Fire safety message via the mosque

Fire officers with members of the Regent Street mosque in Wellington, left to right, Naveed Sultan, Nazakat, Tony Barnes, Rabinder Dhami, Sahibzada Mufti, Mike Ablitt, Muhammad Sajid Younis and Muzhar Hussain

Firefighters visited members of a Telford mosque to get over fire safety messages to the Muslim community.

They chose the last Friday prayer before the Festival of Eid as many Muslims were attending to pray and listen to the message of Eid.

The congregation was introduced to Muhammad Sajid Younis, a multi lingual advocate from Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service who is visiting homes in Wellington to fit free smoke alarms and offer fire safety advice.

Kashmir born Muhammad, a geography teacher from Islamabad now living in Wellington, has been hired part-time by the service to boost community fire safety in the area as part of a county wide education campaign.

More than 100 new smoke alarms have already been fitted to Wellington homes supporting the fire service's very successful campaign which has seen house fires tumble across the county over the past few years.

Divisional Officer Mike Ablitt said: "It was a very worthwhile visit and we were warmly welcomed at the mosque. This is part of our fire prevention campaign which aims to get every household to have a smoke alarm fitted in their homes. Muhammad is playing an important role in getting over that important fire safety message to all people living in the Wellington area."

For a free home fire safety check and a ten year smoke alarm contact:

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service on 01743 260 260

or write via Freepost to:

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service
Community Fire Safety Department
Brigade HQ
St Michael's Street
Shrewsbury SY1 2HJ

The smoke alarms, with a ten year battery, are fitted to the ceiling of each floor and alert residents to a break out of fire - often at night - enabling them to escape unharmed.

Residents are also told about the need to have an escape plan, put out cigarettes and candles carefully, check electrics and take care with cooking as part of the campaign launched in other areas of Telford five years ago.

Firefighters have visited thousand of homes in most areas of Telford to get across essential fire safety messages.

"We are knocking on every door in Wellington and Muhammad is an excellent advocate who is helping us to accomplish this," said Rabinder Dhami, Community Fire Safety Officer with Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service.

About half of householders living around the Regent Street area in Wellington speak Urdu or Punjabi as their first language.

31st October, 2006