A smart way to cut crime

POLICE in South Shropshire are urging the public to take advantage of technological developments that could help protect their property and catch thieves.

SmartWater, which allows homeowners to mark their property invisibly, has been responsible for reducing crime in other parts of the UK.

SmartWater is designed to protect general domestic items such as IT and audio/visual equipment, power tools, and hobby items including golf clubs. Its unique forensic fingerprint is almost invisible to the naked eye, but clearly visible under ultraviolet light, it is virtually impossible to completely remove. An additional feature of SmartWater is the inclusion of uniquely numbered micro-dot particles that are mixed in with the forensic solution. The particles enable the police service to quickly establish true ownership of the property.

PC Tony Sewell of Ludlow Police said, "I believe that SmartWater is a true deterrent to criminals. The slightest speck of it will allow officers to trace property back to its original owner, and if on a person, identify the offender. We are doing everything we can to make it harder for the criminal to commit crimes and our efforts will continue."

Smartwater is available to householders from 10th October 2006, at a reduced cost, through the West Mercia Police Scheme in partnership with the CDRP (Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership) for South Shropshire. For details of how to obtain yours please telephone 01584 813000 or visit the Council Offices in Corve Street, Ludlow, during office hours.

4th October, 2006