Bullock rescued from bottom of well

Firefighters rescued a young bull which fell 12ft down a disused well at a Shropshire farm

A JCB was used to dig away at the sides to free the bullock which only had room to curl up tightly inside the well at Forton Hall Farm, near Montford Bridge, on Saturday. (Aug 29th). Firefighters put strops underneath the shocked animal which was sedated by a vet before being lifted to safety.

The animal, which is believed to have stumbled into the hole, became jammed at the bottom of the well which was only 3ft across.

Farm owner Chris Everall said he noticed a bullock was missing after counting cattle.

"He was curled round like a dog at the bottom. You could hardly see him," said Mr Everall.

The farmer and Mr Brian Bebb from Melverley pulled back the wall of the well with the JCB until level with the animal so that firefighters could put a sling underneath him so that the bullock could be lifted free.

Preparing to lift the bullock.

The bullock was at first thought to be seriously injured but after a check up by a vet at the scene, he appeared to be making a good recovery from his ordeal.

Slightly lame from the fall, the bullock could now move around and was eating and drinking as normal.

He said he wanted to thank Mr Bebb and the firefighters for their hard work in bringing his animal to safety.

A spokeswoman for Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service said one engine from Shrewsbury, the rescue tender and incident commander from Shrewsbury all attended the scene after being called just before 4pm.

2nd September, 2009