28 September 2023


Thursday, 28 September, 2023




Headquarters, Shrewsbury


Item no. Agenda Item Details Status
01 Apologies for Absence
02 Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

Members are reminded that they must not participate in the discussion of, or voting on, any matter, in which they have a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest, and should leave the room prior to the commencement of the debate.

03 Public Questions

Members are asked to receive any questions, statements or petitions, of which notice has been received, from members of the public.

04 Minutes

Members are asked to agree the minutes, attached marked 4, of the Standards, Audit and Performance Committee meeting, held on 13 July 2023, and that they be signed by the Chair as a correct record.

PDF icon 4 - Standards, Audit and Performance Committee Minutes 13 July 2023202.7 KB
For decision
05 Committee Training

Members are asked to consider and agree what training they wish to receive in order to fulfil their role on the Committee effectively.

For decision
06 Annual Review 2022/23

This report, attached marked 6, presents the draft Annual Review (also known as the Annual Statement of Assurance) for 2022/23 and gives the Committee an opportunity to make comment on the draft, prior to its going forward to the full Fire Authority for consideration and approval.

PDF icon 6 - Annual Review 2022/2396.25 KB
For decision
07 Review of Whistleblowing Policy

This report, attached marked 7, requests the Committee to recommend that the Fire Authority approve the Whistleblowing Policy (attached at the Appendix to the report), following the annual review conducted by officers.

PDF icon 7 - Review of Whistleblowing Policy191.44 KB
For decision
08 Corporate Risk Management Summary

This report, attached marked 8, updates Members on the status of risks on the Corporate Risk Register.

PDF icon 8 - Coroporate Risk Management Report91.03 KB
For information
09 Annual Governance Statement Improvement Plan 2023/24

This report, attached marked 9, summarises the progress made to date against the improvements contained in the Annual Governance Statement Improvement Plan 2023/24.

PDF icon 9 - Annual Governance Statement Improvement Plan 2023/2498.07 KB
For information
10a Corporate Performance Indicators inlcuding On Call Duty System Performance April to June 2023

This report, attached marked 10a, presents a summary of the Service’s performance from April to June 2023.

PDF icon 10a - Corporate Performance Indicators including On Call Duty System Performance April to June 2023571.67 KB
For information
10b HMICFRS Values and Cultures Report Update

This report, attached marked 10b, presents the Service progress against the recommendations made to the sector in His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services Values and Culture in the fire and rescue services report.

PDF icon 10b - HMICFRS Values and Cultures Report Update112.35 KB
For information
11 Review of Protocols

Officers have carried out a review of the following protocols:

Member / Officer Relations attached marked 11a and
Gifts and Hospitality, attached marked 11b

Minor amendments are proposed by officers and are shown in bold italics on the documents with any deletions struck through.

The Committee is also asked to review these documents and make recommendations accordingly to the Authority.

PDF icon 11a - Protocol on Member / Officer Relations94.49 KB
PDF icon 11b - Protocol on Gifts and Hospitaltiy for Members98.94 KB
For decision
12 Pension Board Minutes

Members are asked to note the minutes of the Pension Board meeting, held on 6 July 2023, which are attached marked 12.

PDF icon 12 - Pension Board Minutes 6 July 2023161.73 KB
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