Call for Sprinkler Systems to Protect the Vulnerable

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service has backed a call for sprinkler systems to be fitted in all care homes and other buildings occupied or used by vulnerable people.

Speaking in advance of a "sprinklers seminar" to be held at Shrewsbury Town FC's Sovereign Suite on Tuesday (Nov 1st), Andy Blizard, the fire service's Protection Manager, said that Shropshire FRS "fully supported" a national campaign aimed at promoting the fitting of sprinkler systems.

"A sprinkler system is like having a firefighter on permanent standby in every room. They can control a fire, or even extinguish it before the arrival of the fire service.

"For many vulnerable people getting out of a room and away from a fire would be difficult, perhaps impossible. Even if they heard their smoke alarm it wouldn't help them escape from a fire. Sprinklers can reduce that danger by suppressing or putting out a fire and preventing it spreading from room to room," Andy Blizard said.

Delegates from children's homes, care homes, housing providers, architectural firms, risk assessors and local authorities are among those who have accepted an invitation to attend Tuesday's seminar.

A line-up of expert speakers will include Shaun Bennett, director of investment and maintenance with Derby Homes, an organisation that implemented a policy to install sprinklers in all new and refurbished homes following the death of six children in 2012 in a fire started deliberately by their parents.

The children's parents, Michael and Mairead Philpott were later jailed for manslaughter.


"That terrible tragedy was the original driving force behind Derby Homes' determination to fit sprinklers in all its new houses. All the houses we have built in the last three years have sprinkler systems fitted and Tuesday's seminar is an opportunity to explain the enormous benefits," Shaun Bennett said.

27th October, 2016