Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service Launches Christmas Campaign

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service is launching its new Christmas campaign reminding the public to stay safe during the festive period. In the run up to Christmas a series of videos will feature on the Service’s social media channels featuring a very mischievous gremlin who is trying to ruin Christmas by causing fire hazards. The Service is using these videos to highlight the potential dangers you might see in your home such as leaving cooking unattended or putting flammables near the fireplace.

Last year (2020) fires in the home more than doubled in December (27) compared to November (10). The Christmas period has a number of additional hazards that you might not have in the home the rest of the year. This may include the use of candles, additional electrics such a lights and decorations or having gifts blocking your exits.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Simon Hardiman said:

“We really want to ensure that everyone has a safe Christmas and is able to enjoy their celebrations.

“The purpose of this campaign is to highlight the dangers that may be in your home, so you know what to look out for and how to prevent a fire from starting. We hope that we don’t see an increase in fires like we did last year.

“We hope you have a wonderful Christmas, but hopefully we won’t be invited over."

Follow our advice to ensure you and your loved ones are kept safe throughout Christmas celebrations:

• Make sure your escape routes aren’t blocked by presents

• Do not use faulty, damaged, or fake cables • Don’t be tempted to drink and drive

• Never leave candles unattended. Use LED lights as a safer alternative

• Make sure you’re paying attention when cooking, don’t leave it unattended or get distracted this Christmas

• Make sure you don’t exceed your extension cables maximum voltage as this can lead to an electrical fire

• Always check the guidance for your log burner/heat source and only use appropriate fuels

• If there are any signs of wear and tear on your appliances, get them replaced

• Keep any flammable items well away of heat sources within your home

• Fire alarms help keep you and your family safe, we recommend at least one per floor of your property and to test them once a week

• If there is a fire in your home call 999 and don’t attempt to tackle it yourself.

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13th December, 2021