Finance and corporate governance

requests relating to budgets and expenses including salaries, pensions, pay scales, contracts and trade union subscriptions.  Also how the Fire Authority is run and how decisions are made.

PR Spending


Tuesday, 7 May, 2019


Thursday, 9 May, 2019

Request detail: 

Dear FOI department

What was the service's public relations and marketing budget for each of the following financial years...






For each of the periods mentioned above can you also provide how much was spent on emergency vehicle maintenance in each financial year?

Additionally, how many staff are currently employed in marketing, public relations and communications based roles?

Of those staff, how many earn above £50,000 per year? How many earn above £100,000 per year?

Injury Claims


Wednesday, 13 March, 2019


Wednesday, 10 April, 2019

Request detail: 

Dear Sir/Madam,

1. In the last three financial years (2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18) please provide me with (a) the number of settlements and (b) the total amount paid by the force as compensation to fire service personnel for injuries sustained while at work or as a result of their work duties. (c) Provide if possible a breakdown of the legal costs to the fire service associated with these claims.



Wednesday, 6 March, 2019


Wednesday, 17 April, 2019

Request detail: 

Please provide me copies of the expenditure with suppliers file in excel or csv format for the periods October 2018 to present as these do not appear to be published on the website.

Please include the following details in the spreadsheet.

-          Payment date

-          Supplier name

-          Expense Area

-          Expense Type

-          Amount paid

   Alternatively, please let me know the URL address if they are already published on the internet or advise when the files have been uploaded

Business rates mitigation and appeals


Thursday, 17 January, 2019


Thursday, 24 January, 2019

Request detail: 

Dear Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service,

Please could you provide the name of the firm that is currently contracted by your Fire & Rescue Authority to provide advice in respect of business rates mitigation and appeals.

Please provide the date this contract started and the length of the agreement.


Judicial Review


Friday, 24 August, 2018


Monday, 24 September, 2018

Request detail: 

Please could you tell me the estimated cost to the Fire Authority of the judicial review into the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner’s takeover of fire governance?

Gifts and Hospitality


Thursday, 16 August, 2018


Tuesday, 11 September, 2018

Request detail: 

Under the provisions of the above legislation, could you please provide the
following information ?

For the period 01/01/2010  to the present date.

The complete Register of Gifts and Hospitality whether offered,accepted or
declined, for Fire Authority Members and those in the employ of Shropshire
FRA and Shropshire FRS, both uniformed and non-uniformed.

Firefighting funding


Friday, 29 June, 2018


Tuesday, 10 July, 2018

Request detail: 

This request concerns fire fighting funding

For each question I am seeking information for each of the following time periods:

i)                   2014/15

ii)                 2015/16

iii)                 2016/17

iv)                   2017/18 to date (most recent data available)

How much is designated for fire fighting (the amount of funding designated to your service for the purpose of fighting fires)?

How many incidences of fires has your fire service been called out to?

How many fire engines does your authority own?

Spend on bariatric rescues


Wednesday, 27 June, 2018


Thursday, 19 July, 2018

Request detail: 

This request concerns the amount your service has spent on obesity.

1)      Please state the number of bariatric rescues attended by your service in each of the following financial years. Please also provide the free text description of the incident held in your database.

i)                    2013/14

ii)                   2014/15

iii)                 2015/16

iv)                 2016/17

v)                   2017/18



Tuesday, 26 June, 2018


Monday, 9 July, 2018

Request detail: 

The name of the Service’s Gas & Electricity supplier
The name of the Service’s energy broker (if you have one)
Annual Gas & Electricity consumption of the Service (kWH separate figures for gas and electric)
Amount of Gas & Electricity supplies (no. of sites supplied and the cost of consumption in ££s)
The renewal date of each energy contract


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