Mosque in fire safety campaign

Fire safety poster competition winners with the Mufti Sahib Sahibzada Pir Mufti and Shropshire’s Deputy Chief Fire Officer John Redmond

A Muslim leader in Shropshire has said that all religions are warmly welcomed to attend their mosque.

Mufti Sahib, who is President of the British Sunni Ulma Council in the UK, spoke out at a children’s fire safety event held at the Regent Street mosque in Wellington.

Sahibzada Pir Mufti thanked officers from Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service for organising a children’s poster competition to promote fire safety in the home.

“Our doors are always open for everybody. It doesn’t matter if you are Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu or Sikh. There is a very warm welcome to whoever wants to come to the mosque.”

The Mufti Sahib said they were very pleased to work with Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service to ensure that the community was safe and free from fires.

He thanked Mohammed Younis, a communty outreach officer, for giving fire safety advice for a number of years to the elderly and none English speaking members of the Wellington community.

And he congratulated three youngsters for gaining prizes in a poster competition about fire safety in the home.

Deputy Chief Fire Officer John Redmond presented certificates to 29 children who took part in the competition and to winners Adeeba Akhtar (14), her sister Khalima (12) and Zara Ahmed (12), all from Wellington (pictured).

“As a fire service we work hard to stop fires happening in the first place. By working with the community and educating them about fire safety we have succeeded in reducing the number of fires in the home.”

He praised the children’s winning posters which included fire safety messages on “Be Aware, Be Safe” and an image of onion bhajies on fire in a kitchen.

The winning poster entitled: “Cook the Food not the House” will be reproduced onto leaflets as part of a fire safety campaign planned for the Summer.

22nd February, 2011