Chemical spill training exercise in Oswestry

Specialist suits to deal with chemical incidents

Shropshire firefighters are preparing for a large scale routine training exercise involving a simulated chemical spillage at an industrial estate in Oswestry on October 8th. It is part of ongoing training by Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service to ensure Fire and Rescue crews are well prepared to respond to hazardous life threatening chemical incidents anywhere within the county and beyond. The early evening Oswestry exercise will be at the Cheese Factory in Maesbury Road Industrial Estate when Shropshire fire crews will join Fire Service colleagues from across the Welsh border in Chirk to react to a report of a chemical spillage made during a delivery. Fire control operators in Shrewsbury will be tested on their coordinated response in sending both specialist officers and the appropriate staff and equipment to deal with the threat, said Retained Support Officer Ashley Brown, who is organising the exercise from Oswestry Fire Station. The simulated incident will begin when factory employees raise the alarm reporting a chemical spill and a number of casualties. Police and ambulance crews will be first on the scene quickly followed by firefighters. "It gives us all the chance to practice joint operational response procedures in conjunction with other emergency services and other agencies" said Ashley. The three blue light services will also work with the Environment Agency, St John Ambulance and Klenzan, the chemical carrier, brought in to make the exercise as realistic as possible. A fire crew from Baschurch will be on duty to provide fire and rescue cover in and around Oswestry during the training exercise. Fire and Rescue staff will respond from fire stations at Telford, Tweedale, Albrighton, Shrewsbury, Oswestry and Chirk. The response will also include the services specialist environment unit, incident command team, and safety teams from Telford.

29th September, 2009