Large barn fire deemed accidental

The cause of the large Barn fire in Longdon Upon Tern was found to be accidental.

Six crews attended the fire, yesterday (Thursday 28 October), which involved three barns containing; straw, potatoes and machinery.

Fire Investigation Officer Scott Bishop said:

"When the crews arrived the three barns were well alight and firefighters worked quickly to get the blaze under control. They worked closely with the owners and staff who used their machinery to help move debris and allow the crews to do their job tackling the flames.

"We carried out a full fire investigation and found the incident was caused by a fire the staff were using to burn wood from the land. This had gotten out of control and spread to the nearby crates due to the strong winds, and then continued to spread to the buildings.

"We are expecting to have a presence at the site for the remainder of today to ensure the fire is completely out and the area is safe."

29th October, 2021