Shrewsbury Fire Station Open Day

Shrewsbury Fire Station Open Day
Donna and Amy (3) Heath, from Llanfair Caerinion, Steve Cunningham, of Shropshire Council, firefighter Darren Jennings, Joanna Edwards and Jack Edwards (3), from Alberbury and Kate Onions, from Shrewsbury.

Shrewsbury Fire Station held a successful open day with eye catching demonstrations including a chip pan fire as firefighters and community fire safety officers showcased their skills to display the wide variety of work they do.

A total of 38 adults and children visited the innovative “smoke house” used to educate people of all ages about fire safety and show them how to escape from a potentially life threatening house fire.

The colourful new tent, which replaces its 20-year-old predecessor, looks like a modern day home with separate rooms and a hallway with each space containing visual and auditory interactive technology to teach fire safety.

Blue Watch in Shrewsbury explained how a hi-tech fire engine works, part of a fleet of vehicles – and a rescue boat – used to keep the people of Shropshire safe.

“People came to see the great variety of work that we do at Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service,” said Natalie Parkinson, equality and diversity officer.

The event started with a welcome to the public from Chief Fire Officer John Redmond.  Councillor Jean Jones talked about the importance of diversity in the fire service.

The fire station visits are being organised as part of celebrating diversity events in October including Black History Month, Older People’s Day, World Mental Health Day and Shropshire Rainbow Festival.


6th October, 2014
Enid Round, age 3 from Shrewsbury behind the wheel of a fire engine.
Firefighter Ben Boyd and Fynnley Murless, age 3 from Shrewsbury.
Jack Loughnane, age 3 with firefighters John Bee (left) and Graham Carless (right)
Plenty of visits to the educational smoke tent
Everyone is safely behind the line to watch the eye catching chip pan fire demonstration.