Electricals cause shocking number of fires in Shropshire

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service is highlighting the need to take extra care with electricals as part of the National Fire Chief Council’s Electrical Fire Safety Week starting Monday 15 November.

The misuse of electricals/appliances and faulty appliances or leads caused a shocking 57.5 per cent of the accidental dwelling fires Shropshire crews attended between April 2020 and March 2021.

These types of fires are preventable if you follow our safety advice.

  • Register your appliance. This will ensure you are informed if there are any recalls or issues with the appliance.
  • Read the instruction and make sure you are using the appliance correctly.
  • Maintain your electricals, this included keeping washing machines and tumble dryers clean and other items clear of debris.
  • Do not overload plug sockets. Avoid using the block adapters and instead use extension leads with on/off switch for each power point.
  • Do not use damaged electricals/appliances. If wires or exposed or the item is wearing please replace it.
  • Do not buy fake leads or chargers and always purchase from reputable sellers.
  • Keep electricals out of reach of small children and animals.
  • Store electrical items correctly. E.g. do not fold electrical blankets as it can damage the internal wires/cables

Group Commander Russ Hales, Head of Prevention and Protection, said:

“Electrical faults or misuse of appliances make up such a large amount of the dwelling fires we see in the Service. This year we are really focusing on the dangers of fake chargers and leads. So many people will buy cheap alternatives to the branded adapters and this can often lead to disaster. The branded chargers are made specifically for that device/appliance and therefore supply the correct measure of volts needed. An excess of volts can easily cause a fire to break out.

“Please always ensure you use the correct adapter and don’t be tempted to buy cheap knock offs.

“This issue becomes even more dangerous when a plug socket is also overloaded which is already hazardous. Please do not buy the block adapters and instead choose an extension lead which has an on/off switch for each plug socket.

“By listening to this advice, you can protect your home and avoid becoming one of the statistics.”

For more electrical fire safety advice visit https://www.shropshirefire.gov.uk/electrical-safety-1

22nd November, 2021