Save safely in Shropshire this Winter

As we all feel the pinch of rising energy prices, you may be considering ways in which to save on your energy bills this winter.

We've brought together ideas and resources which may help you to do so. Not only could these save you a few pennies, they are fire safe, meaning you can avoid a costly fire in your home.

Only heat the rooms you use If you’re able to switch individual radiators off in your home, save money by only keeping radiators switched on in the rooms you use most. 

Close doors If you are using the method above, it pays to keep interior doors closed so that the heat remains in the room you need heating and doesn’t escape to areas where you won’t feel the benefit. Closing interior doors also prevents fire spreading from room to room.

Turn off energy-sapping appliances There is no hard evidence to show how much energy/money turning off appliances saves, but phone chargers for example continue to use power even if they aren’t charging a phone. Not only does it make money sense to turn them off when not in use, but from a fire safety point of view it is also wise to unplug electrical items when you don’t need to use them.

Switch off at night Energy often isn't any cheaper at night, so you might not actually save anything by running the washing machine overnight. Not only this, but overnight you won’t spot a small issue with an appliance before it becomes a big problem – like a fire. Before you go to bed or go out – switch off.

Set the timer The timer on your central heating system can be used to switch your heating on and off so that you use it less. This can be much more efficient than having your heating on constantly throughout the day. For example, turning your heating on just for the coldest parts of the day, such as a few hours in the evening and in the morning when you’re waking up means you won’t forget to turn it off and it will help to save you money. 

Use the right fuel Using the right fuel for your log burners, open fires and so on means you get the best out of your investment. Cheaper alternatives can be a waste of money as well as a danger.

Pay to save Servicing your heating system may sound expensive, but in the long run it can save you money as it will run more efficiently and reduce the risk of fire. 

Reach out if you need support We've brought together a list of useful links on this page so if you are really struggling this Winter – reach out and get help.

Further fire safety guidance

Candle safety

Electrical safety

Heat sources

Chimney fire safety 

Cooking safety

Useful links

Cost of living advice from Shropshire Council

Cost of living advice from Telford & Wrekin Council

Marches Energy Agency

Citizens Advice Shropshire

Citizens Advice Telford and Wrekin

Age UK

Help for Households (Government support)

Energy theft

If you know of any commercial premises, restaurant, hotel or other business that is putting peoples’ lives at risk by tampering with or bypassing meters, please report this.

The Stay Energy Safe line is a completely anonymous service powered by the national charity Crimestoppers to allow you to help prevent harm from unscrupulous energy thieves

13th October, 2022