Planning application at Maddock's Hill Quarry Fieldwork Centre



Request detail: 

RE: Planning application at Maddock's Hill Quarry Fieldwork Centre, Telford, TWC/2021/0190

I am requesting all correspondence that you have had to date with Telford Council regarding fire safety and access for this planning application. Please provide, for example, all records and copies of phone calls, emails, letters, documents and in-person meetings.

It is my expectation that the Shropshire Fire Service will have received communications from the council as planning officials stated that they would need to consult the fire service after the planning committee meeting on 15th March 2023, given the specific issues that had been raised. The planning application was approved at this meeting, but the final Decision Notice has not been published to date. 

Please note that I am not requesting to be directed to the publicly available consultation responses on the planning portal, but I am specifically requesting copies of all communication (emails, phone calls etc.) that you have had 'behind the scenes' with the council about this planning application. 

Response detail: 

Thank you for your Freedom of Information request. Below is all the correspondence Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service have had to date with Telford and Wrekin Council regarding fire safety and access for the planning application -  Maddock's Hill Quarry Fieldwork Centre, Telford, TWC/2021/0190.

Please also find attached the Building Regulations2010 (2019 Edition) Fire Safety Approved Document B5 referenced below.  

This is all the information we hold regarding this.

Shropshire Fire Service

Building Regulation & Planning Manager

Fire Safety Office Brigade Headquarters St Michael's Street Shrewsbury SY1 2HJ



As part of the planning process, consideration should be given to the information contained within Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service’s “Fire Safety Guidance for Commercial and Domestic Planning Applications” which can be found using the following link: ... for Emergency Fire Service Vehicles It will be necessary to provide adequate access for emergency fire vehicles. There should be sufficient access for fire service vehicles to within 45 metres of every point on the projected plan area or a percentage of the perimeter, whichever is less onerous. The percentage will be determined by the total floor area of the building. This issue will be dealt with at the Building Regulations stage of the development. However, the Fire Authority advise that early consideration is given to this matter. ‘THE BUILDING REGULATIONS, 2010 (2019 EDITION) FIRE SAFETY APPROVED DOCUMENT B5.’ provides details of typical fire service appliance specifications.


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Friday, 13 October, 2023


Tuesday, 7 November, 2023