Shropshire Area Manager Named Bright Light

Janette Morris, an Area Manager for Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) has been named ‘Bright Light Award’ runner-up in the Women in the Fire Service Awards 2023.

The ‘Bright Light Award’ category recognises individuals who have led the way in their role in the fire service, acting as a shining example to others. This is through recruitment, retention or progression of women or enabling women to develop through access to opportunities and resources.

Janette, who joined SFRS in March 2021, was nominated in the national awards for her remarkable contributions to the Fire Service. She is also a National Fire Chiefs Council Lead for HMICFRS/Inspection.

Janette was described as a “collaborative and supportive” and “exemplifying inspirational and inclusive leadership”, helping support women to achieve their full potential. Her notable contributions to public speaking, where she promotes gender diversity in the Fire Service both within and outside the industry, was also praised. The award entry described how Janette’s efforts to promote recruitment opportunities within the Fire Service helped encourage recruitment, raise awareness of development opportunities and championed progression. Jan is also Shropshire Fire’s Local Rep for WFS.

Janette’s nominator Andrea White, Managing Director of A W Fire Ltd said:

“Jan’s commitment and dedication to public safety for more than 25 years is commendable and deserves to be recognised. Jan holds a management role and acts as a role model for others to look up to. She also uses social media to advocate for equality and writes thought-provoking posts to highlight issues and encourage discussion. Her collaborative approach is clear from the voluntary work she does both within Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service and with other organisations.

“Her leadership style is motivational and empowering, inspiring others to learn more, do more and become more. Her commitment to diversity and inclusion and her endeavours in raising awareness of these issues are encouraging and offer a shining example of future leadership in the Fire Service.”

Speaking on the notification of her award, Jan said:

“It meant so much to me that someone took the time to nominate me for this award. I get so much out of supporting others and flying the flag for equity and diversity, it’s a passion for me. Seeing others flourish through my support and the support of others is what makes the tough times worthwhile. I accept this award on behalf of those that have supported me and others.

“Together, we make a difference. Thank you.”

Simon Hardiman Chief Fire Officer at Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service said:

“We are thrilled that Jan has been recognised for her dedication to equality and diversity and being the shining example that she is. We are extremely fortunate to have Jan within Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service, whose positive impact was felt immediately as soon as she joined us.

“Jan is a valuable part of the service but also her enthusiasm and passion for progression with the fire sector is to be commended. She is paving the way to improve the fire sector for women nationally as well as having a profound positive impact here in Shropshire. Her positivity and passion for all things fire service is infectious and inspires all who work alongside her.”

About Women in the Fire Service

Women in the Fire Service UK is a not-for-profit organisation who work together with its corporate members and offer support and advice to all FRS’s to advance equality in the sector.
Alex Johnson, WFS Patron and award panel judge, said:

“Jan has been an incredible force within our network acting as a shining example to others. Her dedication and passion for improvement, community and promoting gender diversity in the sector is clear and she recently celebrated a fantastic milestone of 25 years in Service. On top of her busy job as Area Manager, she’s also a valued WFS Local Rep, volunteering for public speaking opportunities, contributing to forums and committees and always happy to help those seeking advice on progression and development.”

Emergency Services Times, the ‘Bright Light Award’ category sponsor, said:

“Runner-up Jan Morris features in the April issue of Emergency Services Times. Her great article about the challenges women face when it comes to well fitting uniform and protective wear should inspire all women to follow her bright light too.”

12th April, 2023