Cow rescued from tree

A call was received by our fire control room at 12:22pm to an incident involving a cow with its head trapped in a hole in a tree.

An appliance from Shrewsbury was mobilised, with the rescue tender and another supporting appliance from Wellington also mobilised.

The rescue tender is now carrying recently acquired specialist large animal rescue equipment which the firefighters from Wellington have all been trained on.

On arrival the officer in charge assessed the situation and attempts were made initially to release the animal using strops and various equipment from the Shrewsbury appliance.

These attempts proved unsuccessful, so a specialist large animal harness, with a quick release mechanism, was used in conjunction with the Hiab crane on the rescue tender.

The cow was successfully lifted up and released from the tree.

Cow being rescued from tree by firefighters using strops and Hiab crane

3rd June, 2013