Telford Police advice to business - Christmas holiday period

Christmas is coming. Thieves will be looking to businesses to provide them with extra Christmas presents. Please deny them this opportunity at your business.

Use this document as a checklist.

  • World wide crisis, metal thefts - safeguard your raw materials and scrap
  • When you shut down for Christmas lock away everything, you can. E.g. Laptops
  • Leave no cash on the premises
  • Leave till drawers open or remove them
  • Close and lock external doors, close Fire Doors
  • Remove spare door keys from the premises or lock them away securely
  • Check all windows are closed and valuable property is screened
  • Park vehicles securely inside your premises if possible
  • Remove vehicle keys from the premises or lock them away securely
  • Cancel deliveries that may come during the holiday period
  • Do you need someone to call in and move your post
  • Leave no rubbish, pallets etc outside your premises that can be used to start fires
  • Secure external bins away from your building to prevent them being used in crime, inc arson
  • Remove anything outside that might help a criminal to break in
  • Ensure your key holder list with Police Stations and Alarm Companies is up to date
  • Ensure you have updated your internal key holder and call out lists
  • Back up all your computer systems and store a copy of your data off premises
  • When you return after Christmas ensure your computer virus software is updated before downloading email or using the Internet
"I am going to make all these crime prevention measures part of my normal working practices."
6th December, 2010