The morning after - will you still be over the limit?

Shropshire County Council press release

Shropshire County Council is reminding motorists to avoid driving the morning after they have been out drinking.

It is important that drivers are aware of the length of time that alcohol can remain in the body. It is a known fact that drivers who have any alcohol in their bodies have less control of their vehicle and are more likely to cause an accident in which someone is hurt.

Research shows that alcohol can only be released from the body at a set rate (one pub measure per hour is a very rough guide). If you are taking in more alcohol than your body is getting rid of, alcohol levels will build up and once you have stopped drinking it may take a long time for the alcohol to clear your system. The result is that you could easily be over the limit the following day.

The following tips should help you:

Remember to plan your travel for the following day not just to and from the party.

If you know you will be drinking a lot, book the following day off work, arrange a lift with a friend, use public transport or a taxi.

If you suspect that you might still be over the limit, do not drive - it is not worth the risk.

Steve Chadwick, Shropshire County Council's senior road safety officer, said: "There is no definite way of judging how much you can drink and stay under the current legal limit. The amount and type of alcohol you drink and your weight, gender, age and metabolism all play a part.

"It is important to remember that drinks served at family and friends can be more generous than pub measures. Enjoy the party but, don't kill the party spirit".

In 2005, in Shropshire, there were 47 vehicle collisions with 76 people injured as a result of drink/driving. Also there were over 228 people detained as a result of drinking and driving.

Campaign posters will be distributed to clubs, pubs, hotels and restaurants around the county.

13th December, 2006