Don't kill the party spirit

Shropshire County Council press release

Shropshire County Council's Road Safety Team are getting ready to launch their 'Don't kill the party spirit' campaign which promotes the no drinking and driving message to all drivers over the festive season.

The campaign is aimed particularly at 18-40 year old male drivers who are the most at risk of being involved, injured or killed in a drink-drive accident - but is relevant to all drivers, regardless of age or gender.

Steve Chadwick, Shropshire County Council's senior road safety officer, said: "The campaign message will be displayed over the 'party season' on 17 Arriva buses covering all of Shropshire and aired on Beacon Radio.

This important campaign will also be supported by advertisements in the Shropshire County Magazine and the Cineworld magazine, Scene.

The Road Safety Team will be staffing an anti Drink Drive display in the Pride Hill shopping centre from Monday 18 to Tuesday 19 December 2006. On the stand will be alcohol free drinks for people to sample as an alternative to alcoholic drinks.

The team will also be targeting local pubs, clubs and other areas by distributing posters for display from the government's national Drink Drive campaign 'THINK'.

The 'Don't kill the party spirit' campaign is set to be launched on Monday 27 November 2006.

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service are working in partnership with Shropshire County Council and will be in attendance to offer Road Safety advice in the afternoon of both days
13th December, 2006