06/2023: Thank you for clarifying your original request. Please find attached the information requested.

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Monday, 10 April, 2023


Wednesday, 10 May, 2023