Fire Service Says "Thankyou" for Animal Smoke Mask

Martin Huckle, a Watch Manager at Shropshire Fire & Rescue Service, receives a set of Smokey Paws Pet Oxygen Masks from Jo Edwards and members of the Shrewsbury Dog Training Club. Club members staged a number of events to raise money for the specially designed Pet Oxygen Masks. “It was a generous gesture and I wanted to say a personal thank you to Jo and members of the club,” Martin said. The Pet Oxygen Masks are specifically designed for use on animals that are suffering from smoke inhalation. The masks can be used on animals ranging in size from a hamster to a large dog and they are very effective. Since their introduction Shropshire Fire & Rescue Service have used the sets twice to revive a cat that had been rescued from a house fire in Ellesmere, and to help baby lambs recover from the effects of smoke in a barn fire in Whitchurch. Thanks to the immense generosity of local businesses and the public, Shropshire Fire & Rescue Service needs just one more set of Pet Oxygen Masks to become the first fire service in the country to have sets on every one of its 28 frontline appliances.
24th August, 2017