Fire Authority Approves Precepts Increase

Shropshire and Wrekin Fire and Rescue Authority have now approved the proposal of a 1.99 per cent increase in precepts to go Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service. This equates to a £2 per annum increase for Band D homes.

The Authority met at an extraordinary meeting yesterday (Wednesday 23 February) to make a decision on the precept for the financial year of 2022-2023 before the local authorities meet to agree the overall Council Tax.

Officers put forward two proposals, one for a 1.99 per cent increase and another outlining a 0 per cent increase, with a full explanation of the potential impacts of each option.

Having gone through the officers’ reports, and fully considering the options, The Authority approved the 1.99 per cent increase in Council Tax precepts.

Councillor Eric Carter, Chair of the Fire Authority, said:

“The authority has a long track record of making tough decisions on budgets, and so far our prudent actions have paid off. Doing this has made sure our Fire and Rescue Service is one of the best performing in the country.

As an authority we are sympathetic to the financial pressures people are currently under but we felt that a 1.99% in precept was a reasonable and sensible investment in making sure our Fire and Rescue Service remained fit for purpose. I am glad to see that, after a robust and healthy debate, common sense prevailed.”

24th February, 2022