Sprinkler system saves production

No sprinkler system was installed at a Shropshire business which lost part of its roof in a fire which broke out in May this year

A fire sprinkler system saved a leading Shropshire firm from any potential production problems after fire broke out in the building.

Fire officers have praised the Telford company for its fire safety procedures in having an essential sprinkler system installed which led to a disruption free incident.

The blaze broke out on a Saturday morning in a compressor after staff had left for the day, said a company spokesman.

“Production had finished for the day when the fire alarm went off because of smoke coming from a compressor. One man went to check, saw the smoke, and called the emergency services. But the fire was quickly put out by the sprinkler system which activated immediately.

“It was business as usual with no disruption whatsoever,” said the spokesman.

Risk Reduction Team Manager John Griffiths of Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service said that all firms should follow their example and consider having a sprinkler system installed as part of a cost benefit analysis.

“This incident is absolute proof that sprinkler systems save businesses. There was no loss to production, the fire was out when firefighters arrived, which meant there was no danger to them, and they were quickly available to attend other emergency calls.”

“All firms should consider having a sprinkler system installed. It really can save your business,” said Mr Griffiths.

Many businesses are put out of production for good after a fire which could easily be averted with the installation of sprinklers.

“People lose their livelihoods. Their jobs are lost. Companies lose multi million pound businesses and all because they don’t have the foresight to install sprinkler systems which are not expensive if you compare the cost of losing the whole business,” added Mr Griffiths.

28th October, 2011