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27th May, 2024
27th May, 2024
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26th May, 2024
26th May, 2024

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  • The fire in Ketley is now out and crews are packing up the scene. A fire investigation is now underway. More info… https://t.co/krr50oj3NW 4 days 1 hour ago
  • Crews from Wellington, Hodnet and Telford are tackling a fire in Ketley, Telford. The fire started in a third floo… https://t.co/uAfnCJGBS7 4 days 2 hours ago
  • Firefighters from Telford Central are at the scene of a collision in Halesfield. The incident involved two vehicle… https://t.co/uGzZHdEjl8 4 days 3 hours ago
  • Service staff took part in another great ‘get up and move session’ in aid of mental health awareness. Associate tr… https://t.co/fyPq5WH70i 4 days 5 hours ago
  • As part of the National Afghan resettlement programme Shrewsbury red watch and the Prevention team are sharing fire… https://t.co/6ZyFjskoXu 5 days 59 min ago
  • We attended a kitchen yesterday (21st) nr Working smoke alarms alerted the neighbours so we… https://t.co/1fW8r0Y3Qo 5 days 6 hours ago
  • Heavy rain is forecast today across the . Please check your risk and do not drive through flood wa… https://t.co/YFYXD6mts5 5 days 7 hours ago