25th January, 2007

"News media recently transmitted information about a report by Professor Gabriel Bitton, an expert in environmental engineering at the university of Florida. The professor and colleagues claim that 99% of germs contained in a kitchen sponge or...

23rd January, 2007

The Sparx! Tour, Shropshire

June 4 - 8, 2007

Concord College theatre, Acton Burnell, near Shrewsbury.

Attendance is free but seat numbers are restricted so schools are being urged to book places now by contacting:


22nd January, 2007

A teenager's brief fall into crime is deterring others

A bored but bright Shropshire teenager called a "geek" by his classmates has written a web diary of how he turned to arson for kicks and eventually transformed his life in a bid to...

22nd January, 2007

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service has teamed up with Bridgnorth District Community Safety Partnership and the West Mercia Safety Camera Partnership in a joint road safety venture which entails displaying road safety messages on Bridgnorth...

15th January, 2007

Cleobury Mortimer has got a brand new fire engine - and now it wants more firefighters to prevent potentially "dire" consequences from a serious daytime blaze, warned Shropshire's fire chief.

A laboratory fire at Lacon Childe school last...

20th December, 2006

Fire officers staged a major car crash exhibition in Newport aimed at educating motorists not to drink and drive this Christmas and New Year.

The Christmas Road Traffic Campaign and Community Safety Open Day was held at Newport Fire...

20th December, 2006

Oswestry fire station has been "re-dedicated" after a £35,000 upgrade in memory of county councillor David Lloyd who died earlier this year.

His widow Emma unveiled a plaque in his memory in a dual ceremony attended by Oswestry employers...

19th December, 2006

Age Concern are helping to promote this year's Fire Kills Christmas Fire Safety Campaign by using their own Fight the Freeze Campaign to warn people about the dangers of winter weather and the need for fire safety in their home.


13th December, 2006

Shropshire County Council press release

Shropshire County Council's Road Safety Team are getting ready to launch their 'Don't kill the party spirit' campaign which promotes the no drinking and driving message to all drivers over the...

13th December, 2006

Shropshire County Council press release

Shropshire County Council is reminding motorists to avoid driving the morning after they have been out drinking.

It is important that drivers are aware of the length of time that alcohol can...