Thermal imaging camera locates trapped Terrier

Minty the Terrier reunited with her owner, Mrs Angela Bettison. Photograph reproduced with kind permission of the Shropshire Star

A tiny terrier was rescued by firefighters after becoming trapped and spending nearly 24 hours in a rabbit hole.

Minty went missing at 4pm on Tuesday whilst chasing rabbits in Neens Sollar, Cleobury Mortimer. Owner Angela Bettison returned home after spending hours looking for her pet and continued her search the next morning before calling the fire service at 11.50am.

After three hours of searching, Mrs Bettison heard whimpering sounds and firefighters from Cleobury Mortimer used thermal imaging cameras to locate Minty in a nearby rabbit hole. She had become stuck sideways beneath tree roots and was covered in dirt.

Mrs Bettison thanked the fire service for their help in rescuing Minty, who was thought to be well after her adventure.

23rd November, 2006