Scaling Snowdon with a Ladder

It may be a tall order but Shropshire firefighters plan to put up a ladder at the peak of the highest mountain in Wales as part of a marathon charity event.

First, they have to carry it 1,085 metres (3,560ft) to the top and back again.

A total of eight firefighters from Shrewsbury Fire Station’s Red Watch plan to scale the heights of Snowdon on May 8 setting off from the Llanberis Pass starting point at 8.30am.

A normal ascent for fit and healthy firefighters’ may take around 2hrs but carrying a heavy and cumbersome 5.4m double extension ladder which stretches to nine metres, could take a bit longer.

“We had been discussing doing something for the Mayor of Shrewsbury’s charity when our Watch Manager Graham Oliver came up with the idea of carrying a ladder to the top of Snowdon. No-one said no. So we’re doing it next week,” said firefighter Kent Hallihan.

“Raising money for charities by doing unorthodox events is an occupational hobby for a firefighter.”

The crew intends to split the money raised between the Firefighters’ Charity and the mayor’s fundraising project to buy defibrillators for five secondary schools, two colleges and a special school in Shrewsbury.

4th May, 2017