Become a Shropshire Firefighter

You can receive between £5,000 and £9,000 per year as a Retained Duty Firefighter in Shropshire...

"Unpredictable, exciting and very rewarding" is the job description for a firefighter with Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service now actively recruiting throughout the county.

They want men and women to support their communities by taking on the role of a firefighter working the Retained Duty System.

Retained Support Officer Tony Talbot said: "We are looking at recruiting Retained Duty Staff at a number of stations throughout Shropshire. We want a wider represented workforce and would particularly like to hear from women and individuals from ethnic minorities.

"However it you are over 18 and have a good level of fitness then we would like to hear from you."

Recruits must be able to reach their local fire station from home or work within five minutes, have enthusiasm to work in a team environment and be willing to support and serve their community.

"Being a firefighter is not like any other job. It can be unpredictable, exciting and very rewarding coupled with the satisfaction and the respect that comes with providing a crucial service to the community.

"You will also learn new skills along the way".

Firefighters receive an annual retainer fee, disturbance fees, training session fees and are paid hourly. They are reimbursed for annual leave which is five weeks after five years service.

"You can receive between £5,000 and £9,000 per year," added Mr Talbot.

7th February, 2007